Martin Biron out with personal matter; Johan Hedberg at camp on PTO

September 11, 2013, by

Per Pat Leonard, backup goalie Martin Biron is not in camp at the moment due to personal reasons. It is unknown how long he will be out. (Update: AV has stated there is no timetable for Biron to return, per the Rangers Twitter account.)

Leonard also noted that Johan Hedberg, most recently with the Devils, is in camp on a professional tryout. Hedberg’s tryout is interesting, since the Rangers are pretty set at goaltender this year. There is likely something that we are missing. Who knows, maybe they just want to talk to him about how backup goalies tend to look like Patrick Roy against the Rangers.

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  1. Bayman says:

    “There is likely something that we are missing. ”

    Might the first paragraph explain the second?

  2. Walt says:


    What happends if Marty sits out the season, does his contract go against the cap??? This is an example of the issue I tried to make this morning with another post reguarding Stepan, the team needs flexibality to make deals like this if this is indeed long term!

    • Dave says:

      I think if he leaves the term for personal reasons, then the contract is voided. It’s a touchy subject though.

  3. Mikeyyy says:

    If he holds out he needs to be traded. Cause his quest isn’t for the cup

  4. Arnie Kozak says:

    Oh my !! This just “reeks” of Vancouver Canuck scenario. You have a STAR goalie who ultimately DEMANDS massive amounts of playing time and just like Scheinder in the beginning, and not quite as bad and demanding like Louongo, but the back up goalies tend to grow “cobwebs” whilst they whither away on the bench secretly hoping that the #1 goalie gets wounded in action. Personally ? I admire the teams that split the playing time evenly.This ensures the team of optimum performance from their goalies and a shared amount of adequate rest !