Asham in, Fast out for tomorrow

October 6, 2013, by

Per Steve Zipay, Arron Asham will dress for the first time this season when the Rangers are in Los Angeles tomorrow to take on the Kings. He will be taking Jesper Fast’s spot in the lineup. Asham will skate on the fourth line.

While the initial reaction will likely be outrage (How dare this team sit a kid? He should be in the AHL then. Insert complaint here), it’s worth noting that the Rangers need to carry an extra forward since they are out west for a few weeks. When they return east, they will be able to slide with 12 forwards. Hence, Fast in the press box instead of the AHL.

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  1. Tim B says:

    LA’s offense will be hard to contain. It would make more sense to keep Fast on the lineup as u said he is more seasoned defensively, has energy, speed, youth and the scoring touch. If Asham was to be put in the lineup than you should be benching someone else.

  2. paulronty says:

    I’d rather see Kreider, Miller &/or Fast playing than Asham or Pyatt. The latter are at the end of their careers and I see nothing wrong with playing a kid on the fourth line.

  3. Chris F says:

    I actually like this move. The Kings are a tough team, it’s not a bad idea to inject some grit and willingness to fight into the lineup. Gotta set the tone that this team CAN be tough to play against. Let’s do this Rangers!

  4. Bloomer says:

    Fast would be better off playing for the Wolfpack then in the press box for the Rangers. If he is playing for the Wolfpack he can learn something AV hasn’t teach him so far this year….how to win a hockey game. (With the exception of the brutal Flyers).

    • Chris F says:

      It’s one game. Asham could easily sit next game and Fast is back in the lineup. No need to go to Hartford if AV still has plans for the kid.

    • AdamGravesIsTheMan says:

      Did you read Dave’s write up before commenting?

    • Dave says:

      Please re-read that last paragraph in the post. Thanks.

  5. Seahorse says:

    I still think asham is a very smart player and does a good job of putting pucks on net when he gets a lane. I think most agree pyatt will be the odd man out unless he shows something or av keeps him dues to their previous engagement

  6. Walt says:

    Asham being inserted into the line up makes sense to me. LA is a big physical team, and there may be some rough stuff in this game. If that is the case, I’d rather have Asham in there VS Fast.

    The only other move I’d make is sit the diesel, and put Fast in the line up to replace him, rather than have the kid sit out the game! I know I’m kicking a dead horse, but Pyatt puts me to sleep, or is it he is sleep skating?????