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Musings: Traverse City is here – hockey is back.

September 5, 2013, by
A goaltender actually worth his salary: The King

A goaltender actually worth his salary: The King

Corey Crawford got $6m per year long term? I think it’s clear at this stage that Henrik Lundqvist is going to get a serious pay rise. Some goaltenders are products of great teams (Crawford, a good but not great goalie may be exhibit A here) and some are great goaltenders who make teams better – a la Lundqvist. Unless he signs a team friendly deal Lundqvist will easily walk away as an 8m player.

Traverse City I: My intrigue is squarely focussed on Danny Kristo and Oscar Lindberg. Really need to see these guys dominate at this level. They’ll need to if they think they stand a chance at getting immediate shots at the NHL level.

Traverse City II: It will also be very important to see guys such as Conor Allen and Tommy Hughes and how these guys cope with the step up in competition. The Rangers need to start bringing through the next wave of defensive prospects when you consider the potentially uncertain futures of Dan Girardi, Marc Staal and Anton Stralman. Without being able to get their hands on college guys such as Brady Skjei it’s important that the Rangers can develop players themselves.

Speaking of Dan Girardi and Marc Staal: If Niklas Hjalmarsson can turn a solid but unspectacular skill set/career into a 5 year 20m deal, health allowing, Staal and Girardi are likely to command north of 5m/year. These kind of comparables are dangerous for the Rangers who may have to choose between players rather than be able to keep all of them if their demands are excessive.

Did everyone see Teemu Selanne’s announcement?!

Veteran Help? Heading toward training camp you have to wonder if the Rangers will invite any veterans like they did with Ruslan Fedotenko a while back. Tim Connolly, Dave Steckel, Vinny Prospal, Mason Raymond, Brendan Morrow, Tom Gilbert and Ron Hainsey are all guys that could make an impact for a team looking for talent and depth.

Traverse City will tell the Rangers a lot about the readiness of numerous prospects so a guy like Morrow might be an intriguing option when you consider Callahan and Hagelin’s injury statuses.

You just have to cast an interested glance at the goaltending situation in Jersey. Having announced Brodeur as the guy and Schneider as the ‘1A’, there’s a huge potential for goalie controversy for the Devils. Brodeur isn’t shy about going public with his opinion and Schneider isn’t going to be happy being a back up if he’s the better player at this stage of his career.

Question time:

  • If you invited two veterans to camp, who and why?
  • If cap issues dictated, who would you choose Staal or Girardi?
  • Who will be the biggest camp surprise?
  • Who’s assumed roster spot is under the most scrutiny heading into camp?


  1. Kevin says:

    Prospal and Morrow. Prospal for obvious reasons, but I think both are highly respected veterans. Don’t expect they have much left (Prospal a bit more), but still good guys to have in the room.
    Staal (provided he’s 100%)
    Good question…how about Brian Boyle?
    I think the D is set and the top 6 to 9 forwards are pretty set in stone. I wonder if Derek Dorsett could be squeezed out

  2. WilliamW says:

    Prospal for nostalgia / celebrations and Raymond for his familiarity with AV’s system

    Staal by a mile

    Hrivik or Kristo will be big surprises

    I think the 8th and 9th forward spots are up for grabs. So Pyatt, Zuc, Miller, Kreider, Kristo, Hrivik and even Boyle will battle for them in camp and while Callahan/ Hagelin are out

  3. Walt says:

    Morrow-we need grit at the forward position, and leadership,

    Prospal for possible deapth, and scoring.

    Dan, over Marc, because he seems like an iron man, and also Marc will probably want to play with his brothers.

    Lindberg will be the man this year!!!

    Probably Boyle, he has always seems to be the whipping boy.

  4. Tim B says:

    -Prospal & Feds.
    Prospal because he is a plamaker. He was an assistant captain and he scores. He isnt slowing down that easy. Cally & Hags are obviously injured so we need goal scorers. Plus Prospal could make Richards/Nash & Kreider better just by passing. Feds because he comes cheap. He has been in the organization before and has chemistry with Boyle. A line of Feds-Boyle-Pyatt/Dorsett/ Pouilot would be a good checking line and give their teammates extra rest.
    -Staal hes cheaper
    -Idk too many ppl to decide from. Hopefully Kreider

  5. RangerSmurf says:

    Ordinarily I’d say Gilbert/Hainsey, but I’m pretty confident in our top 7D. Prospal’s the easy oneand then I’d go with Boyes. Saw that he can still be productive with top talent. Bonus thought: Morrow stinks. Shitty gritty is still shitty.

    Staal, no thought required.

    Camp surprise: Kristo. Think he makes the team for the long haul, not just the injuries.

    Kreider. See above, plus there’s too much depth to assume a kid that struggled almost all of last year is locked into the roster, let alone a top6 role. Hope I’m wrong, but that feels like reality.

  6. Furls says:

    No vet invites!

  7. Chris.C says:

    If you invited two veterans to camp, who and why? NO additions needed we have seasoned Veterans.

    If cap issues dictated, who would you choose Staal or Girardi? Girardi, built tough, plays hard. And how many games has he missed, total of maybe 5. No brainer.

    Who will be the biggest camp surprise? Kristo gonna go with Smurf on this. Kid is talented. And hope Oscar makes it also.

    Who’s assumed roster spot is under the most scrutiny heading into camp? Kreider for the obvious reasons. Kid just needs to relax and just play. Playoff Kreider was a different kid vs the season Kreider. He was having fun.

    Lets just get the season started. This team looks good for the long haul.

  8. Markus says:

    German Reader here, Thanks for the Great Articles!
    I have a question, can someone send me the pic from Hank by Email…?