Goal breakdown: Rangers still can’t solve Canadiens

March 30, 2013, by

This loss is a bit of a difficult one to take. The Rangers played very well int his game. They generated offense, they had a solid powerplay, but they just couldn’t solve Carey Price. Price kept it at 1-0 (on that flukey goal) for a long time before one breakdown made it 2-0. Following that, the Rangers didn’t give up (still generated good chances), but you could tell something was off. That’s what good teams do: They capitalize on the chances they are given. If there’s a silver lining, look at this game as a step in the right direction. They played very well, but lost to a much better team. On to the goals:

Montreal 1, Rangers 0

Unlucky, but caught being lazy.

Unlucky, but caught being lazy.

Michael Ryder made an innocent play to dump the puck into the zone while his linemates were changing. However, the boards behind the net in Montreal are lively, and the puck bounced oddly and wound up banking off the side of the net to the slot. Steve Eminger was a bit flat-footed, and Marty Biron made a lazy poke at the puck instead of trying to swat it behind the net. Ryder picked it up and had a lot of time to find the open net.

Montreal 2, Rangers 0

Broken play, led to a goal.

Broken play, led to a goal.

Ryan McDonagh rushed the puck in, but got knocked down in deep in front of the Montreal net. Marian Gaborik was back to cover for him at the half boards, but not back enough and was caught in no man’s land. The puck was a little deep, but it was clear that Montreal had the puck and was going to maintain control. Once Andrei Markov got the puck past Gaborik to Max Pacioretty, it was a guaranteed two-on-one with Dan Girardi back. Girardi took the pass away, but may have given Pax a bit too much room. Biron had no chance on the shot.

Montreal 3, Rangers 0

Del Zotto needs to play the body.

Del Zotto needs to play the body.

Brian Boyle won a key face off on the penalty kill, and the puck winds up swinging around the boards. Carl Hagelin, however, failed to clear the puck at the half boards, allowing the Canadiens powerplay to get a good chance. Markov took a shot from the point, and Boyle took out his man in front following the save by Biron. However, Michael Del Zotto didn’t take out Brendan Gallagher, and got caught watching. There was only so much Biron could do.

The loss gives the series sweep to the Canadiens, and makes the Rangers 0-7-1 against the Habs, Sens, and Jets. If they didn’t play Canadian teams, they’d be a team atop the Eastern Conference. Alas, they are not. That said, there are a lot of positives to take from this game. If the Rangers play like they did tonight throughout the rest of the season, they will win a lot more games.

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  1. Joestradamus says:

    Did we win against a Canadian team at all this year?

  2. VinceR says:

    Toronto, the one time we played them.

  3. BobM says:

    I am down in Florida and was watching the game on the NHL network, also listening to the NHL commentators.

    Sorry, I must have seen an all together different game than you did.

    What I saw is a team in total disarray. I do not see them communicating either on the ice or on the bench.

    The name of this team should be the NY Stangers.

    They developed absolutely no traffic in front of Price.

    They seemed flat from the get go, and it only took less than a minute to fall behind, yet again. They are obviously not psyched to play and there is something really wrong here.

    Zuccharello was the only name that I heard consistently. As I mentioned the other day, there is no grit here, no tenacity, no swagger.

    Teams check Gaborik with impunity. Look at last year, with all of the fighting majors and look at this team this year.

    When they play well, they look like a well oiled machine. But this team is totally out of sync.

    Shots on goal and shots towards goal are meaningless if you do not score one goal in two games.

    Where is the pride? It looks to me as though the players are still angry over the lockout.

    To be tied with the Fishstix is a disgrace given the payroll on this team.

    It is quite obvious that Torts has lost them. although I am not blaming him. If you are paid $7 million dollars a year, I hope that you show up. Gabrorik has had two clear breakaways in two consecutive games, and has scored on neither.

    You guys need to listen to the the other teams announcers to get an objective account of the game.


    • jaydee says:

      I agree, They just look lost and in total disarray. There is no sense of “team” here just put together parts. Plus the comment ” They played very well, but lost to a much better team” If Montreal with their roster is a much better team then we should quit now and get a nice draft choice as there are some monsters out there.

      Lets face facts this team as it is assembled shows up like the Wizard of Oz: No Brains, no Heart, no Nerve and plays like Dorothy.

    • Joe says:

      I was at the game and I saw the same thing as you. At no point did a single person in the Bell Centre think that the Rangers were playing well and had a shot, as evidenced by the giddy party the Habs fans were having at the Rangers expense. They had many shots on goal but few quality ones. They’re too busy trying to get the puck behind the net rather then in the net. I saw a Pathetic Rangers team seemingly rudderless and without hope! At least I was able to enjoy the experience of the hockey game in a great hockey town in Canada.

  4. HARLEMBLUES says:

    Two sips of my beer and it’s 1 zip.I reach 4 a chip it’s 2 zip.This coach has loss this team.They aren’t ready to play when the puck drops.The coaches style seems to have worn this team down mentally.It’s time for a change.This coach has to go.

  5. Tim B says:

    Interesting how Zucc led NYR forwards in ice time even though this was his first game.

  6. Bloomer says:

    The Rangers had way more offence against the hated Habs then the first time they played them at the Bell. Zucc is so entertaining to watch. He was dishing off passes, taking the puck to the net and led the team in hits 6!!!! This team cant buy a goal. It is hard to be critical because they had more scoring chances then Montreal and used their size along the boards. They missed Stall on defence tonight, a big minute offensive defenseman to compliment DelZotto would help this team.

  7. Mikeyyy says:

    The little zucc can play.

    Ditch the coach while you can. Start with a new one and see if they can pull this team together.

  8. Rangers fan in Boston says:

    Pretty rosy breakdown after such a lopsided game, don’t ya think? This game wasn’t as close as you make it out to be. The Rangers did a few good things, but it’s the same story, they are producing very few scoring opportunities, and doing even less with them. There was little in this game to suggest anything is going to change in the near future.

  9. Justin says:

    Bring Guy Boucher in. There’s enough defensive talent in McD, Staal, Girardi, MDZ, & Eminger on this team that we don’t need Torts’s hard forechecking style to protect the NHL’s best goalie.

    Boucher knew how to get enough offense out of the Bolts & I’m sure he can do the same here, especially in using Gabby properly as a sniper instead of some idiotic forechecker. His downfall in Tampa was the lack of a defense and terrible goalkeeping. Bring him in

  10. Justin says:

    & stop with the blocking and collapsing on the PP kills. Our Dmen are talented, let them be aggressive. Hank surely can hold his own

  11. Leatherneckinlv says:

    I have to say that I am starting to fall under the fire Trots side. My reason though is not that he is a terrible coach, my reason is we do not have the players for his style of coaching anymore. With Prust and Dubinsky gone this team needs a offensive minded coach who allows creativity within a system to allow players like Gaborik, Richards, Nash, Kreider, Miller and Del Zotto to play their game

  12. Pete says:

    Hard to stay optimistic when a team looks as toast as this Rangers team does. It’s not that they lose so often, it’s how they lose, terrible, just terrible.

    I was also not on the Torts must go bus but then more I watch the team the more it looks like this has to be something the coach should be able to fix, though there is no excuse for lack of effort/tenacity and it HAS to fall on the coach.

    Nash, Gabby and Cally all had 30+ last year, what’s their pace this year? Richards looks like a 3rd line C at best sometimes and even Hags isn’t the same player, not to mention McD or Girardi.

    Time to clean house a bit.

  13. Pete says:

    And shut out twice in a row? with that talent? Embarrassing shouldn’t even begin to cover it.

  14. Walt says:

    47 seconds in the game, Montreal scores. End of story.