Quickly addressing Jussi Jokinen on waivers

The Carolina Hurricanes have placed center Jussi Jokinen on waivers, which prompted a lot of discussion about the Rangers claiming him. Jokinen is having a down year, but he is still a good face off guy and one of Carolina’s top puck possession forwards (1.11 CorsiRelQoc, 3rd among ‘Canes forwards). Jokinen is shooting well below his career average (9%, average of 13%), which would affect his point totals. Also, his quality of teammates have taken a big hit over the past few years.

Two things might stop the Rangers from claiming him: His contract ($3 million through next season), and that he would be contract number 50 for this year. Fifty contracts is the max, and leaves the Rangers with minimal flexibility. His contract is a big dent in a year where the cap goes down. The Rangers would need to move a body this year and another body in the offseason to fit him in.

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      • I meant as he would be a good center for a Miller-Jokinen-MZA line. Kreider as an alternate for this line. Or how about Gabby-Jokinen-Miller if Krieder is on top line still.

        At this point, like you mentioned in the previous post on trade bait, we need a legit third line center. Boyle could be but he has no offensive upside at all this season. Jokinen also represents a more offensive threat than Pyatt.
        I wouldn’t mind Pyatt being waived today. His slow speed does not fit in with our offense and he doesn’t seem to have any hands/vision to speak of. He’s responsible defensively but thats about it.

        With Boyle anchoring the fourth line (Asham-Boyle-Powe??) Torts may be more inclined to roll four lines.

        • Miller is capable of playing center, so there are options there. But yes, the fact of the matter is that Boyle needs to be anchoring a 4th line. Provides depth and a reliable line.

    • It does make you wonder though: Would the Rangers have signed Zucc if they knew Jussi would be on waivers?

  1. Waive Hamrilik. Waive Boyle. Waive Pyatt. I dont care. Waive somebody so we can get Jokinen. Preferably Pyatt. So you can have a third line consisting of:

      • Hags-Richards-Nash

        Gaborik is traded for a defensemen. Kreider is 2nd line. Not bad eh? I actually want to make a trade with Carolina. I would want Justin Faulk. And Jokinen. Faulk is a PP QB. He is a solid U.S. dman

        • Not bad. I’m not a Zucc fan tho, and I prefer Boyle over Newbury on the 4th line. In a perfect world, you get Gaborik on RW, Miller on LW on your 3rd line.

          Carolina won’t trade Faulk.

  2. The only things that concern me are “Is he still a good player?” and the salary cap problems for next year.
    A place to play? I don’t think Miller is ready.
    Roster limit? The 50th spot is there to use to solve the problems and the problem is at forward, not defense. If the Rangers really need a 51st player, I presume they can trade Ryan Bourque for a fifth round pick (or something like that).

    • Good point. The roster limit doesn’t mean much after the trade deadline, which is a week away.

  3. Thanks Dave…. I share your line of logic

    Also, considering we just picked Hamrlik off waivers, I would think we have low priority right now (like 28, 29 or 30)… so it would be low percentage that we could even get Jokinen before another team stepped in.

    • Waiver priority is done by record, not by last waiver claim (that’s for fantasy hockey).

  4. I would pick him up in a heart beat. He would fit in well with the Rangers in my opinion.

    • I haven’t watched much of him to be honest, but his numbers have been relatively impressive. I’d take a flier on him if they know they can dump a contract in the offseason for cap purposes.

      • $3M isn’t a flier. $3M is a commitment. You better be sure he fits, or the Ranger’s tenuous cap flexibility becomes non-existent cap flexibility.

  5. Honestly, its shocking that not ONE team picked him up. This is the kind of 2nd/3rd line depth guy teams should be dying to get their hands on. At 3M, he’s not overpriced and even with the cap going down, I find it hard to believe there isnt a team near the lower end of the cap scale that could see the value in him. As for the NYR, go to Capgeek’s page, pick some of the non-roster players, bundle them up and trade them for some mid-round picks…or just wait for some of the RFA/UFAs to come off the list at the end of the season. He’s an upgrade over every single one of our bottom 6 guys right now. Watch…in a week we’ll have traded Boyle for some other guy who’s good at faceoffs, allegedly smart defensively, and who couldnt hold Jokinens jock. Crazy