Carl Hagelin cleared for contact

Per Larry Brooks, injured winger Carl Hagelin has been cleared for contact starting tomorrow. Hagelin was placed on LTIR at the start of the season due to offseason shoulder surgery. He is scheduled to return 10/29 against the Islanders.

4 Responses to “Carl Hagelin cleared for contact”

  1. He will certainly add an element to this team few have in the NHL. Throw the puck out and send Hagelin on a breakaway. If he’s effective scoring it could be a huge lift. We need a full roster for the first time this year. That means we need Nash back. Does anyone think Glencross would fit in here. He’s 30 but a very gritty 2 way player at a min (2.5 mil) cap hit. Cal wants to get younger.

  2. Roster moves needed:

    Pyatt and Pouliot for Glencross.

    Hagelin replaces Fast.

    Powe comes up for penalty killing and grit.

    Need to secure another large forward to stand in front of net.

    And, Del Z with Krieder or Fast to Winnepeg for Bfylein (then we have tough / physical defender (with blast of shot too).

    • Calgary is rebuilding, why would they take 2 expiring vet contracts for one of their only tradeable assets?