Lines for tonight’s game against Edmonton

September 24, 2013, by

Per Steve Zipay, the lines for tonight’s game against Edmonton will be:

Benoit Pouliot-Derick Brassard-Mats Zuccarello
Marek Hrivik-Oscar Lindberg-Danny Kristo
Micheal Haley-Dominic Moore-Derek Dorsett
Chris Kreider-JT Miller-Arron Asham

Ryan McDonagh-Dan Girardi
Marc Staal-Conor Allen
Aaron Johnson-Tommy Hughes

Martin Biron (full game)
Cam Talbot

There are a few things worth noting here, first being Connor Allen on a pairing with Marc Staal. The kid has impressed, and will be getting a bigger chance to impress while playing with Staal. It’s also worth noting that Chris Kreider is getting a second straight game after being removed from the top line last night. He needs to rebound, and fast.

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  1. AD says:

    Very excited to watch Hrivik tonight; he looked very good last evening — hoping we continue to have youth/rookies which push for roles on this team.

  2. FrankCerbone says:

    Kreider needs to show something soon, or he will have absolutely NO TRADE VALUE.

    Kreider was labeled “player most likely to be a bust” right after the NHL Draft by the Hockey News
    (underachiever, no hockey sense, lazy). That player evaluation could have been cut/pasted from the same Hockey News evaluation right after Jessiman’s pick in the 2003 draft. The Hockey News really is the absolute best at identifying talent.

    Dorsett and Pyatt are also on a short leash-make too much, produce too little.

    Mashinter didn’t finish on 2 good scoring chances last night, but then again Kreider doesn’t work, so he doesn’t get any scoring chances.

    Richards 2nd straight game showing he has nothing left in the tank-major liability on faceoffs/defensively-should have been bought out by Sather.

    Moore/Del Zotto both hurt in last night games, but both were repaired and returned later in the game.

    Stephan sorely missed as well as Hagelin & Callahan. Keeping Richards has BADLY affected Rangers chances for the playoffs this season

    Sather needs to move some guys to get $ to sign Stepan.

    • Mikeyyy says:

      Your kidding about hockey news evuaton talent. I also posted back the same article which said he was one of the rising stars.

      Lies. Lies.

      • FrankCerbone says:

        No way you posted the original article from the Hockey News about Jessiman.

        The Hockey News said Jessiman wasn’t even listed as a top 100 prospect in the year prior to the 2003 NHL draft.

        When the Hockey News posted the top 50 prospects for the 2003 NHL Draft, they SPECIFICALLY stated as far as they knew ONLY ONE HOCKEY SCOUT (turns out to be Clark) had a high opinion of Jessiman. Sather was loudly booed at the draft by NY fans. Sather was questioned at the draft table about their surprise pick….while Maloney watched. Then Sather spoke with Gordie Clark and said that the Rangers had Jessiman the #1 ranked prospect on the board for the 2003 draft…..and you can take that to the bank…don’t make stuff up.

        As far as Kreider… Same story. The Hockey News in 2009 said Kreider played at the Phillips Acadeny at 17 in Andover against younger, inexperienced kids and was the player projected to go in the 1st round MOST LIKELY to be a bust.
        In fact, Kreider only scored 20 goals once in all his time at Boston College and that was as a 20 yr old junior playing against 17 and 18 year olds.

        • Mikeyyy says:

          Link please. I searched the web even last time you said kreider was a bust and couldn’t find it.

        • Chris says:

          Gordie Clark was not part of the Rangers organization in 2003. I am pretty sure he was the Islanders director of scouting at that time.

          Not sure what you are railing on and on about Frank

  3. AD says:

    Kreider needs to win 3rd line LW position; placing him with an ineffective Richards, and solo-flying Nash, is counter-productive, in my view. Maybe being slotted for 3rd line duties tonight is AV’s recognition of this.

    However, Fast and Hrivik have had training camps deserving of a hard look while Hagelin and Callahan are out, at the very least.

    Richards is a problem, no doubt.

  4. James Simpson says:

    Miller playing where he should play!! Center

  5. FrankCerbone says:

    Miller not ready 4 the responsibilities associated with playing center. Needs to be better on faceoffs, passing, backchecking. He however, probably has the tools/potential to be a 3rd line center/winger……..but not right now.
    It’s just a sin Rangers had to use a #1 draft choice for a player with 3rd line potential.

    It is what it is, however. With Gordie Clark drafting Jessimans, Sanguinettis, Montoyas, Kreiders, Skjeis (only top 6 potential), Rangers are not blessed with a great farm system.

    Kreider with Miller means they will struggle defensively. Kreider just does not have the hockey sense, backchecking skills. He also lacks the “fire” to play as a regular in the NHL. He
    will always be a player who will never play up to
    his potential.

    Wonder what we could get for a Kreider,Dorsett,
    Pyatt package.

  6. Frank Cerbone says:

    Sather calling Stepan “a fool” for not signing a bridge contract at what Sather is offering.

    Sather feeling the pressure of Richards/Kreider poor play.

    Rangers dressing 3 middlewights Haley, Asham, Dorsett for tonite’s game VS Edmonton’s Brown, Eager, McIntyre.

    Dorsett better pick on Brown if he is trying to impress our new coach. Unfortunately lost a fight the other night to Dale Weise, of all people.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Notion of “winning” and “losing” fights dated NHL thinking.

      Not about winning fights. Being physical instead.

      Willingness to physically engage more important than “winning” and “losing”.

      NHL like fighting less and less.

      • Al says:

        Rangers dressing three middleweights tonight against big Steve McIntyre this is why the Rangers need a legitimate heavyweight fighter

        • Mark says:

          agree. We shall see as season progresses and team gets pushed around a bit.

        • Jim says:

          They have needed a heavyweight since Boogaard passed away. they are also missing Prust more than they thought they would.

      • Mark says:

        Why then does Boston have a heavyweight and toronto 2 or 3? And Edmonton and Calgary and Florida and Isles and Pittsburgh and Ottawa each have at least one etc.? and why then Does Sather get Shelley and Brashear and Boogaard and Rupp and Scott? He must think that this element is necessary? Why he cannot seem to hold on to one is a mystery. (although it is clear that Tortorella really did not give any of them a chance)

        • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

          My point is it’s not about winning and losing fights, but rather having players that engage physically and won’t get pushed around.

          The goon as we know it is a dying player. Teams like the Bruins have heavyweights that can skate and you know, actually play hockey.

          Rupp and Scott were sent on their way because they can’t play hockey.

          The NHL probably won’t do away with fighting altogether, but they’re certainly trying to curb it.

          So when we’re discussing physical players that serve a purpose other than just enforcing, win-loss record in fights in meaningless.

    • Mikeyyy says:

      You should share whatever your smoking with the rest of us.

  7. Frank Cerbone says:

    Mashinter 6-3, 215, & McIlrath 6-4, 220 have the size and the toughness.

    Maybe even Bickel 6-4, 215 can come back from the scrap heap.

    • Mark says:

      agree. We shall see as season progresses and team gets pushed around a bit.

    • Mark says:

      Not good to see McIlrath benched for tonight. No second chance for him i guess and on to the minors. Bickel will not make team. Maybe Mashinter?