Rangers assign J.T. Miller and Chris Kreider to the CT Whale

April 3, 2013, by

According to the AHL website, the Rangers have sent J.T. Miller and Chris Kreider to the CT Whale.  Coach John Tortorella expressed concern that the magnitude of the virtual playoff games the Blueshirts are playing right now might be too much for the two, so these transactions aren’t a surprise.

The moves clear over $2 million in cap space and ensure that both Miller and Kreider will be eligible for the AHL playoffs.  It is possible that New York is looking to acquire another forward today.


  1. Ray says:

    I expected this even with no further moves. Tortorella doesn’t like extra players sitting around. With Clowe and Asham in, he has exactly twelve forwards.

  2. TxRanger says:

    At the rate this team is getting injured, I’m sure they’ll pick somebody up.

  3. Jared says:

    Makes sense to me.


    I think you could switch Hagelin and the Hobbit.

    • VinceR says:

      That looks pretty spot on to me for now. Including the caveat. In fact was leaning more towards keeping Zucc with Gabby-Richards based on that they seemed to have good chemistry, but after taking a look at what you put I like the idea of a forechecker/puck hunting Haggy that can play big with those two. Then having the small/speedy zucc, who can also hunt down pucks, lined with two bigger guys.

      Somehow I don’t think line experimentation will be out of the question tonight though 😉

      • Dave says:

        I’m not sure if people noticed, but the lines that start the game are rarely the lines that finish the game.

  4. vinny says:

    how about these lines

    even though miller got sent down

  5. Dave says:

    This is expected. They really needed to be sent down. I spoke about this yesterday, they were just too much of a liability at this point.

  6. supermaz says:

    I’ve had it with this CLOWN.
    Torts has to go
    The team needs a stable coach.
    Stop with the flip flopping of the lineup and the lines.
    Screwing with the heads of our young players has gotten completely out of hand.

    • pavel says:

      Not sure I agree with “clown”, but line juggling is mind boggling. All coaches make adjustment to lines to reflect the flow of the game and their opposition. But Tort likes to try random combinations as much as strategy a lot of times. Seems like, “lets throw crap together and see what works.” And if a combination has a good game, he is then called a genius.
      Give him more monkeys with typewriters and he’ll get a shakespearian play eventually.

  7. ranger17 says:

    how many players do the Rangers have under contract with the trade with the CBJ’s I think they are at 52 signed so they have to get rid of 2 contracts

  8. ranger17 says:

    Good luck Gabby thanks for being a Ranger

    • pavel says:

      More than anything (assuming he’s not nursing a serious injury), Gabby badly needed a change of scenery and, perhaps, a different coach.
      Still, how Sather gets 3 young players with good upside for an overpriced superstar who has not produced this year? He keeps doing it. Don’t like the cigar munching fat cat image and huge contracts, but the guy sure knows how to swing a deal.

  9. Jess says:

    I freely admit that I dislike Tortorella for a bunch of reasons. That said, his handling of Chris Kreider’s development has been a crime.

    For a guy who was begging for Kreider to leave school early; it is clear that Tortorella can not or will not acknowledge that rushing Kreider into the Ranger lineup during last year’s playoffs.

    Now Kreider and the coach can’t get on the same page and Kreider is headed back to the AHL.

    I wonder now if Kreider will ever develop while Tortorella is Ranger coach?

  10. Tony says:

    Tortorella is a disgrace. He make mediocre players out of stars (see Gaborik) and rewards mediocrity with increased roles (see Boyle). A good coach and a good team integrates young players into the system and helps them grow and contribute. This coach is an absolute failure who overplays his favorites and denigrates players he does not like. He and his system has to go.

  11. Lou says:

    To be clear, I am not a Torts fan – that said, it takes a certain “crusty” player to work within his system.

    He has a knack of making talented players play down a notch and to make less-talented hard-nosed players play up to a level they had not previously.

    With yesterday’s trades, clearly the team is better suited to Tort’s style.

    In the off-season Slats needs to determine if Torts is really the right coach (dare I say nurturing) to get the best out of a young / somewhat timid crop of players that will be brought up to play.

    Next year’s team will feature Miller, Kreider, Fast, Thomas and yes, finally McIlrath.

    In addition to Hags and Stepan.

    Clearly, some toughness, grit and maturity needs to be added to give the young pups a sense of safety and also to bolster their self-esteem when Torts sits them for all but 3 minutes a game.

    Is Torts the way to go in the future? Ummm. My take is that he better make the most of the current squad — next year’s squad seems better suited to a different ring leader.