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Weirdest bounce of the season puts Rangers in 0-3 hole: Game 3 goal breakdown

May 21, 2013, by
(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The Rangers are in one helluva hole right now, down 3-0 to the rolling Bruins after their 2-1 loss in Game 3. The Rangers didn’t really deserve to win this game, but the way it ended was one of the oddest endings to a game I have ever seen. That said, the lucky bounce wasn’t the reason why they lost. The Bruins outplayed the Rangers in every facet of the game for the third straight game of the series. The Rangers now face an elimination game on Thursday night in Game Four. On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Bruins 0

Derek Stepan won an offensive zone face off, and Ryan McDonagh got a shot off that was blocked and sat on Patrice Bergeron’s stick for a clear. The clear was blocked and McDonagh took a soft wrister from the blue line with half a dozen guys in the shooting lane. You can see from the replay that Tuukka Rask was leaning to his glove side to see the shot, and McD’s shot went to his stick side. Somehow the shot actually got through –after a Taylor Pyatt deflection– and just beat Rask. Not much to break down, but Bergeron is a lot better than that clear. No picture on this because it didn’t come out the way I would have liked, and I didn’t think we needed a picture of Rask leaning left to see the shot.

Bruins 1, Rangers 1

The Rangers fourth line winds up out on the ice against the Bruins fourth line, which apparently is a mismatch in this series. The Rangers got caught running around in their own end, with multiple coverage fails on the puck movement by Boston. Interestingly enough, once Johnny Boychuk wound up with the puck at the point, the Rangers fell back into their low-zone collapse perfectly. Mats Zuccarello even pressured the shot a bit. But the shot beat Hank cleanly with multiple guys in front providing a screen. This goal was very similar to the goal Rask gave up. A soft shot on net through multiple guys in front.

Bruins 2, Rangers 1

I honestly have no idea how to break this down. The fourth line had the Rangers running around again, which seems to be par for the course, and Michael Del Zotto was forced to make a pair of good plays to prevent the Bruins from scoring (blocking an original shot by Danielle Paille and knocking the rebound away from Shawn Thornton). The puck wound up on Gregory Campbell’s stick, and after his shot the puck took one of the weirdest bounces I have ever seen. Paille was behind the net and batted the puck in after it back-spun out from behind Hank.

Bad bounce aside, this game was just a weird game all around. There were about 14 high sticks that went uncalled, including simultaneous high sticks on one play in which neither got called. Weirdness shouldn’t be a factor, and it wasn’t in this game. The powerplay stunk, and the Rangers were caught running round in their own zone by the Bruins too often. At one point, the Bruins set up in an umbrella powerplay formation at even strength. That had me flabbergasted. The Rangers have been outplayed for all three games this series. They need a sharp 180 or else this will end in short fashion.

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  1. TxRangerLovesSideBoob says:

    Has a team ever come back from being down 3-0 to win a series.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Yes, Philly against the Bruins in 2010. Don’t count on that happening this time though.

      • TxRangerLovesSideBoob says:

        thats right, i guess maybe since its somewhat the same team, we have a chance to do the same…

    • Walt says:

      I believe it has only happened about four, or five times in history.

  2. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    Wow. I know the ice was bad in this game and that lead to a more conservative game, but the Rangers really showcased a shortcoming in their will vs. the Bruins’.
    The battle level was just not there, and I have no idea why. Was it a motivation issue with the coaching staff? I don’t know, but after the second period of game 2, it just hasn’t been there, and that has to be addressed.
    This team just isn’t good enough to skate on skill alone. Without a higher compete level than we’ve seen, there just isn’t much hope. Disappointing, I thought I could at least count on that from the Rangers.

  3. Walt says:

    Please read my post on the article titled “The Rangers are closer than we think”!!!

    I summed it up for all to read, and argue the point against what I said. We are undersized at forward, soft on defense, no back bone, and no fight left in this team. Has Torts run his course, maybe, but you would have thought that he could have lit a fire under the butts of these guys.

    After 43 years of marriage to my wife, I’m afraid she is about to leave me because of my language during the game. I was so hot after they gave up the lead, and then lost the game. Oh well, its warming up, I could be outside instead of giving myself another ulcer watching these guys go thru the motions!

  4. Seahorse says:

    ive tried to be patient and supportive i just cant take it anymore. no tape to tape passing, terrible in 50-50 battles, and a play style that screams lets not lose vs lets go out in win. i think torts has scared this team into playing tight vs relaxed and free and ive liked torts, i’m just mad as hell and i’m not gonna take it anymore

  5. Ralph says:

    Please excuse my language beforehand but did anyone else notice Pierre McGuire do everything but get on his knees in terms of praising the Bruins all game? Yes, they have obviously been the better team this series by far but this guy has to be related to Krug in some way.

    • Walt says:

      Agree, but he did point out how pathetic the PP was, and how we are so disorganized with the man advantage. But then again, a six year old could figure it out, but Torts doesn’t teach the PP, and it shows. Sorry to be critical of Torts, he is a great coach, NOT!

  6. HARLEMBLUES says:

    Walt,Seahorse you both make very good points.I won’t question the backbone of the team.We do take more than we give and i don’t want to hear we were tops in hits or some B.S..I’ve seen 4yrs of Torts style time to move on.

  7. Seahorse says:

    logan coture has 5 pp goals by himself

    • Walt says:

      Thanks for reminding us how wonderful the PP has been for this team, especially under this magical coach. Glen, put Shoeny in there to run the team next year!!

  8. Joe says:

    IT”S Not TORTS!!!! Did you see him on the ice?????

    • Walt says:

      It’s his damn system, and Napolian style that has the guys playing scared!! It’s Totrs my friend.

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      His team came out flat again at home.That’s on the coach.PP a crime all yr. that’s on the coach.Same lame up boards play to come out of the ozone,see Devils last yr. oh the Bruins did.That on the coach.Bruins have two options coming out of their zone by bringing the center to the middle of the ice to support the winger along the boards and the D making the first pass.It was pointed out pregame how Boston easily has been coming out of their one.Adjustments on the coach.Three ROOKIES ON D we can’t take advantage.2 ROOKIES just put in because of injuries no trust issues in Boston.

  9. Dave says:

    The game started to crumble when Stralman went down with his injury.

  10. Sally says:

    I will admit that I did not watch the entire game. With my children screaming at the TV set, I found it less than enjoyable. I guess my question is to Dave, but everyone feel free to jump in. Do you think that with the shortened bench and Torts not trusting certain players that we are traveling down the same road as last year?

    • Walt says:

      Of course that is what will happen again. He stated he was going with the guys he felt were more or less in the game, not exact words. With 4 lines of trains coming at you, the Rangers got worn out, and the rest is history.

      Again, we are undersized at the forward position, worried to take a penality, in fear of riding the pine. The d is just giving away the puck with blind passes, well coached team right???

      Remember last season when we went into the 3rd period, we never gave up the lead. This playoff season, we get the lead, give it up, and then can’t come back. I tried to make a joke last night, that the team can’t hold their bowels, let alone the lead, maybe it wasn’t funny, but true.

    • Dave says:

      The short bench is a product of the injuries. I don’t blame him for not trusting Kreider. I wouldn’t either. Kid’s been an unmitigated disaster defensively.

      The Clowe, Powe, and Staal injuries have hurt the Rangers.

      • Joe says:

        Then he should not be on the team, you need to trust the guys on your team in the playoffs or they should be replaced.

        • VinceR says:

          By who? The injured? The only reason Kreider was in because he was the only choice. Also, one of the main factors in this series has been the Boston 4th line killing the NYR 4th line, so yes, maybe shortening the bench is a good idea here. Or should Torts just keep sending the fourth line out? Then you could say how stubborn he is being.

          I don’t think the shortened bench is much a factor considering how many fewer games were played this season. What hurt was injuries…not just Stall, Clowe, and Powe (think how much better our 4th line would match up if we had Clowe and Powe), but also losing Stralman in the first period.

          • Joe says:

            I was thinking someone in Hartford, obviously not the injured. The reason you have an organization is so that you can dip into it if injuries arise. If you can’t put Kreider on the ice because he can’t play, he shouldn’t be here. Find someone else, don’t wear down your team so they can’t compete. I think the very reason the short bench hurts is because of the shortened season. these guys didn’t come into the season in shape and never got there without camp.

            • VinceR says:

              We had people…Powe, Clowe, Miller…all injured. There is only so deep you can go. Kreider was the best option at the time, but that doesn’t mean it was good to be out there.

              • Joe says:

                If the best option is the guy you are scared to put on the ice….? I don’t understand…why is he there?… it makes absolutely no sense…”he the best option, so put him on the roster, but we can’t play him, because he sucks” I am not talking about just this game, but the playoffs in general, you guys really need to look through the trees and see the forest. It’s not about one game in the playoffs….not until now!

              • VinceR says:

                Dude, I don’t get what you dont’ understand. We had 3 possible fowards above him injured, including one at the AHL level. Yes he can fill in as a body, but he is a currently AHL quality forward filling in at the NHL level during the playoffs.

                We had no one left to put in. He was the best option out of all non injured forwards in both leagues. He is not terrible, he can eat some minutes so other lines aren’t overworked, but he can’t be stuck out on the ice and eat minutes versus higher talent. Boston’s 4th line is one of the most talented 4th lines in the league and he was getting worked. Hell, if Clowe and Powe weren’t injured, we may have not even seen Richards suited up at this point.

                See Dave’s comment below, it’s exactly what I’m saying. He was the best non-injured option.

        • Dave says:

          Kreider was the only guy available after 2 guys got hurt. He’s a better option than Newbury. Sometimes you have to deal with what you have.

          To be fair, Kreider played a great Game 3, moved up to the 2nd line before getting clipped in the eye.

  11. joe719 says:

    The effort for the magnitude of this game was abysmal. They played like it was just another regular season game. Hank, as usual, did what he could to keep them in it; but even at 1-0, did you really think this team was going to hold the lead? It looks like Torts and the staff have no answers to anything Boston does. Hank is being wasted on this team. And as long as the coach continues to shorten his bench, and never trust anyone else but a select few on the ice, they will never get any better. I think it might be a time for a change. Roger Neilson got them just so far, Keenan was needed to take them the rest of the way. Torts brought a defensive responsibility and structure to this team, but they have hit a wall. A new voice is needed to integrate a consistent offensive mind-set. Who that is, I have no idea. But it needs to be done!

  12. HARLEMBLUES says:

    Well said Joe719.Well said.

  13. Evan says:

    Most pathetic home crowd ive ever seen. I was embarassed to be in the stadium. You would have thought it was a regular season game against the Panthers.

    After the rangers scored, utterly dominated. I cant remember one quality opportunity after Mcd scored.

  14. Ralph says:

    With regards to the PP or lack thereof…if Mike Sullivan is still a coach on this team next year I may have to buy a John Taveras jersey…totally joking but Sully has to go.

  15. Ray says:

    I like Tortorella, but last night was a coaching nightmare. In attempting to get Nash on the ice as much as possible, he destroyed what little flow the Rangers had – basically shutting down Brassard and Zuccarello, the guys who were actually scoring. The game began with nearly a minute in the Ranger zone as the Boyle line got the start. So who starts the second and third periods (with similar results).

    And the PP. It wasn’t that bad against Washington with 3 goals (one just after penalty time expired, but still really a PP goal) and good movement. Last night it seemed players were on the ice for 15 seconds sometimes and the plan changed just as often.