Rangers downed by Kings – Do. Not. Panic.

September 28, 2013, by
The Rangers preseason means nothing. Bring on Thursday.

The Rangers preseason means nothing. Bring on Thursday.

In another one sided preseason game, the Rangers were out of luck in Las Vegas as they lost 5-1 to the LA Kings including conceding the first goal inside 15 seconds. Jon Quick made 22 saves while the Kings scored two goals on the powerplay.

On a night of few bright spots, JT Miller continued to play catch up after missing preseason time as he scored the Rangers lone goal. Given his pro experience and strong play in the preseason Miller is a strong candidate to be one of the kids to stick around to start the season. At the very least Miller has made plays been noticeable and used his body effectively. The two goals in three games are almost a bonus.

Don’t draw too many conclusions from the preseason. The Rangers have had a horrible preseason but have suffered from the absence of key players, multiple injuries, incorporating a new system all the while looking at a host of young prospects that will give the organisation great insight down the line. If that wasn’t enough the club are bracing themselves for a nine game road trip as the Garden gets its final touches. For Vigneault and his staff this preseason was all about familiarisation – nothing more, nothing less.

Worth noting is that before the Rangers’ monster regular season of ‘11-12, they had a losing record in the preseason. Meanwhile the Blue Jackets who finished last in the league that year had a winning preseason record. In short, preseason results usually mean nothing.

The Rangers now have a handful of days to incorporate Derek Stepan, get some hits on Ryan Callahan and to make their final roster decisions. A few days together, without the distraction of preseason games, will serve the Rangers well as they get used to Alain Vigneault and his system.

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  1. Mikeyyy says:

    Nervous to see who makes the cut.

    Hrivik, lindberg, and miller had a great game last night.

    Would love to see them more.

    Kreider, he needs some work….er lots of work.

    Hank needs to stop complaining about deflections. Lots of tenders stop deflections. And this is what complained about before torts went from safe is death to block all the shots you can.

    No panic …. It’s not game 20 yet.

  2. Mikeyyy says:

    Or I can go. Aaaaaahhhhh. We suck. Aaaaaabbhhvb.
    We are 0-0 for the season. And everytime I try to figure out the winning percentage my calculator tells me it’s an imaginary number.

  3. AD says:

    I like the heading: Do. Not. Panic. but perhaps it should read: Let’s. Be. Realistic.

    Maybe it wasn’t the coach that needed to be replaced. Maybe it was the GM’s shelf life that was reached.

    I find all of the references to “it’s only pre-season” or “we’re missing players” disingenuous because it’s never also mentioned it is also just pre-season for our opponents who are also not playing their top players.

    We are learning a new system? So far, that new system, hailed as AV’s greatest strength, seems to be “let’s try to win 6-4, as long as our defense is aggressive in offensive-zone.” I thought special teams was not just comprised of scoring PP goals, but in killing off penalties too. Oh well, at least with AV the players get to come to the rink with a smile on their face, right?

    The team looks very tired. Can it be that Tortorella’s training camp regiment was actually good for the players, and not just fodder for reporters?

    I am so glad I get to watch an ineffective, slow and lacking confidence Brad Richards while exciting young talent like Lindberg, Fast and Hrivik have to make room for him and go to Hartford. At least I get to think about the Cup Richards won years and years ago.

    No, this is not panic. Just a dose of being realistic.

    • Chris says:

      Step away from the ledge AD. Not many teams have as many issues to contend with as the rangers this pre season. They’ll be fine.

      • AD says:

        Step away from the ledge?

        You are right: not many teams do have our problems. What your comment seems to overlook is not many teams who have a shot at the Stanley Cup have our problems either.

        Again, just a realist, but I guess for some we have to actually lose some regular season games for them to smell the coffee.

    • Puck Luck (@Centerman21) says:

      Yeah and the Kings played a full NHL roster last night. Brown was the only regular NOT on the ice. I liked Torts and his camp but we have this guy now and will have to wait until Oct 3rd for the season to start to see if this team is for real.
      I hold people that want more offense in contempt myself. We can lose 6-5 games now Great! I don’t like the Man Coverage in the Dzone but we’ll have to see. I liked defense first, North/South hockey. Defense wins championships but you can’t tell how a team plays by the preseason. As long as AV uses some zone on D. Lol!

    • Evan M says:

      Neither coach nor GM can put a pick in the net or stop it from happening. Their job is to light a fire, not to make excuses.

  4. WilliamW says:

    Was a rough game but there were some positives in there. Thought they did a good job getting off the ropes a few times and putting sustained pressure in the O zone. Miller good very good. Kreider was better, his one breakaway showed his skills and why everyone wants him to succeed. Nash and Richards had their best games and generated a bunch of chances. Even Bickel wasn’t awful

    Hrivik, Fast and Lindberg were all sold but I think they’re in CT soon. Powe outplayed Asham for the 13F spot

    The double minor from Mashinter was tough and flipped the momentum that had been built up. The entire D corps was scrambling and made some glaring mistakes

    The Kings are also REALLY good

  5. Puck Luck (@Centerman21) says:

    I agree it’s only preseason and I know the organization and Vineault just want to see what they have but the Rangers haven’t looked good in defensive zone coverages at all. The PK has looked pretty bad as well. In the D zone coverage in the high scoring area is non existent. As Fans all we can hope is that the players were all exhausted from the hard work put in the last 2 weeks and that Stepan & Callahan return soon, and to form! I think Callahan has a profound impact on the Ranger players. He’s the kind of person & player that likely doesn’t need to say much. He’s heard by his play on the ice.

  6. paulronty says:

    One has to remember that three first rate players were not out there last night. This season opening road trip will be crucial without Hags & Cally. I’d rather keep a younger player on the roster tan keep Asham or Powe to be honest. Hrivek or Fast should stay up till the injured get back. I have mixed feeling about Pyatt.

  7. Al says:

    Breaking News…

    The Nhl has find Steve MacIntyre an undisclosed amount for injuring himself with a body check.

    “We can’t have guys like Steve MacIntyre attempting to throw body checks that injure people, even if the person is himself. There is no place for it in hockey.” Said Brendon Shanahan.

    Oilers coach Dallas Eakins was fined for “player selection” for having MacIntyre on the ice at the time of the injury, and not in the press box.

  8. Ray says:

    Not time to panic, but phrases like Darroll Powe has played his way onto the team suggest a rather bad team. It seems odd to here about how so many are playing well, how everyone deserves to be kept. Seems the Rangers would have gone 6-0 if only Brad Richards were gone.

  9. Bayman says:

    I don’t mind losing the exhibition games. But…I do mind getting blown out every nite. I’m not panicking, but I am growing concerned.

  10. Old Fogey says:

    It was obvious from in every preseason game 1 that AV’s plan was to put everyone out there on 5 on 5, on PP and on PK, and see what they could do. Lots of mistakes but also lots of chances for redemption. Some grabbed them, some didn’t. Except for worrying about Hank having a preseason nervous breakdown, win or loss didn’t matter. Every time they had him on camera, AV’s expression was calm and collected, not like Torts, who wore his heart on his face, contorting it like he was passing through the birth canal. We ALL got a good look at the players. We will ALL disagree with some of AV’s final choices, I’m sure. But by all indications, at least it’ll be a new, different, more exciting Rangers team this year! LGR!

  11. BobM says:

    I am down in Florida and because the NHL On Ice is not active until next week, I have watched three games on NHL Network. Perhaps something has been lost in translation, but what I have seen is more than a reason to panic. We heard this same mantra last year, and it was only by the grace of God that they made the playoffs. This team lacks any type of chemistry. The King looks more like the Court Jester. For a guy who is also so “prepared”, he looks like a rookie. In the games I watched, there was very little intimidation from the Rangers. The opposing players skated into the OZ without much fuss. Look at the first goal last night. Brad Richards is toast, he looks lost out there. How is it that both Lunqvist, Garardi and McDonaugh had their worst ever games against Torts? If any of the Rangers had a beef with Torts, this was the game to make a statement. A statement was certainly made, and it was that the wrong people got fired from the Rangers. Yeah, I did not agree with some of Tort’s moves, but there are professional players, who have been playing most of their lives. Either you have the skill set or you don’t. And if you have the skill set, and it ain’t working, then something inside your head is causing it. I think that we need to stop this PollyAnna approach and deal more in reality. I have been a Rangers fan for over 50 years, and there is a severe lack of pride, effort and it shows. No one is afraid of the Rangers anymore. While I don’t think that you need to beat up on the other team nightly, even our alleged goons get the crap beat out of them. So the new system is supposed to create offense? It is totally offensive, at least to me. I cannot stand watching it. The best players I saw last night were “the kids”. They at least showed speed, it looked like the same Nash we saw in last years playoffs. A winning team needs to be in the top three in Even Strength goals, PP, PK, SHG, Goals For, Goals Against. The Rangers, who used to be the defensive gems, who would kick ass off of the opening faceoffs, are looking like the Panthers North. In fact, since I live down in Florida now, perhaps Tim “Peggy” Thomas will be more fun to watch.

  12. Frank Cerbone says:

    Powe is probably gone; hasn’t scored a single point in like 20 years.

    Kreider continues to be the bust that many of us Ranger fans predicted when he was chosen with a #1 draft choice. He’s in the 3rd year of his ELC and still disappoints. He did play a little better last night, but undrafted free agents Hrvik & Connor Allen played better.

    Conner Allen was an undrafted cut from the Capitals during their 2012 training camp, and looks OK, but who does he replace as a left side defenseman?

    Pyatt, Boyle, Richards, Falk, and the PM machine Dorsett have shown NOTHING.

    Asham has not played badly.

    Bickel and Mashinter have played physical-Rangers need to keep at least one if McIlrath is not here.

    Dorsett should be looking for a home. You never bring a knife to a gun fight.

  13. bloomer says:

    So far the team and their new coach sucks. No I am not panicing just stating the reality. Nash needs to get the lead out of his ass or he will become new yorks new whiping boy

  14. Frank Cerbone says:

    Down at the farm Hartford lost 7-0 and McIlrath and a bunch of other “prospects” struggled.

    As Michael rae Richardson of the Knicks once said “the ship be sinking”.

  15. Mark says:

    Mashinter should make this team and for my money Asham played fine as well.Unfortunately this is the Rangers and cap space and seniority will determine who starts. Then of course some trades will be made to clear up room or to help add physicality and those that should be here already will get called up.

  16. Bloomer says:

    I think Falk needs to be send down. If he clears waivers (I think he would) he could get some ice time as I think he needs to work on his game.

    Dorsett is a fringe player the Rangers can afford to waive him too, as Asham is more skilled and a better scrapper. I keep Powe and Moore around as they are good penalty killers, same for Boyle and Pyatt. JT Miller looks ready for primetime.

    I keep Bickle for a 7th. defenceman for a nuclear deterrent. Send Kreider and the rest of the young guys down to the farm. If the vets falter replace them quickly.