Sorry, no chat this afternoon

Sorry everyone, but we have to cancel today’s Friday live chat due to my penultimate law school final exam.  Unfortunately, none of the other guys are available today.  Next week, the chat will be held on Thursday at 3pm instead of Friday, since I’m graduating that day.  If anyone has specific questions they wanted answered today, feel free to either email me or leave them in the comments and I can prepare a mailbag for either one day this weekend or the beginning of next week.

7 Responses to “Sorry, no chat this afternoon”

  1. good luck on your exam.

    here’s my question:

    are you an insider? why do people feel they can go to you and get credible answers about the rangers from a law student?

    • You don’t have to be an insider to be an analyst. Save for the Suit (he worked on the business side of the industry), none of us are “insiders”.

      I’ve played and still do play at a high level, and own my own goaltending development company. I understand every facet of the game and have an appreciation for industry customs, trends and business aspects. Thanks for the dickhead comment, though.