Rangers announce 2013 Prospect Development Camp roster

June 30, 2013, by

Just prior to the start of the draft, the Rangers announced their roster for the 2013 Prospect Development Camp, which will begin tomorrow and run through Friday at the MSG Training Center.

Draft picks today will likely participate in the camp, as well as:


J.T. Barnett, Patrick Brown, Luke Esposito, Steven Fogarty, Alex Gogolev, Marek Hrivik, Kyle Jean, Michael Kantor, J.T. Miller, Matt Neal, Josh Nicholls, Boo Nieves, Eric Robinson, Carter Rowney, Adam Schmidt, Steven Shipley, Michael St. Croix, Thomas Spelling, Kyle Stephan, Christian Thomas, Jason Wilson and Andrew Yogan


Conor Allen, Brock Beukeboom, Luke Curadi, Charlie Dodero, Troy Donnay, Ben Fanelli, Tommy Hughes, Dylan McIlrath, Vojtech Mozik, Samuel Noreau and Brady Skjei


Ryan Faragher, Eric Levine and Jeff Malcolm

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  1. Tim B says:

    Beukeboom? I thought he was with Toronto? I know he was never signed but i thought Toronto still had a couple years to sign him before they lost his rights.

  2. concust says:

    Beukeboom was drafted by Tampa Bay and went unsigned. Rights traded to St. Louis, still unsigned. At this point he does not need to enter the draft again due to his age, so he’s an unrestricted free agent. He plans to attend Univ. of PEI in the fall.

  3. Centerman21 says:

    Where did all these unknown kids come from. I know some but most I’ve never heard of. Kantor & Allen I know were signed in April or May but where did the rest come from? Are they all unsigned free agents? Where’s the rest of the AHL kids?

  4. Frank Cerbone says:

    Beukeboom has a history of concussions and is a finesse defenseman with no offensive upside.

    My favorite guy in draft in the lower rounds was Miles Bell, hardest shot in the WHL, right handed, excellent fighter, outscored St Croix this season, +46 on the ice, 6-0, 205. He was actually discovered by Rich Brown, I believe, who also discovered Girardi.

    Both Bell & 6-8 defenseman Andrej Sustr were discovered as undrated talents and anttended Rangers camp. However, our scouts only discover the players, not sign them-that’s Gordie Clark’s job.

    By the way, Bell already drafted by NJ and Sustr
    signed by Tampa Bay.

    Our Ranger scouts discover the talent, have them attend Ranger camp, & other teams watch them play in Ranger camp, then draft them.

    Great job, Gordie Clark.