Could Del Zotto get suspended?

April 6, 2013, by

In the third period of last night’s shootout loss to the Penguins, Michael Del Zotto caught James Neal with an elbow to the jaw behind the Rangers net (video above). Del Zotto said on MSG after the game that he was trying to brace himself for a hit, but the contact was a bit awkward, as it looked like Del Zotto was already past Neal, and stuck his right arm out.

Del Zotto doesn’t have a suspension history, or a history of dirty plays. As I watch this video (you can’t really watch it in slow-mo, everything happens in real-time, not slow-mo) it looks like MDZ does throw that elbow, but his back is to Neal so it’s hard to say whether he was intentionally aiming for him.

The league will need to make a decision fast, as the Rangers play tonight.

Update: Elliotte Friedman tweets that there will be no hearing for Del Zotto

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  1. James says:

    Dave, I watched the replay like 25 times and the more you watch the more you can see that it was unintentional and that Neal’s head runs into MDZ elbow as MDZ elbow runs into Neal’s head by the force of the hit. If that makes sense?

  2. The Suit says:

    MDZ shouldn’t even get a phone call. Here’s a lollipop Mike, see you at puck drop.

  3. Rangers fan in Boston says:

    The league didn’t sit Nash for his suspendable hit, Del Zotto should be fine.

  4. Chris F says:

    MDZ basically launched his upper-body in an attempt to brace Neal was coming down on him from behind. It was a hard elbow right to the jaw, but I cannot see that being intentional at all.

  5. TxRanger says:

    I think considering that MDZ wasn’t going for a hit, instead defending himself, he’s going to be fine.

  6. Spozo says:

    If Nash didn’t get a suspension there is no way MDZ does. Although NHL discipline is less easy to predict than the weather.

  7. Walt says:

    No hearing for MDZ, and rightfully so!

    I get a kick out of the Pens, from Cindy, to their coach, always whineing about calls that don’t go their way. Bylsma was bitching that the hit was intentional, what an ass!

  8. Mr. Snrub says:

    The whiny, arrogant organization is going to be whiny and arrogant about this!

  9. Ncog says:

    They let all the crap go by the Penguins and have the nerve to say anything about DZ….total garbage..If they meet in the playoffs the Rangers had better not forget the 2 slashes against the KING..

  10. DZR says:

    Ha ha whatever ranger fans watch the replay in slow motion he had his head turned and seen Neal cutting back the other way and that is when he threw the elbow back trying to make contact…..and did!

    • TxRanger says:

      honestly, if he did it on purpose then im down. they’re playing hockey after all.

  11. rovinrosie says:

    The injury was all Neal’s fault! You can see how he violently threw his face at Del Zotto’s elbow. Neal gets the concussion he rightly deserved and, thank God, Del Zoto’s elbow is fine. Of course no Ranger would ever harm another player.