With the recent trade activity, the market is now set

April 2, 2013, by

Last night the Flames traded once promising offensive d-man, Jay Bouwmeester, to St. Louis for a first round pick, as well as AHLer Mark Cundari and Swiss goalie Reto Berra. Just this past week the Flames traded Iginla to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a first round pick and college prospects Kenneth Agostino and Ben Hanowski. Pittsburgh also acquired Douglas Murray from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for their second round draft pick in the 2013 NHL Draft and a conditional 2014 draft choice.

The Buffalo Sabres were also active trading stay-at-home d-man Robyn Regehr to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for two 2nd round draft picks. Earlier, they moved Jordan Leopold for a second-round pick and a conditional fifth-round selection.

As the Rangers look to the trade market to shore up some of their roster holes, the market appears to be set with 1st round picks being the key piece in acquiring mid-tier offensive talent and 2nd round picks netting mid-tier defensive d-men. With the Rangers lacking a 1st rounder this year and their apparent reluctance to move young players, one begins to wonder what kind of moves they have in store, if any.

None of the players that were traded would be considered truly elite talent anymore. All have had their successes sure, but 1st and 2nd round picks for guys who have mostly peaked is a tall order for this franchise.

At this point, Gaborik probably isn’t going anywhere unless we can get some NHL ready depth.  With Chris Kreider unable to grab the bull by the horns and the Rangers still in a dog fight for the 8th seed, you’re not likely going to get the kind of value a player like Gaborik would normally command. As Dave recently said, moving Gabby is likely a trade made during the offseason.

If Gaborik is off the block, then the Rangers don’t really have much to trade. This team is thin on defense, not likely to move young players and we lack a 1st round pick, which seems to be this trade deadline’s centerpiece. If the Rangers are to trade Gabby, depth has to come this direction.

The moves I could see Sather/Gorton making at this point are trading players like Brian Boyle or Pyatt to shore up their defense. Perhaps they’ll look to upgrade their bottom 6 with a little more speed and hustle as well. However, the hope of landing Martin St. Louis or a Dan Boyle are probably moves that won’t be fully explored until the offseason.

As for Clowe, although he’d fit the Rangers team concept, having Philly, Toronto, and Boston in the mix, will likely keep the price for his services high. Though there is no way Philly will trade Sean Couturier for Clowe (Garrioch made that one up).

If the Rangers stand pat at the deadline, I won’t be disappointed. After all, in 2011 we all said our window for winning would just be opening in 2013.

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  1. Chris F says:

    Any update on Staal? Can we expect him back before the end of the season? He’d be a huge boost to our blueline.

  2. SalMerc says:

    I know this idea will get killed here, but maybe Kreider should be dangled. If Torts is staying, then Kreider may never get a fair shot here. Why not see if he gets treated as at least a first rounder, netting a quality return.

    • The Suit says:

      Torts brought that up in the postgame and said both Miller and Kreider could end up with the Whale pending on how the next few games go. We’ll see how it plays out interms of icetime and demotions. Still, there’s no chance either are getting traded.

    • SalMerc says:

      At least the theme here is consistent. Stay with what is NOT working. No need to trade anything of value to get something. Only look to move over-priced, under-performing (near) has-beens for a low cost star to push us over the top, otherwise stand pat!

      We are a bubble team with a coach that is not getting the most out of his club. But let’s be the Mets and wait til next year (again).

  3. Ren says:

    Gaborik for Dubinksy, Ansimov and a 7th rd pick.

  4. Bill says:

    No way Kreider gets dealt or any core youth! Sather has been firm on this and I couldnt agree more. Trading Boyle Pyatt or some mid-level prospects for help is all they will do.

  5. howiehockey says:

    It would be a far, far better thing if we dealt Torts his walking papers. Torts is a very insecure coach…you can see it in hs moves; constant line changing,to say nothing of his intolerance of mistakes, Everyone makes mistakes.
    Lindsay Ruff we await you or a reasonable facsimile.

  6. howiehockey says:

    Should be Lindy Ruff, my apology to the readers.
    Like I said everyone makes mistakes.

    • The Suit says:

      Lindy Ruff isn’t very different from Torts as far as systems and philosphies go. If you want to replace Torts in the offseason, at least come up with someone cut from a different cloth and has a ring.

      • VinceR says:

        Isn’t Ruff super conservative offensively? I thought that was the biggest, albeit misguided, knock against Torts.

        • The Suit says:

          He ran a 2-1-2 when he had Drury and Briere and then I think he switched to a lock a few years ago. But yea, he’s another tough love coach.

  7. howiehockey says:

    You’ ve got a point there Re; Ruff. One more thing about Torts…now I read he’s concerned about the kids (Miller & Krieder), meanwhile Gaborik and Richards are collectively earning
    $14Nillion and have zilch to show for it.