Training camp update: Mostly conditioning; Biron still out

September 12, 2013, by

The 2013 officially Rangers hit the ice for the first time this season, finishing the first day of on-ice activities of training camp. It appears that most of the work was conditioning related. Some notes, courtesy of Leslie Treff:

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  1. Mikeyyy says:

    Time to dump stepan. He obviously doesn’t want to be a Ranger. If he did he would sign the bridge deal.

    I sure there are some cellar dweller teams that would take him.

    Otherwise we need to get rid of Boyle to clear the necessary cap to keep him.

    • Walt says:

      He will sign soon enough! No way we get rid of the best center we have!

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      I’m hoping that’s sarcasm I sense. Hard to read between the internet text…

    • Centerman21 says:

      That’s ridiculous. Of course he wants to be a Ranger. There’s nothing wrong with trying to get all you can get. Money makes the world go around. Sather preaches these Bridge deals then gives McDonagh & Staal 5-6 year contracts worth 20 + million. He feels he deserves that contract. Henrique just got 4 mil per for the next 6 years. Henrique is not 1/2 the player Stepan is. There’s no way the Rangers are trading Stepan either. Not many teams have the money and even fewer have the cap space. You just give up because the kid misses 3 days of camp? Good thing you’re not a GM!

  2. Frank Cerbone says:

    Zuccarello has never been considered a fast skater.

    The 2 fastest skaters in the NHL are former Michigan college grads Hagelin & Cogliano.

    Hagelin holds the record time for speed skating in the rookies allstar competition. He broke
    Andrew Coglianos record which had stood for a couple of 3 years or so.

    Some idiots have posted over the last couple of years that Kreider was the Ranger’s fastest skater……….be real.

    • Spozo says:

      You realize that when Hagelin won the speed skating competition that yea that it meant he was the fastest ROOKIE THAT YEAR. Not the fastest skater in the NHL.

      Not a knock on Hagelin but this is like the tenth time you have brought this up and all it proves is that Hagelin was faster than any other rookie that year.