Who would you sit for the returning players?

Ryane Clowe appears to be back tonight (Photo: AP).

Ryane Clowe appears to be back tonight.(Photo: AP)

There has been a lot of discussion about who the Rangers should put on the bench when their injured players return to the lineup. On Saturday, we saw Chris Kreider and Kris Newbury sent to the press box when Derek Dorsett and Brian Boyle returned from injury. Today, it appears that Arron Asham will be scratched in favor of the returning Ryane Clowe.

Many are in the belief that Boyle should never have played, and Kreider should still be in the lineup. There’s a good argument for it, although I wholeheartedly disagree with that sentiment. Boyle was the best face off guy on this team during the regular season and is one of the most important penalty killers. In a series that has been decided by special teams, the Rangers need their best PK guys.

Another argument can be made for Asham, who has had a strong series so far. The same cannot be said for a lot of other guys –Dorsett was underwhelming in his first game back– but the fact remains that Dorsett makes Asham redundant, no matter how effective he is. I’m a fan of Asham in the lineup, as I believe he is an effective fourth line player. But with Dorsett back, it was only a matter of time before Asham sat.

There’s a case to sit Darroll Powe, he of zero goals this season, but that again goes back to the first point. The Rangers need their best penalty killers out there, and Powe is one of them (along with Boyle, Ryan Callahan, and Derek Stepan). It’s a delicate balance.

So what do you guys think? What would your lineup be for tonight (assuming no Marc Staal)?

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  1. Sit Pyatt, bring in Kreider.


  2. Here’s what I would do 5 on 5.

    Ryan Clowe-Derick Brassard-Rick Nash
    Carl Hagelin-Derek Stepan-Ryan Callahan
    Chris Kreider-Brad Richards-Mats Zuccarello
    Taylor Pyatt-Brian Boyle-Derek Dorsett

    • At some point I’d swap Hagelin and Kreider. Also, no more Pyatt, I’m sick of him. Would rather see Powe.

    • Suit

      Good looking lines, only change I’d make is Asham for Pyatt. Asham hits people, and has a scoreing touch, more so than Pyatt. Besides, Pyatt is like a diesel truck, and Asham is quicker!

      Gee, we agree on two post in one day, mark it down, ha ha aha!!

      • I like sitting Pyatt for Asham too. Good call. You’re my boy Walt, don’t forget it.

  3. Will never happen but


  4. Suit I’d go with your lineup with maybe try and get Miller in somehow…..You know that kid is chomping at the bit right now.

    • Yup I just convinced myself. Suit’s lineup just replace Pyatt with J.T. Miller. Not necessarily the exact lines, but these 12 forwards. Hell, put Kreider and Miller together at this point…Wish I was going to the game because I’d like to think to be the 7th player in the building tonight so whoever is going to the game take my place and scream a lil louder tonight! LGR!!!

  5. Let’s be real, here’s the lineup:



    • Wouldn’t shock me to see Pyatt and Dorsett swapped there.

      Also, McKenzie just said he wouldn’t be surprised if Staal plays.

  6. Too bad Brodeur is not available. It’s the only way this crappy team could advance. The king will choke again-as usual.

  7. Who will you idiot Rangers fans blame this time. The bad referee thing is getting old. It’s so great watching you guys cry.

  8. I would go with



    Moore is growing on me every game to the point of surpassing Stralman and Del Zotto on my depth chart. I loved his emotion when the Caps scored that OT goal. That’s great to see that he really cares. I believe he will be the steal of the Gabby deal. Let’s Go Rangers

  9. The power play will go nowhere as long as Richards,Stepan and Nash are used at the points. Those 3 have to be down low or at least inside the circles. Also, have you noticed how tight opposition wingers play the Ranger point men when the Rangers are on the power play. This is why those cross ice passes the point me try to make either get picked off or deflected into the neutral zone.
    Ranger wingers rarely prssure the opposition point men when the opposition is on a power play. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, it’s the coaching stupid.

    • You have to win the battles down low to give the point men some space. That’s not happening.

  10. Mostly agree with what’s been said here, would add two things. The team hasn’t played well enough to win it all all year and I wouldn’t be reluctant to make a bold move. I’d opt for Kreider, who can offer a lot more, to Pyatt and Powe, who cannot.

    As for the PK, things are going that well and too few players are being used. Just too many guys never play on the PK. Personally, I’d like to see MZA and/or Kreider. Guys who can actually score if they get a breakaway restrict the opposing PP a bit. I know Tortorella would never put an inexperienced player in at this point, but I certainly hope Kreider played some PK in Hartford (seems a natural) and perhaps MZA did the same in Russia.

  11. John Moore on the Powerplay. Why not give him some playing time on the PP? He basically should have scored in game 1 and our PP needs some life. Let Girardi and McD rest a bit on the PP and give Moore a shot.

    Would love to see Clowe and Kreider come in for Asham and Pyatt.