Breaking News: The final BSB writer has caved, Justin is now on Twitter (@tappingtheposts)

September 16, 2013, by

Congratulations folks, our consistent badgering of Justin has finally paid off, he has caved and joined Twitter (@tappingtheposts). At first, Justin was hesitant to join the Twitterverse, thinking it was a complete time-suck (he’s not exactly wrong here, it’s amazing how much time we can spend on Twitter). But as his popularity grew, and as more of us continued to pester him about his non-Twitter usage, he caved.

As you can see from his follower count, Justin just created his account. He has promised to provide his insight during games with in-game tweets. His analysis is much better than any of us can provide, considering his previous experience as a a co-founder of MAC Goaltending. Justin also played Junior hockey and NJCAA DI Hockey.

Even if you aren’t sold on him from an analysis standpoint, you should be aware that he is probably the nicest of all of us (aside from Kevin, who doesn’t have a mean bone in his body). Suit and I are snarky and Chris is Welsh, so we have our excuses. Go follow Justin. He will make it worth your while.

While you’re at it, make sure you follow myself (@blueseatblogs), Chris (@nyr_jugs88), Suit (@thehockeysuit), and Kevin (@kevinbaumer) as well.

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