Around the Farm: Kristo with a goal in Whale shootout loss

October 5, 2013, by

The Hartford Wolfpack kicked off their 2013-2014 season tonight, losing in a shootout to the Norfolk Admirals. Danny Kristo and Darroll Powe had the goals for the Wolfpack, with Micheal Haley, Chris Kreider, Brandon Mashinter, and captain Aaron Johnson notching assists. It is worth noting that Johnson was the captain, with Haley and Powe serving as the alternates. They may not be the most important players in the system, but they are clearly the guys the coaching staff will lean on to teach the young kids. These are three veterans that have the NHL experience to show these kids what it takes to make it to the show.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    Powe scored the tying goal with one second remaining in the game. He is going to be an awesome role model for the young Fish. Krieder got a helper with 7 shots on goal and Kristo potted a goal. This team will be entertaining to follow.

  2. Seahorse says:

    Whatd yogan do to get 17 min. Guessing 5 for a fight plus a 2 for instigator and a 10min game misconduct?

  3. Frank Cerbone says:

    In the meantime 1st rd bust Brady Skjei hopes to become an NHL prospect again after being scratched 4 of his 40 gms at the Univ of Minn for
    playing like he was auditioning for the Ice capades.

    Skjei & very tough guy McIlrath are both 1st rd picks and project now as no more than 3rd pairing defensemen.

    Kristo & Kreider are both in their 3rd year of their ELC and need to get their careers going or

    If Fast is returned to the AHL when Hagelin returns, the Rangers have only one player (Hagelin) on their team that was a rookie either this year or last year. Both Fast & Hagelin were 6th rd picks discovered by fired scout Nicklas Rockstrom (who also discovered Lundquist with another like 6th round pick). Firing Rockstrom may have been because Clark feared for his job.

    Rangers farm system stinks and Gordie Clark is the cause.

    Vancouver has two 18 year olds playing for their team this year and two rookies carried forward from last year

    • AD says:

      You seem to overlook Dubinsky and Anisimov, who made the Nash trade possible; along with the fact it was Skjei’s freshman year and he actually had a good season.

      • Frank Cerbone says:

        Skjei had a poor season; scratched 4 gms out of 40 is not a positive for a 1st rd draft choice.

        A # of draft combines mentioned how

        1) Hit Skjei early & he will disappear,
        2) For a big guy, he plays a small guy’s game,
        3) No offensive skills

        Skjei is presently projected NO MORE than a 3rd
        pairing defenseman, much like McIlRath.

        Don’t know where your getting your info on
        Skjei from, but it’s not Central Scouting.
        You can take that to the bank.

    • Mark says:

      You are spot on with this. Though many teams have struggled with their 1st round picks, this team needs to nail a few that can fit in right away. High Draft picks that don’t make it lead to depth players being given minutes at NHL level because there is no young scoring talent to be had. Think of all the 3rd & 4th line type players this team has had over the last few seasons… Recently only Stepan, as a forward, has produced, and he was not a 1st round pick. Now some players have been drafted then traded..but those players are not all-star eithers..

  4. Frank Cerbone says:

    Bring back scout Crister Rockstrom:

    In addition to discovering Lundquist 6ht rd,
    Hagelin 6th rd, Fast 6th rd..

    He discovered all time Detroit great Nicklas
    Lindstrom 3rd rd when he scouted for Detroit.

    • AD says:

      Those are certainly great picks. I am not at all familiar with the Rockstrom situation, however, Clarke has not been nearly as bad as you imply.

  5. Frank Cerbone says:

    Rockstrom ALSO was the guy that scouted Detroit great Federov, but that was a 2nd round pick.

    Rockstrom came over with Neil Smith, but when Neil Smith left Rockstrom was only given scraps
    to draft in like the 6th rd. It’s hard to be successful when Clark gets all the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
    round choices EVERY year.

    By the way, Girardi was an UNDRAFTED free agent whose London Knights won a Memorial Cup and Ranger scout Richie Brennan who is still with the team discovered Girardi. Brennan also discovered UFA right side defenseman Tommy Hughes (who’s London Knigths have won 2 Memorial cups back to back). He’s been a +47 over the last 2 years).

    In the meantime, Gordie Clark drafted Troy Donnay
    in the 3rd rd this season from the Erie Otters and has been an INCREDIBLE -70 over the last 2 years. Donnay is a right handed fighting defenseman who is 6-7, 185 lbs.

    I rest my case

  6. TxRanger says:

    Whale shootout loss?