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April 1, 2013, by
Clowe? Not at the current price.

Clowe? Not at the current price.

It’s that time of year again. That time of the year where everyone begins discussing who the Rangers will target, if they are buyers or sellers, who they are willing to give up, or if any deal will happen at the deadline. Today is one of those days where the hockey gods are laughing, as it is April Fool’s Day, and there are really bad jokes running rampant around the Twitter-sphere.

Instead of trying to sift through the jokes on Twitter, there are a few thoughts in my head that make some sense as to how the organization will approach the deadline. Before we begin, let’s remember that the Rangers are barely above .500, have been inconsistent, and have cap worries for next year with Carl Hagelin, Ryan McDonagh, and Derek Stepan¬†as RFAs.

  • Are the Rangers in a position to move prospects and picks for a veteran rental to put them over the top? My gut reaction is no. They won’t sacrifice assets on a team that may or may not make a splash in the postseason. This team has not proven they are ready to make a run. They will stick to the plan of looking at players with expiring contracts, so they do not have any cap commitments for next season.
  • In the end, I doubt Marian Gaborik gets dealt at the deadline. That cap hit is scaring people, and it is more likely that if he gets dealt, it will be in the offseason.
  • The Rangers will not trade Brad Richards.
  • Expect a lot of smaller trades, much like the John Scott trade last season. It may not be what you want, but it’s what’s right for this team at the current stage of the season. If this team showed they could actually win at a regular pace, then you might see some gambles. This is not the year they will gamble, especially if the cost for someone like Ryane¬†Clowe is Sean Couturier (rumored).
  • The Rangers will still look to fill their depth issues via trade, and one piece that could be interesting is Brian Boyle. J.T. Miller has usurped control of the third line center position, and while I think Boyle is best suited as a fourth line center, he could feasibly be dealt for one and another useful piece. Players like Boyle are useful, and teams will be asking about him.
  • Stu Bickel, Matt Gilroy, Roman Hamrlik, and Steve Eminger have zero trade value. They will not fetch anything of use, but could be throw-ins for roster purposes.
  • This is a seller’s market. The prices for what the Rangers are looking for are astronomical, which is another reason why we shouldn’t expect anything big.

This trade deadline has the makings of being a dud, with Ray Shero stealing everyone’s thunder last week. There are just too many buyers and too few sellers, creating a huge supply/demand gap that favors the sellers. Slats and Gorton won’t sacrifice the future for a question mark like this year.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    Well the good news is the Rangers don’t have any high ends draft picks left to throw away at a rental player.

  2. rocketroy says:

    HEH GLEN…PLEASE BE A MAJOR SELLER…This team may not even get in, and will get eliminated in 1st Rd, with or without any deals..See if you can get a pick or prospect for the following..Boyle, Asham, Emminger, Gilroy, Pyatt, Biron….Heres what you need to do before draft…Fire Torts & Sully, and trade Gaborik & Richards, and lets make a run at Stanleys Cup in 2013-14…PLEASE..!!

    • Dave says:

      Not quite sure how you expect them to gut the roster and then compete the following year.

      • rocketroy says:

        Its pretty plain to me, do you want to finish out the schedule with guys who won’t be around next year, or our best prospects from Conn, and lets see who can play…..In my mind we need a complete housecleaning, starting with Torts…!!!!

  3. Bobby G says:

    If I was the GM, there would be no major changes. I would maybe throw away a draft pick for a third pair defenseman or a bottom six forward. Other than that, I think making big moves would be a waste. Unless something radical changes, I vote that we keep Gaborik because his stock has never been lower in his entire career (not counting his injured seasons) and I think we should buy out Brad Richards. If this is how he is playing in the second year of his contract, imagine how he looks two or three years from now? It will be horrible. We have ONE chance to buy him out with ZERO repercussions (I think) and in my mind it would be borderline foolish not to.

    • Walt says:


      You couldn’t be more right on every point you made, especially on Richards!

      This article is spot on, and if we miss the play-offs this season, so be it. Bring in the kids, get them the exposure, and go from there. Next season we will see Step, Miller, and Lindberg as our centers, and we will be a lot faster.

      At the draft we trade Gabby, and build from there. I just hope that Slats doesn’t go down the retread route again! No more antiques please.

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      Right on B. RICH cut that cord now.

  4. Chuck A says:

    Though not realistic given the remote chance to catch lightning once inside the playoffs, I can’t help but ponder the temptation to reap rich dividends by being a seller in this market.

    • Dave says:

      That is a very interesting point. There are a few guys that might garner interest if the Rangers were in sell mode.

      Obviously they aren’t, but that’s a very interesting point.

  5. SalMerc says:

    I believe the ownership needs to see if the current team compiled is under-performing based on coaching. If they think they are under-performing, but it is no fault of the coach, then maybe they move to acquire a player or two that fits the Torts sweet spot (Prust-type). If we are under-performing because Torts has lost the team, then he may want to either move a problem child (Gabby) or stick with the youth movement knowing that next year’s coach will have a youthful bounty to win with. Doubt they move Torts now so we may be stuck with an 8th place team that hopes to ride the back of Hank through the playoffs.

  6. Mikeyyy says:

    Please don’t trade anyone. Not just to make the playoffs. Especially with strong Pitt and bhawk clubs.