Goal breakdown: Rangers steal two on the Island

April 13, 2013, by
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

In his pre-game interview, John Tortorella was asked “what will it take to win this game?”. His response was that sometimes you can outplay the other guys and still not win. That’s exactly what happened tonight as the Rangers were able to escape Long Island with two points after being outplayed by a ridiculously fast Islander team. The 1-0 overtime win came on the back of Henrik Lundqvist’s first shutout of the season, and an absolute beauty of a snipe by Dan Girardi. Only one goal to break down in this one…

Rangers 1, Islanders 0

During the final minutes of overtime, the Rangers recovered the puck in the top of their defensive zone. Two quick breakout passes later and Derick Brassard carried the puck across the Islander blue line. Dan Girardi intelligently read the defense converging on Brassard and snuck in behind undetected. Brassard sauced a beauty between the D, and Girardi carried the puck toward the near side of the goal. He saw some open real estate above Nabokov’s right shoulder, and sniped it top corner, right off the elbow.

Since there was only one goal to break down, I figured I’d share some thoughts.

  • While this wasn’t the best game the Rangers have played by any stretch, man was it entertaining. The pace was breakneck for 60 minutes and the atmosphere in the Coliseum was electric.
  • Man, the posts got a workout, probably about half a dozen clanked off the iron.
  • Hank was absolutely on fire in this game. Sure, he got some help from the posts, but he had massive saves and made up for several defensive miscues. I’m starting to get on the Vezina bandwagon for The King.
  • I thought Ryan Callahan didn’t look like himself in this one. He was slow to react to the play, and didn’t seem to have his normal intensity level. Hopefully just an off night.
  • Brad Richards and Brian Boyle looked real solid out there. Boyle was noticeable on almost every shift, and Richards made several key defensive plays and looked more dangerous in the offensive zone.
  • Aside from the first period, I expected a more physically charged tilt. Not that this game wasn’t physical, but the teams seemed to want to out work each other, rather than physically punish.
  • Although it’s disappointing to let the Islanders get a point in this one, the two points was huge. Puts a little distance between them and the Jets, and it seems like the playoffs are the least of the Devil’s concern at this point.
  • Good for Danny Girardi tonight.  Nice to see a good guy get rewarded for all the sacrifice he puts in for this team.  And wow, was that a shot.

The Rangers head to Philadelphia to face the sad sack Flyers on Tuesday night. Hopefully this team is in full on playoff mode at this point and they can feast on the 7 remaining games, all against non-playoff teams.


  1. Seahorse says:

    the move by boyle when he drew that penalty was fantastic. and did nash look like he got hurt any word about that?

  2. Bloomer says:

    Brassard is the center they been missing since Dubs and Artie were traded. The PP still lacks a dman who can pound the puck. What kind of shot does the new kid have? Maybe he can play the point, he seems poised.

    • Jeff P says:

      Brassard has a lot of Zherdev in him. Fantastic skill, can completely disappear at times.

  3. Ray V says:

    Cally just had an off night….its CALLY 😉
    Boyle had a good game, but when you see his face close up he just looks tired and thin. We know he says he has been having lots of trouble sleeping and I think it shows. That being said….man I wish he would spend a good amount of time just taking shots at the net in practice. For a guy who has not been scoring or getting many shots to begin with, when he does shoot he almost always misses the net. I wish they would be at least on net and force the goalies to stop them. I am happy with the POINT and lets get on to philly 😉

  4. Zev says:

    Sometimes Hank happens.

  5. Walt says:

    To my friend who wanted Hank to steal one, you got it!

    Good game, Hank gets #44 shut-out, lets get the Flyers kicked out of the play-off run next game!

    • VinceR says:

      Actually that was the 50th of his career, tying him with Eddie Giacomin for the all-time NYR lead!

      Nice to see him finally get one after earning a few that didn’t come to be! A little more offensive support would have been nice, but at least Sigfreid and Roy provided some (Goon reference).

      • Walt says:

        My bad, but I read this morning that it was his 44th, the paper could have been wrong!

      • Walt says:

        I checked again on Fox Sports, and that is where I read the 44th shut-out, they better gets their facts straight.

    • SalMerc says:

      I agree. He did steal this one. May need another one if we can only score a goal or two.

  6. supermaz says:

    I didn’t see the same thing you saw in Richards play.
    He looked to me as lame as he has most of this season.

  7. Dave says:

    How come Justin always gets the easy breakdowns and I get the 9 goal games?

    • Justin says:

      Ha, you know what Dave? You’re right. The last time I had to do a recap with more than 6 goals was the home opener vs the Pens. That one was 9 goals though…

    • VinceR says:

      Not to mention you tweet during the game, Dave.