Goal breakdown: Sens blank Rangers

March 28, 2013, by

The Rangers struggles against the Senators continued tonight in Ottawa. The Senators brought speed on special teams, shut down the middle of the ice, and the few chances the Rangers did have they simply couldn’t find the net.

Other notes, the Rangers defense really struggled with the Senators high zone pressure. Stralman in particular probably played his worst game of the season, with his inability to hold the blueline or stay with the rush. The Rangers did have a decent amount of chances at even strength, especially in the 3rd, but every chance seemed to sail wide of the net. Not a surprise really, as we’re one of the least efficient shooting teams in the league this year.

On special teams, the Senators speed and overload style of play was able to shutdown the Rangers by preventing them from having time and space to set up. The only trio that seemed to have any answer to the Sens tight checking coverage was the line of Hagelin-Stepan-Nash.

On to the goals…

Sens 1, Rangers 0

(PPG Benoit)

This is a pretty easy goal to breakdown. The Senators were cycling on the points on their powerplay in the second period. Benoit ripped one from the point, with Neil in front of the net screening Lundqvist. McDonagh couldn’t move Neil from the slot and that was all Ottawa needed for the win.

Sens 2, Rangers 0


This play for Ottawa starts in their own end zone. Miller loses a puck battle on the half boards, which leaves his linemates trapped down low. This point is exacerbated, since Marian Gaborik was actually behind the net for some reason, so we didn’t have much of a backcheck.

The Sens then go on a 3-on-2 rush, with Zibanejad carrying. Both Girardi and MDZ step up on Zibanejad, who dishes to Latendresse. Girardi then attempted a swipe at the puck and missed. From there, Latendresse just skated into the faceoff circle and snapped one past Lundqvist.

I was hoping Lundqvist would be able to stop that shot. Oh well. Guess we can’t really blame him, as he was superb otherwise and we didn’t score.

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  1. BobM says:

    The powerplay is God awful, as usual. What do they say, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?”

    This team does not take the body, forecheck, or otherwise show any grit.

    I cannot count how many times the Rangers missed the net tonight, most shots were high over the net. If you don’t hit the net, you ain’t gonna score. Pretty simple to me.

    You want to wear down the opponents defensemen? Check them, knock them to the ice, plaster them into the boards.

    I cannot blame the coach. It is the same system as last year, the same hard work ethic that he demanded last year. Remember how great the Rangers were in the 3rd period last year due to conditioning? Something is horribly wrong here. The scorers cannot score, the defense looks shoddy at times.

    It seems to me the only person who sent a check towards Chris Neal was Lundquist.

    I cannot believe that we got shut out, and do not have one shut out of our own this season. That about says it all.

    The Islanders, with a whole lot less $$$ invested, certainly are overachievers, huh?


    • VinceR says:

      Love it when folks make sense! Execution! They are in position to make plays, but you have to execute. You need to forecheck on a tough defense.

      The pretty stuff works against a crap flyers D, but you have to forecheck and create extended shifts against a defense like Ottawa. Maybe you wind up opening the ice for the tic tac toe, but you need to work for it.

    • Mr. Snrub says:

      “Remember how great the Rangers were in the 3rd period last year due to conditioning?”

      It’s the lack of a training camp, I’d say. A natural advantage we had the last two seasons taken away from us by the circumstances surrounding the lockout.

      • Walt says:

        Bull crap!

        After some 30+ games, if your not in game condition, then something is dead wrong!!!

        Again BULL CRAP!

  2. Bloomer says:

    Hank played well, kept the Blue Shirts in the game. I don’t know if the stats back it up, but the Rangers are not a come from behind team. They had a few chances but couldn’t seal the deal. A timely goal and they keep the momentum. They seem to lack the killer instinct, too many nice guys in the lineup.

  3. Rob says:

    Vince as usual always on point, and couldn’t agree anymore with you as well bloomer…..Arggghh this is a looong season for a short one.

  4. BobM says:

    There is one thing that the Rangers do that drives me crazy, okay, a lot of other things, but this seems so basic.

    When the puck is behind our net and there are two guys from the other team there battling for the puck, would it not make sense to have two Rangers on the outside in back of the cage to prevent either of the bad guys from emerging with the puck?

    I cannot tell you how many times I see one Ranger trying to finesse his way out of these scrums and the opposing player seems to skate away with the puck or dish it up the boards to someone at the blue line.

    Box them in and they ain’t goin’ nowhere.

    I am not a hockey player nor do I play one on TV.

    Am I missing something here?


    P.S. And another thing, stop with the stupid drop passes. Percentage wise, they don’t work. For instance, in tennis, the most effective shot is cross court. Going down the line is risky and statistically not sound, but the Rangers, seem to want to go against the odds and try these stupid drop passes over and over and over.

    Stick to the basics. Shoot the puck, go into the dirty areas, score some crappy goals, check, forecheck, hipcheck their top player into the boards. I cannot remember ANY memorable hipchecks this year, and it is those plays that change a game around.

    I think that Prust is very much missed for his tenacity. Like any sport, a balanced team is the most effective. We have way too many finesse players, and coincidentally, they ain’t scoring for whatever reason.

    We used to pride ourselves in our PK, this year, there is nothing really that stands out. If you score on the PP, the other team is going to think twice about taking marginal penalties. You get into their heads that they do not want to give the Rangers an opportunity. This is how you win games. It is quite obvious the powerplay sucks, has for years, no, I take that back, has for decades.

    There is something lacking in that lockerroom. There is something lacking in not hitting the net. There is something lacking not hitting, period. The puck appears to be a grenade at times.

    This game is football on ice. Can you imagine a football player not taking the body?

    This looks more like the Ice Capades and these guys do not even skate as well. You have two of the fastest skaters in the league, and somehow Gaborik and Shaggy cannot score. And don’t get me started on Richards. I think that Michael Richards can play better at this point.

    Did anyone else notice Lundquist skating away from the goal with about 5 seconds left and the Rangers in possession? Even he is disgusted. The guy stands on his head and we ain’t gonna win a game with no goals scored, I can guarantee you that.

  5. Evan says:


    Yea! so CLOSE! all about execution

    oh wait no, we got completely destroyed and had no chance. Utter embarrassment

    we have 1 million in cap space and cannot score 1. penguins added 11 million in cap with their trades and still have 4 million in cap space and dropped 4 goals tonight. What the hell squad has torts developed this year?

    • VinceR says:

      So is it Torts or Slats? Can’t tell who we are blaming here. Silly me, I thought I’d miss having Ricky to argue with…good to have you around Evan…even have the same random capital word thing going on. When will you start adding Henke to the blame list? ‘Night man!

  6. Evan says:

    So then it is all the players fault VinceR??? Cause i have no idea what you have provided in any of your posts to show how this team can improve. Instead you continue to vocalize execution and to apologize for a coach who is clearly failing. Which means that you think our personnel is not good, so then should we blow up the whole team? Let me know VinceR, cause tonights loss proved all my comments completely correct that Torts is getting nothing out of this team , especially on the road and against good teams.

    honestly by all your comments you would think this team is doing just fine and we are so close to executing an amazing system. I see a team that is going no where and it starts with our coach.

    • VinceR says:

      Saying they aren’t currently executing, not they need to be blown up. I’m sorry for Torts. There, now I apologized so your statement can be accurate.

      Read these guys posts on the shooting percentage this season. There is one of the biggest issues-capitalizing on the opportunities. They had goal scoring chances tonight. They didn’t bury them. The coach can’t do that for them.

      When that shooting percentage bounces back to the mean, then we will see the offense. When a team is underperforming, especially under current circumstances .

      How did we get completely destroyed? Tie game 2/3 through, 1 goal at very end of second, one goal late in the third. They were finally pushing the forecheck late in the third (as players and analysts mentioned, along with your besty Torts). McD almost ties it, but a great/lucky save by Bishop. Multiple missed nets. If they did that during the first two periods and created extended shifts, they may have caused the stingy Ottawa D to break down and also kept Ottawa out of our zone and off their forecheck.

      They score goals when they keep the puck in the other zone. These shutouts happen when they get a single shot from the outside and skate back the other way.

  7. Mikeyyy says:

    Consistency. Not there.

    The one touch passing stopped.

    And they played along the wall all night.

    If you don’t know what I am talking about , watch the flyers game and then watch this one.

    In the flyers game they used one touch passing through the neutral zone to push the defense back. Kept the puck to the front of the net and passed with purpose.

    This game. They ran it in from the neutral zone. Sat behind the net and tried some stupid stuff.

    I guess torts couldn’t help but to try to instill his busted system after the win, instead of going hands off.

    So who is accountable for this cluster of a mess?
    Hint: his name rhymes with barbarella.

    • VinceR says:

      So they score and the system must have changed. When they don’t it was changed back? Does that really make sense to you? I know what you are saying, but do you think maybe it’s execution? If not, at least use the argument that the Flyers D sucks and that was the reason…at least that dog hunts. You think Torts intentionally changed the system for one game and changed it back again? And that players adjust to a different system game to game?

      • mikeyyy says:

        From what I saw between Philly and Ottawa.

        Philly – Less lugging it in from our Blueline and more finding someone with speed off a quick one touch pass. Lots of it. They were doing it everywhere. And it was working.

        Fast Forward to Ottawa and they regressed back to what they were doing before. Running it in, dumping it, chasing it down, getting stuck on the walls and trying to generate scoring chances from behind the net.

        Even positioning was different. In Philly the 3rd forward was coming off the wall into the slot.

        Fast Forward to Ottawa. The third forward was staying along the wall for support in a passout.

        I also know Torts is a tinkerer. He is NOT going to sit back and let his team win one without trying to tweak it to make it better.

        And how long did the line combos last in Ottawa? hmm? Not long.

  8. Bill says:

    We are sellers at the deadline, anyone not considered core youth is available! We are not going anywhere especially the way Pittsburgh just retooled.

  9. SalMerc says:

    You have to blame both Torts and Slats. Somehow, these 20 players have not formed a team. Tell me, who is at fault if NOT Torts and Slats?

  10. Walt says:

    It’s time to sh*t or get off the pot, well we better get off the pot.

    Last night we played the Sens version of their AHL team, no Karrlson, no Spezza, no Anderson, and we still lost. Hell we made a journeyman goal tender look like an all star.

    This is something to think about, scored on first 21 out of 33 games, already shut out four times this season, and we still have home, and home games against the Pens. Yes, the system is great, and works like a charm!!

    How the hell do the Pens get Iginla, Murry, and Morrow this season. Last year it was Neil, and another d-man who’s name escapes me. Is the NHL loading the Pens for Cindy, or is Shero that great a GM??

    Can’t understand all of this but personally the system isn’t working, the PP isn’t working, the PK isn’t working, and the players aren’t playing. This sounds like a winning combination!!

  11. Ray says:

    I like Tortorella and i think he is a better coach than his replacement will be. But there is a reason good coaches get fired. Nine goals in seven games means a real problem, team needs to be shaken up. Derek Stepan is lights out against the Flyers, problem solved, let’s go with the same 18 skaters, don’t need Zuccarello after all. Sometimes, believing in your team gets too much in the way.

  12. Jerry says:

    Sorry for the repost.responded on the wrong blog.why is everyone arguing on who’s to blame.isnt it every one from the coaches to the players.its a fine line for me because I agree on both ends.the players aren’t fit for torts system this year.we would need 20 callahans for that.and some players are not producing to expectations this year and that’s the players fault too.i was a big fan of torts but is he growing old with his system and style? Maybe..but the players have to show up for 60 minute games too.bottom line to me is isn’t it everyone’s fault?.

  13. wwpd says:

    to everyone who was certain that signing richard couldn’t fail to turn him and gabby both into 100 point players every year for the rest of their time together –

    what happened??

    • Dave says:

      Anyone who thought that Richards and Gaborik together would be 100 point players, despite never actually scoring 100 points ever in their careers, was fooling themselves. This is why no one is ever happy, expectations are through the roof.