BSB live chat 5.31.13

May 31, 2013, by

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  1. howiehockey says:

    As far as UFA targets for NYRangers; Burrows (Vanc) Bickell (Chi) Hendricks (Caps)for starters

  2. howiehockey says:

    Would like to see less collapsing by our wingers
    when they are covering oppositions point men…
    Also want someone heading to the front of the oppositions net.

  3. howiehockey says:

    There will be quite a number of very interesting and still productive players available when buyout time arrives (by the ned of next month).
    Potential buyout candidates could be the likes of
    a Lecajier, Hossa, Heatly to name just a few possibilities. They will become UFA’s and they’ll be available for a lot less money than they are being paid now.