Asham and Powe on Waivers

July 4, 2013, by

Aaron Asham and Darroll Powe’s time as New York Rangers’ may be over. Both bottom six forwards have been placed on regular waivers (not buyout waivers) and could be snapped up by other clubs or sent down to the AHL, eventually. These moves may be to clear cap space as the Rangers look to enter free agency with more cap room but regardless, both almost certainly signal that Alain Vigneault doesn’t plan with either player.

While Arron Asham was at times under utilized by John Tortorella and suffered injuries that hindered his time as a Ranger, Powe was a particular disappointment. Powe failed to provide any offense whatsoever and couldn’t help solidify a so-so penalty kill. Neither player has made an impact as a Ranger and wouldn’t be missed.


  1. Brian says:

    Powe disapointed me more because of the fact that I thought he’d be more of a nasty spark-plug. He was invisible. His lack of impact probably had more to do with his concussions, but a guy like Miller or Kreider will probably have more of an impact.

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      How about Powe didn’t score 2 sick nersty playoff goals. So that’s why

  2. Spozo says:

    Hmmmm so it sounds like Tortorellas hesitation to roll 4 lines was more of a personnel (or lack there of) problem than the coaches stubbornness.

    You can’t roll 4 lines if your 4th is clearly outmatched. That was very evident in the Boston series!

    I’m hoping this is further proof of Sathers recent statement that he didn’t want to shut the door on any of the prospects making the club. But only if they are ready and earn their spot.

    • Mikeyyy says:

      You can’t expect a 4th line to play well if its never played. It was a coach issue.

      • Spozo says:

        So Tortorella didn’t trust these guys and now that AV is on board they get waived. So both coaches don’t trust these guys and/or don’t feel they are part of te solution here.

        • Jeff says:

          Coaches should play guys they don’t trust. They don’t need to try to win hockey games. Just appease fans who demand rolling 4 lines come hell or high water 😉

    • Centerman21 says:

      I think these moves are for cap and roster space. Sather is simply cutting away the fat. Asham is expendable with Dorsett on the team and 9 years younger. It probably came down to Boyle or Powe. Powe is the cheaper option but Boyle does more and his neutral zone deficiencies should be lessened under Vineault. Sather has too many bottom 6 players but needs top 6 help. He wants room against the upper limit to find a player or just a buffer in the event he does!

  3. Erixon20 says:

    Powe was awful, Asham underused. Halpern was a bad signing so let go. Asham can skate, shoot, hit and fight and will land somewhere else where a coach will use him. Would have liked to see more of Haley and Mashinter. I like the Boston model of a 4th line with a tough guy, a gritty PK specialist who is good on face-offs, and a guy with wheels (Thornton, Campbell, and Paille). So we need a tough guy to go with Boyle and maybe Lindberg? I think Torts could have done a better job with the 4th line and did a poor job selecting who should play there. I hope and think AV will do better in that regard.

  4. Walt says:

    Powe was just out right awful, and never excited anyone at all. He didn’t do much on the PK, which was the reason he was traded for! Oh well.

    Asham will be missed, if for no reason, he has some skillls, and is a good teammate. For an undersized guy, he stood his ground, and pitched in offensivly. I will wish them well, but I won’t care at all loosing Powe.

  5. Spozo says:

    If they are on waivers does that necessarily mean they are gone? If they are sent to Hartford doesn’t the cap hit still count for the Rangers since you can’t bury contracts in the minors anymore?

    • Walt says:

      The cap hit will be in the 200K range for the both of them. That is like about $1.8mil savings for the team!

  6. FrankCerbone says:

    Mashinter, Haley, or signing right handed shot, physical,& former Ranger Dale Weise may be options. Dale Weise can’t fight, still improving as a player, but only 24, big at 6-2, 205, very good defensively, & the Vancouver Sun reported on 2/11/13 that in a hockey skills competition amongst Vancouver players, Weise was the fastest guy on the Vancouver team

    • Mark says:

      Agree in general but not about Weise. Need Mashinter or someone like him to be added and makes some difference to the team,

  7. FrankCerbone says:

    Hope Sather moves Dorsett; aside from fact that Dorsett takes tons of stupids penalties, he doesn’t scare anyone, and he can’t fight either.

    Went to Google search and looked up hockey fights Derek Dorsett and boy I went like 5 years back worth of fights…and Dorsett loses most of his
    fights. Losing fights will not send a message.
    …no dis respect to Prust..by the way.

    • Centerman21 says:

      It’s too bad when there’s senseless comments like that one. Dorsett is 9 years younger and led the entire NHL in penalty mins. It doesn’t matter who wins the fight. It matters you have someone to stick up for his teammates. Stupids? He played a few games for the Rangers last year and took a few penalties in that time. That’s what those players do.
      You said you looked back 5 years? There’s no way you could’ve watched every fight Dorsett was in, while he spent most of his career in Columbus. Hockey Fights or not. They guys isn’t the biggest guy but he’s got guts and plays the game well. Asham is too old to be fighting 20 year olds all the time and spent most of last year injured. Just like Torts said in final post game about Dorsetts 3 penalties. “As a coach you rather the player that needs to be tamed than the guy you can’t get to that level. That’s Asham. He was bad all year except for a few games last season. Plus the people that have 30+ years in Hockey made the choice, but you know better? This was obviously the right move! Would’ve liked Powe to stay as a depth guy but will get claimed at 1.066mil for 1 more year!

  8. Frank Cerbone says:

    AV could try to sign both right handed shots and defensive checkers former Vancuverites Dale Weise & Max Lapierre. Neither one can fight, and LaPierre is not as good as Boyle on faceoffs,but are both CHEAPER, right handed, physical, and quicker than Boyle

  9. Mark says:

    Why does anyone care about Powe as a depth move? He scored zero points. that is 0. Even Orr gets a few points for the Leafs and he fills other voids for their team. Aasham will be missed more than Powe if they dont quickly replace him.