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Goal breakdown: New Rangers take lead in domination of Penguins

April 3, 2013, by

Ryane Clowe and Derick Brassard: Welcome to New York. Brian Boyle: Welcome back. These three led the Rangers in the complete dismantling of the Penguins tonight, scoring a powerplay goal and at least three points each, and four of the Rangers first five goals en route to a 6-1 win. Boyle and Brassard had a goal and three assists each, and Clowe scored two (his first two of the season) and an assist. Brad Richards also added a pair of assists, one on a goal by the new guys. More importantly, the Rangers were involved in the dirty areas, something we hadn’t seen all year.

Rangers 1, Penguins 0

Wide open. Screen. Deflection. Goal.

Wide open. Screen. Deflection. Goal.

With Chris Kunitz in the box, the new look Rangers went on their first powerplay since overhauling their roster, and it took just one minute and thirty seconds for the new guys to get on the board. The Rangers cycled in the zone, and new Ranger Ryane Clowe eventually worked the puck to new Ranger Derick Brassard. The Penguins, sitting in their box penalty kill, left Brad Richards open at the point and had two guys creep in on Brassard. Brassard recognized that Richards was open, spun around and sent a perfect backhand pass to him. At this point, Brian Boyle has moved from the goal line to the open area in the middle of the box. Richards recognizes this double screen (Clowe as well) and fired it at the screen, which gave Boyle the perfect deflection opportunity.

Rangers 2, Penguins 0

So...anyone notice McDonagh?

So…anyone notice McDonagh?

The Rangers were able to keep the Penguins pinned in their own end with a good cycle. Anton Stralman made a great play to keep the zone at the point, and in doing so sent the puck to Richards in the corner. Ryan McDonagh crept in untouched from the point, and Richards fed him with a great pass and gave him all the time in the world.

Rangers 3, Penguins 0

2-1-2 at its best.

2-1-2 at its best.

This is the 2-1-2 forecheck at its best. Derek Stepan caused Brooks Orpik to turn the puck over because of the pressure. Clowe, as the second man in the first “2” picked up the loose puck at the goal line. Backhand. Forehand. Goal, his first of the season and his first as a Ranger.

Rangers 4, Penguins 0

Great powerplay cycles and guys in front.

Great powerplay cycles and guys in front.

Another powerplay goal for the Rangers. NBC was courteous enough to have these yellow lines to show player movement. Clowe is the bottom player, Brassard the middle, and Dan Girardi is at the point. Boyle was in front causes havoc. The puck worked from Brassard to Clowe to Girardi for the shot, which hit Boyle in front. Brassard, who was circling to the front of the net, picked up the rebound and backhanded it over Fleury for his first as a Ranger.

Rangers 4, Penguins 1

Lots of fail here.

Lots of fail here.

Carl Hagelin failed to get puck out of zone on the far boards, which allowed Rob Bortuzzo to get a shot on net that Henrik Lundqvist has trouble with, leaving a juicy rebound. No one picked up Pascal Dupuis to tie him up from banging home the rebound. Steve Eminger looked like he didn’t even know Dupuis was there.

Rangers 5, Penguins 1

Orpik swivel-head fail.

Orpik swivel-head fail.

These new Rangers just keep on contributing. After Girardi made a nice play to keep the zone and move the puck across the blue line for an eventual shot on net. Boyle and Brassard were again wreaking havoc in front of the net, and the shot never got through, but it took a few bounces and found its way back to Brassard’s stick. At this point, Clowe is reading the play and putting himself in a position to score. Orpik, with his back turned, didn’t see Clowe, who wound up being wide open. Brassard made another beautiful backhand pass, and Clowe had the empty net for the goal.

Rangers 6, Penguins 1

So, did the Pens forget the Rangers had a 2nd defenseman?

So, did the Pens forget the Rangers had a 2nd defenseman?

The Rangers won an offensive zone face off, and eventually worked the puck to new-guy John Moore. Moore, who could have waited for 10 minutes before a Penguin even got to him, ripped a shot from the point, a shot that trickled past MAF. He wants that one back, but the goal completely the new-guy goal trifecta.

This was one of the most complete wins of the season against a team that is almost guaranteed to have the top seed come May. The new guys impressed and really showed how much depth means in the lineup. The line of Hagelin-Stepan-Nash was quiet on the scoresheet but this team still put up six goals. It’s only one game since the trade deadline, but this team looks like they have re-found their identity.

Torts’ post-game presser. Thought he had some good insights…

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  1. steveM says:

    All I can say is…. WOW

    • The Suit says:

      Like the trades. Like the fact that Torts is still our coach. Hopefully the execution continues.

      • Joe says:

        ok, but you must agree, this is all on Torts now. Got rid of Gabby who was having his difficulties in the system this year. Brought in gaggle of players that fit his system to a T. A great showing last night…Welcome to NY boys, its nice to see you! Torts must make the playoffs now! Thanks Gabby for all you did to make Rangers exciting wishing you much success in Columbus, was a pleasure to watch a player with such raw scoring skill in a blueshirt!

  2. Walt says:

    Lets hope that we didn’t shoot our entire load tonight, save some for Friday.

    Slats looks like a genious again with the moves made, and cap savings at that!

    Clowe on the first shift hitting Engelland, instant love affair there, that is what was lacking all season long.

  3. TxRanger says:

    His name is spelled Derick Brassard.

  4. HARLEMBLUES says:

    Good win at home over a quality team. started fast 2zip and never let up.The Dfence jumped in and joined the rush all nite.A lot of guys seem to exhale tonite.Good win.FRIDAY PITTSBURGH.

  5. VinceR says:

    So obviously a small sample, but man, I wasn’t missing Gabby or those picks too much tonight 😉

    We’ll figure out how good this looks a little more on Friday, but would anyone have thought we’d be feeling kind of alright about the possibility of picking up 3 or 4 points out of these games earlier today?

    Also, while I am being cautiously optimistic..how’d we score them goals tonight? F-f-f-f-…wait it’s on the tip of my tounge…OH FORECHECKING AND BEING HARD ON THE PUCK! Funny, again a short start, but get some Torts type players in who buy into the system and it’s a nice little start.

    If I eat my words Friday, so be it. But yeah, they generated their opportunities tonight off of downlow play, forechecking, getting to the net, and getting the puck low for the D to get involved.

    And damn, 6 goals and not one by Nash, Step, or Cally! And a four point night by Boyle? Damn, hope we can keep anywhere near that up!

  6. Ren says:

    So management looks like genius for a day. Lets hope it makes them look like that forever if you catch my drift.

    I guess this makes the pens 12-2-0 when Dupuis scores.

  7. Bloomer says:

    Mario who?

  8. BobM says:

    Obviously you cannot take one game and predict the future, but what a difference.

    I saw smiles tonight, I just hope that they do not practice at all and just leave the new guys to their own devices. I saw confidence, taking some chances knowing that someone else was covering for you, all of the things that we know that they can do. And without the top guys scoring. How funny is that?

    Seriously, is it at all possible that Gaborik was causing problems in the lockerroom?

    Well, you get three guys in who contribute and lose one guy who has the ability but for some reason, is not producing.

    So far, Slats looks like Al Arbour at the moment.

    Friday will be the next test.

  9. Matt Josephs says:

    Who are these players and what have they done with my Rangers?

    • jb says:

      Seriously, I’ve had this sentence in my mind all morning. I travelled all of yesterday, wake up this morning, jetlagged as a #**#, and this is the recap… Im still not sure who is who.
      It seems though, even when the new player- new club effect fades, ill get a chance to figure it out

  10. Mr. Snrub says:

    My favorite part of the game had nothing to do with hockey. It was seeing a recent cancer survivor, Glen Sather, chewing on a cigar. Like a true badass.

  11. BobM says:

    This reminds me of the movie Slapshot when the 3 Hanson Brothers arrived.

  12. Leatherneckinlv says:

    What a display by the Rangers, especially the new lads, Ranger fans will love Clowe and Brassard, I got to like how Moore played. I did not know much about him but I did like his game. Pretty soon Dorsett will play and fans will also love him. In 2 days we changed this team and added 2 Pruster type players. Now a Deja Vu please on Friday and lastly we allow Kreider and Miller to develop as they should. Many fans bitched about the trades but that’s because they are short minded and don’t understand the entire game of hockey which goes beyond the ice,
    This Ranger team just got very dangerous and we have the cap space to sign our own home growns. Stepan, McDonagh and Hagelin will have to be signed. Next year we may see Miller, Kreider, McIlrath and maybe Thomas with a chance to crack the line up. Hopefully Traverse City will resume and a full camp which this type of team needs. Let’s Go Rangers

  13. Tim B says:

    I never would have expected Clowe, Brassard and Moore to score in their first games as NYR.

  14. Mikeyyy says:

    Nice game.

    Lets hope torts keeps his hands off since its working now.

    Funny how people who don’t really know the system were able to contribute.

    Waiting for torts to bench someone….lol

    But really good game.

  15. supermaz says:

    The new players have not had a chance to pick up Tortarella’s system. Once they do they won’t score either.

    • VinceR says:

      Except they played it to a T. 2-1-2 – Forecheck, get to the net, shots from the point=manufacturing goals=Torts system

      Let them be creative on the rush, passing in the offensive zone=the creativity scoring goals=hands off.

      He has said this before and it has been said here in posts and comments. The players have to play the system, but no system dictates who to pass to, when to shoot etc. It’s a general structure so a team follows the same high level overall strategy, it’s not hundreds of set plays. Tort’s system is “defense starts when you don’t have the puck” including the offensive zone-FORECHECKING…a word you heard all night. Get the puck and get it to an open man..at the point or going to/at the net. It’s an aggressive system in the o-zone. They do play collapse in the Dzone.

      I know I’m wasting my time so I’ll just stop. Torts haters want to do nothing but hate on Torts, using next to no logic.

  16. Walt says:

    Watched Torts on the Rangers web site, address the media. He looked relieved, and was very loose.

    Last night, with about 3 minutes left, we went on the PP, Torts put out the fourth line. That was a class act, but now it appears, according to Torts, that Asham wants more PP time, great line by the coach.

    I just wonder if the Pens would have done the same?? No way with the two hot dogs on that team!

    Welcome to the new Rangers, it’s amazing how these guys came in, no time to think about anything but the game, and get these results. It’s a beautiful morning here in Pennsylvania!!