Goal breakdown: Flyers at Rangers

March 6, 2013, by


The Rangers took two points from the rival Flyers tonight, 4-2 at The Garden. With the exception of an incredibly scary puck to the eye suffered by Marc Staal, and some offensive zone penalties, it was a pretty awesome game to watch. Rick Nash flat out dominated and Ryan Callahan continued his high-scoring ways. Oh, and Henrik Lundqvist is back. Let’s get to the goals…

First Period

Rangers 1, Flyers 0

The Rangers started this game with a lot of energy and offensive pressure. The Callahan, Gaborik, Miller line was pressing in the offensive zone when Cally drew a holding penalty on Kimmo Timmonen. On the ensuing power play, the Rangers carried the puck into the zone on the near side.  Max Talbot misread the puck and committed to the high slot. Stepan then sets up and 2-on-1 with Callahan down low, and The Captain takes it out on the water bottle into the top corner.

Rangers 1, Flyers 1

On the Rangers second offensive zone penalty of the period (this time a stupid elbow by Stu Bickel), the Flyers would draw even. Derek Stepan chased Jakob Voracek down to the near side wall, even though Staal had the man. This opened up a 3-on-2 down low, resulting in Wayne Simmons being wide open in front of the net for an easy tip in.

Rangers 1, Flyers 2

After Cally was called for hooking at 16:53, the Flyers power play went to work again. After winning the draw, Philly cycles the puck down low and out to the far sidewall. As the two sides fought for possession at the far point, Darrell Powe gambled he could leave his mark and clear the puck. Unfortunately, the risk didn’t pay off and he found himself caught high along the strong side with Jeff Halpern and Dan Girardi. Jakub Voracek, playing the point on the power play, slid into the slot unobstructed for a nice little pass by Wayne Simmons. Hank made a quality first save before the uncovered Voracek beat Girardi to the front of the net to bury his own rebound.

Rangers 2, Flyers 2

The aforementioned Gaborik, Miller, Callahan line was working to create some pressure down low in the final minute or so in the third period. They eventually turned the puck over the Braden Schenn who cleared the puck out to the Rangers’ blue line. Ryan McDonagh quickly corralled the puck and transitioned it back to the Philadelphia zone. This quick pass caught all three Flyer forwards on the attack, and Callahan was able to work his way down low, deke wide around a sprawling Luke Schenn, and then around Bryzgalov for an absolute beauty. Huge lift at the end of the period.

No scoring in Second Period

Third Period

Rangers 3, Flyers 2

The Flyers were forcing the issue at the start of the third period. They had created substantial pressure down low, before the puck found Luke Schenn at the point. He fired in a tough shot that Hank turned away with his right pad. The shot left a big rebound and Girardi threw a nice little flip pass up to Nash on the weak side. The speed and distance of the rebound caught three Flyers in the Rangers’ end zone, leaving Giroux to cover the far point. Nash carried the puck all the way in and froze Bryzgalov with a laser between his blocker and pad.

Rangers 4, Flyers 2

This one was just a thing of beauty. Luke Schenn made a late, bad change, just as Derek Stepan saw Rick Nash flying down his abandoned side. Nash drove to the net, and despite being hooked and poke-checked, No. 61 was able to pull his hands in and walk right around the Flyer’s keeper and deposit the puck into the empty net.

The Flyers put up a fight in the final 2 minutes, but it was not meant to be. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention something about Marc Staal’s injury. Really scary stuff, let’s all hope he’s ok.

Rangers are back at it with another divisional game with the Islanders on Thursday night. Puck drops at 7pm.

*I experienced technical difficulties with the breakdown photos tonight, my apologies.  Will have them for the next one.


  1. Evan says:

    I find it funny how many people were talking about how we “lost our identity” when we lost dubinsky and artie in that trade. You make that trade every day of the week. Rangers finding their groove since all those injuries hit

  2. VinceR says:

    @rangersreport said the following:
    “Don’t know if it’s good or bad news, or no news, but I’ve confirmed Marc Staal was not taken to a hospital. There are reports that he was.”

    If that is true I would think that is good. If something really bad happened to his eye, one would have to think he went to the hospital for some analysis/treatment. I would also hope if there was a broken orbital bone he would have went (although I don’t know what you really do for that if it isn’t so bad you don’t need surgery). Let’s just hope he’s ok.

  3. Mikeyyy says:

    Now that’s how you play hockey.

    Much better play all around.

    Less disjointed. Best game of the season they have played. Now if they can string a few more games together like that, I would feel more comfortable.

    Maybe a Richards buyout wouldn’t be so bad. At least I wouldn’t be worried about those errant and horrible behind the back passes to the other team.

  4. Matt Josephs says:

    Callahan has some really nice hands and he showed them off on his second goal. I’d really like to see him use them more often and drive the net rather than take some of those bad angle shots he loves to try.

    If you didn’t know already, Rick Nash can do it all. He only took 2 shots last night and scored twice so maybe his shooting luck is turning around.

  5. Dave says:

    That Staal injury is scary. That’s why you wear a visor.

  6. Chris F says:

    While it’s encouraging that Staal didn’t go to the left hospital last night, I can’t say I’m optimistic about his condition.

    Judging by Staal’s own reaction, writhing in pain on the ice, as well a freeze-frames I’ve seen that indicate the puck went directly into his eye socket first, I’m fearing the worst.

    I kept thinking of Manny Malholtra…

  7. Justin says:

    I agree on the visor thing 100%. I don’t know how they haven’t followed the same blue print they did with the helmet: guys currently in the league are grandfathered in, any incoming players are required to wear one. Whether in juniors or the NCAA, all newly drafted players are used to wearing facial protection anyway.

    As to Chris F’s point, I wonder how much panic played into Staal’s reaction. If you just got hit in the face with a puck, and had a legitimate fear that your eyeball either exploded or was laying on the ice, that element could easily play into the on-ice writhing.

    • Dave says:

      MSG went dead when Staal hit the ice like that. Never heard that place so quiet.

    • Chris F says:

      Justin, certainly, Staal’s reaction is completely understandable given the situation he was in. However, with that said, the reaction also indicates to an extent the degree of the injury. I’ve seen many players take a puck to the face, and I can’t recall ever seeing a player react the way Staal did. This was more than mere pain, this was absolute panic… I’m praying for good news.

  8. VinceR says:

    From Nick Kypreos (not official, but the only news I’ve seen):

    #Rangers gathering medical info 2day regarding Marc Staal but early indications r his eye injury isn’t career threatening. Out indefinitely

    -that can mean anything (indefinitely) however it’s good to hear about the career. We shall soon see if the Roman Hamrlik pickup is related, it would seem to be though.

  9. mikeyyy says:

    The replay showed it hitting the helmet first then floating down to his cheek.