Time to end the Pyatt experiment

October 5, 2013, by

Taylor Pyatt has not been a successful addition

The Rangers were particularly sloppy against the Coyotes, were outdueled in net and on special teams. But no one will panic after one game that came on the heels of an awkward, disjointed preseason. That said there are a few players who are surely on shaky ground. One particular player who doesn’t figure to be part of the future is Taylor Pyatt.

Taylor Pyatt started his Rangers career in strong fashion and bookended last season with a solid playoffs, but Pyatt could be expendable on a team where cap space is a necessity. He cannot keep up on the ice and is as inconsistent now as the talented winger has ever been.

While Pyatt was not the worst Ranger forward on the ice on Thursday he was simply ineffective. No shots, no particularly strong shifts or physical play, nothing to demand the attention from the coaching staff or demand more ice time moving forward.

Last year Pyatt finished with 11 points in 48 games, which was an underwhelming return even for a depth forward on a low scoring, inconsistent team. When you factor in 3 points in his first 4 games and a 5 game point streak toward the end the season last year, Pyatt was invisible for the vast majority of the season offensively.

While Pyatt could realistically be part of Tortorella’s style along the walls and in the corners, the Rangers style of game is moving away from lumbering forwards such as Pyatt. They struggled to get in deep (in part, thanks to Mike Smith) against the Coyotes and Pyatt isn’t going to be a player that can help long term.

With a cap hit of $1.55m, removing Pyatt from the roster (whether demoted, traded or otherwise) answers a lot of immediate issues as well as allowing players such as JT Miller and Jesper Fast to learn at the NHL level. While taking a risk on Pyatt was a worthy gamble (costing nothing but dollars) It’s time to end the Taylor Pyatt experiment.

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  1. dapowl says:

    Amen to that!

  2. Walt says:


    At last, you even agree with me!!!! Great, now who would take the trash off of our hands.

    Pyatt may be a classy guy, but lack of foot speed, scoreing, toughness, what the hell does he bring?????

    Send him down to the Pack, keep Miller around, who again is much more flexable in terms of positions played, speed, and most importantly youth!!!!!

    The game is too fast for Pyatt, and he can’t get out of first gear.

  3. Dave says:

    Disagree with a few points. Pyatt played well under AV in Vancouver, so there’s no reason to think the coach won’t keep this in mind and he won’t be successful under him in NY.

    Second, I don’t agree with just dumping him, when depth was the biggest issue last year. If you waive Pyatt, he will get claimed. Is it worth sacrificing the depth?

    • Walt says:

      That’s history, how many years ago was that?

      If we can get a role player, draft pick, why keep him around to gather dust??

      Now if we can get Tom Pyatt in return, just dreaming!

    • AD says:

      So JT Miller gets sent down before Pyatt and Asham, and Richards leads team in first game with time on ice, nearly double that of Nash.

      I get the picture, AV.

      Welcome, Ranger fans, to the New York Rangers of old!

      • Dave says:

        Seriously? Take a step back for a second.

        Sending Pyatt or Asham to the AHL serves no purpose. You need role players and depth. There is no benefit to the kids who project to top-six material to sit on bottom lines and not get special teams minutes.

        Also, Richards looked pretty good on Thursday. A switch to the wing was a good move so far.

    • Puck Luck (@Centerman21) says:

      If Pyatt is that beast along the wall and the force in the crease that AV envisions, then Pyatt is worth his contract. He looked great in preseason when he wanted to make the team. Once he was in the roster for the game in Pho, he looked slow and careless. That says to me he should be given a short given amount of time as a trial period. A 230 lb forward should be claimed but if he cleared waivers ($1.55mil – $925K = $625K. That space can help when Hagelin returns and Pyatt should be on the block as the most expendable player. I think Miller should have been allowed to play NHL mins untill he gets it. Many of the Rangers youngsters may have to play next season due to cap implications.

  4. Gary says:

    Yes. When the depth costs $1.55m and cannot skate. Think about Ottawa or so many other teams building on speed. We have a mobile defense and a somewhat lumbering offense.

    AV needs time to implement a system and integrate the players, but now that we are no longer Torts’ shot blocking dummies, we need an identity that takes place outside our zone and only speed and transition will do that.

  5. WilliamW says:

    Need more than 1 game to really judge someone’s play. I’d give him (and others) the current road trip to prove He belongs on this team.

    If he still struggles, and can be traded for a worth while piece I think you go ahead do that. Otherwise, stick him in the press box once Hagelin is healthy

    More forwards will miss games this year due to injuries and he can fit in on the 4th line if need be

    He may not be a top 9 forward with this group but he is a top 14 at this point. If the AHL guys develop as hoped, he may be more surplus at th deadline

  6. HARLEMBLUES says:

    He hasn’t been a productive player in a Ranger sweater.Keep JT or Fasth and let’s move forward with speed and a higher skill level.

  7. Bloomer says:

    I like to keep Pyatt around but put him with Moore and Asham or Dorcett. Still want to see a Miller, Boyle Cally line which can play against anyone the opposition puts on the ice.

  8. The Suit says:

    They should have dumped him before the season. He isn’t a depth player. He’s a spare part.

  9. Bloomer says:

    Lets get this straight, the vet are playing like dogshit and the club sends JT Miller down. I think they should send AV to Hartford as so far his coaching is bush league.

    • AD says:

      If AV bails on developing our youth, Gordie Clarke will probably begin responding to the numerous standing offers he has from a dozen other teams who will play their youth.

      Ironic that this is the exact reason why Dominic Moore originally left the Rangers, and mocked our organization for. At least he gets to milk Cablevision the last few years of his career.

      Dolan & Sather are two meatheads.

  10. Seahorse says:

    Too bad they demoted jt Miller instead

  11. HARLEMBLUES says:

    My hope is AV is taking a long honest look at the old guys while buying time for more seasoning for the young guys in Hartford.The make up of this team will be different come playoff time.Younger,faster,tougher and more skilled.

    • Mark says:

      Gotta get there first. Too soon to panic of course, but this team has scored about 2 goals in the last 3 or 4 games now and there is not exhibition of toughness. I say put Miller on the 3rd line and see what happens. I agree that the team will look different in the playoffs but why wait?

  12. Ray says:

    This situation is a bit complicated. If the Rangers send Pyatt down and he clears waivers, it doesn’t really free up cap space. The Rangers can’t deduct his 1.55 million, but only 925K (if I have the number right) and most of that goes for his replacement.

    Now he might get claimed. Then again, someone might give a draft choice for him. I’d guess the Rangers would trade him if they could. And demoting him gives up on trade value. I suspect in a couple of weeks, when teams have a better grasp of their needs, he might be more tradeable.

    Personally, I’d waive him and hope he gets claimed, but I can see why the Rangers might not choose that path.

  13. Bluesboy says:

    Pyatt is a poor man’s Brian Boyle… His time is done and the speed and pace of the game may have passed him by. That said, The Habs are ALWAYS looking for character guys (having had NONE since Jacque Lemaire retired) we likely could get a middle to low round draft choice and perhaps a non-prospect farm hand.