Nervous times ahead for Hagelin

August 12, 2013, by
What line Carl Hagelin resumes his Rangers career on is out of his hands

What line Carl Hagelin resumes his Rangers career on is out of his hands

Despite being an increasingly integral piece of the Rangers puzzle, Carl Hagelin is facing a nervous few months as a Ranger. Despite being blessed with skating ability and able to play up and down the roster Hagelin’s role when he returns from injury will depend less on his own ability (and track record with the Rangers) than it will on those that take up spots on the opening night roster.

Hagelin has teased the Rangers and their fans with offense but he has been a streaky scorer and at times frustrating offensively. Despite this he has impressed with his ability to get to the puck and unnerve opposing defenders with his speed but opening night will see players such as Danny Kristo, Chris Kreider, Jesper Fast, JT Miller and veterans such as Benoit Pouliot try and make the top six for the opening road trip. With Hagelin and Ryan Callahan not expected to be ready until the season is underway, multiple players have an opportunity to stake a claim for significant roles.

A good start by any of the above names will likely see them get extended looks and may force Hagelin into a lesser role. Thanks to a solid body of work as a Ranger and a new contract Hagelin’s future is not in danger (nor should it be) but where on the roster he starts the season when he is ready is certainly unclear.

In an ideal world Hagelin is the perfect third liner for the Rangers. Defensively responsible, offensively capable and blessed with speed to be an effective forechecker Hagelin would flourish where there are opportunities for mismatches against lesser third (or second) lines. This may be a role that he will have to settle for in the short term. The Rangers would love a guy such as Kreider, Kristo or Fast to demand ice time because they have played their way into a scoring role, even if it means a demotion of sorts for Carl Hagelin.


  1. Walt says:

    I want to state first of all that I love this kid, and what he brings to the table!

    That stated, he is not a top six player, and would be a great third line man. Can you see him with the likes of Fast, and Miller, or Lindberg as a third line. He, and Fast are quick to say the least, both are two way players, what else can you expect from Swedish players? Along with Lindberg, they have great skill, speed, defensive assits, and score as well, what is not to like of these three??

    Hags has a very good future with this team, as do the others mentioned, and will be here for a long time.

    This coming season is going to be very interesting, and I look forward to seeing the younger guys take over more scoring roles, and leadership as well!!

  2. Mikeyyy says:

    A slightly better version of Nik Sundstrom or Freddy Sjostrom

  3. Frank Cerbone says:

    Kristo, Hagelin, Fast, Lindberg, Richards are all FINESSE players who rarely touch any body when on the ice. Both Richards and Lindberg have had concussion issues in their history.

    Hagelin is the fastest recorded speed skater ever in the rookies competition. He was a team captain on his college hockey team and is very responsible defensively.

    It’s too early to say that Hagelin is destined to a 3rd line status when Kreider 2 1/2 years younger
    has accomplished nothing yet.

    • Spozo says:

      Interesting. You are saying that its too early to come to a conclusion on Hagelin yet you are busting on Brady Skjei already.

      Then again why am I wasting my time. You’re not going to respond anyway.

    • Mikeyyy says:

      You obviously don’t watch many games. Hags is one of our best forcheckers.

      He also came in 11th and 13th on the team in hits the last two years.

      It might behoove you to actually gather some sort of statistic before spouting off about things you obviously are clueless about.

      I did hear though that Eklund agrees with you and Larry brooks wants to interview you about your nyr insights.

      And don’t even get me started on you with lindberg. Who is known for his great two way play.

      I could say I expect more but really…no.

      Nice try though. Please come again as I enjoy reading the responses to your posts

  4. WilliamW says:

    Very excited for the internal competition for spots this year. Training camp can’t come soon enough and it would be great to get the young scorers proven up a bit as it will allow others to slot into their appropriate spots further down the line-up

    If he’s a 3rd line player then the depth is finally sufficient to compete for the cup

  5. Matt Josephs says:

    Hags is one of those players every team needs. He’s somewhere in between a role player and a point getter and in a salary cap world you need players like him on your team. Players like Hagelin don’t grow on trees.

  6. Dave says:

    Puck possession monster. His lack of offensive consistency limits him though. I still project him out to be a third liner, but probably one of the best third liners in the game.

  7. The Suit says:

    Love what he brings on a very reasonable contract. I still think Hags some more offense hiding up his sleeve. A little more strength, muscle and nose for the net and he could start putting a few more away.