August heat starting to get to hockey bloggers

August 6, 2013, by


You know the dogs days of hockey’s offseason are here when bloggers start grasping for proverbial straws with odd trade proposals and anxiety over the 2014 UFA list.  This week I’ve already read three posts that made me want to delete my hockey bookmarks until at least preseason and it’s only Tuesday.

If you haven’t been following the latest happenings on Twitterd, a Flames blog has been kicking the tires on trading for Marc Staal, who they referred to as a “decent asset” and believe could be had for “pennies on the dollar.” Our friends at Bleacher Report think MZA could be one of the best players in the NHL if only he were bigger! For the record, sources say The Zoltar machine at Playland is still out-of-order. Bummer. I was looking forward to seeing MZA go toe-to-toe with Crosby and Ovie next season.

Anyway, last but not least, Brooksie is bemoaning Sather’s reluctance to re-sign Lundqvist and Cally to new deals, you know because July is right around the corner. Yup, it’s officially August.

At this time of the year, posts like these should be expected. Everyone’s stretched for content. Well, everyone except for those still hammering out cap analyses and outside the box ideas like knockout tournaments featuring the best Ranger players since the 2005 lockout. Thank you Matt J.

For now, breathe easy knowing that Staal could eventually be traded down the road, but he sure as hell isn’t going anywhere for pennies on the dollar. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t trade Staal for a single Flames asset. Mostly because they don’t have any, but also because Marc’s value is only going to increase over the course of the season as he plays his way back from injury.

MZA would certainly not be one of the best players in the NHL “if he were five inches taller.” Something tells me MZA would have to bring more to the table than just being 5’10 if he were to earn that distinction. Then again, this is coming from a slide show that picked Brassard to underachieve and Pouliot to overachieve this season based on absolutely zero analysis. Thanks Ted Turner. Solid investment.

Finally, there’s Brooksie. I’m not quite sure why he’s trying to pressure Sather to resigning Lundqvist and Cally 11 months before their contracts expire. It would probably serve the Rangers organization well if they kept Stepan as their priority. Even if Step is resigned soon, I think we can let Sather take a vacation for a week or two before kickstarting yet another negotiation.

Of course, who am I to tease other bloggers about how they program their sites? After all, I’m the guy with a bad habit of publishing unfinished pos

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  1. Jeff says:

    I think MDZ gets traded long before Marc does. We’ll need him for a playoff run this year.

  2. Bobby G says:

    Hahaha very clever ending to the post!

    • The Suit says:

      I try

      • Centerman21 says:

        At least there’s someone out there that’s willing to say it. I just recently read some of those rediculous posts. Too funny. (I erased most of the hockey sites from my bookmarks) I found it hysterical that you said that. Zuccarello would get a lot more attention from around the league if he were 5 or so inches taller and 210lbs.

  3. Evan M says:

    It’s not just that it’s the dog days of summer, Larry Brooks is a hack. That might be harsh, but he kicks up a cloud of dirt to see how people will react and keep his name out there. Hopefully people will just stop reading him, and pay no mind to his baseless claims and assertions.

  4. Bayman says:

    Flames have one valuable asset…their first-round draft choice. Not that they’d trade it for Staal, but there’s a decent chance it’s the #1 overall. When was the last time the Rangers had top-three pick?

  5. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    Dog days indeed. Is Stepan signed yet?

  6. Seahorse says:

    You wouldn’t want sven baertschi? The swiss nationals pretty damn good