Game 21 Preview: Flyers at Rangers

March 5, 2013, by
AP Photo/Kathy Willens

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

As we wrote in our previous game preview for the Flyers, Peter Laviolette throws two different forechecking looks at the opposition. The first look is the 2-1-2 forecheck, which the Rangers utilize as well. This is an aggressive system designed to create pressure below the dots and cause turnovers down low.

Once the Flyers get a lead, they tend to switch to a more conservative 2-3 left wing lock. This system also sends two forecheckers into the zone, but the third forward sits back with the defense up high. This ensures protection against odd man rushes, but also provides some pressure to create turnovers. Since the two teams play a similar system, the Rangers need their defensemen to time their pinches well and keep the puck in Philadelphia’s endzone.

In their own zone, the Flyers play a low zone collapse, which is similar to the Rangers. This creates a logjam in the high-priced real estate, but gives some leeway at the point for puck movement.

On special teams, the Flyers play an umbrella powerplay (like most NHL teams) and a diamond penalty kill.

For more on Tortorella’s systems read here.

2012-2013 Records: Flyers (11-11-1), Rangers (10-8-2)

NYR Leading Scorer: Rick Nash (5-11-16)
PHI Leading Scorer: Jakub Voracek (9-16-25)

NYR Goaltender: Henrik Lundqvist (17 GP, 2.28 GAA, .919 SV%)
PHI Goaltender: Ilya Bryzgalov (21 GP, 2.61 GAA, .907 SV%)

New York Rangers Tickets

Rangers Lines:

Carl Hagelin-Derek Stepan-Rick Nash
Taylor Pyatt-Brian Boyle-Ryan Callahan
J.T. Miller-Jeff Halpern-Marian Gaborik
Stu Bickel-Micheal Haley-Darroll Powe

Ryan McDonagh-Dan Girardi
Marc Staal-Anton Stralman
Michael Del Zotto-Steve Eminger

Henrik Lundqvist

Probable Scratches/Injuries:  Mike Sauer (concussion), Brad Richards (Patrick Kaleta), Arron Asham (back), Matt Gilroy (healthy)

Broadcast Info: NBC Sports 730pm

John Tortorella post-practice interview from Monday:

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  1. Chris F says:

    Seeing Richards out of the lineup really exposes the weakness down the middle.

  2. Chris F says:

    BOLD PREDICTION: Michael Haley with a Gordie Howe hat-trick in his Rangers/Garden debut.

  3. TxRanger says:

    Hey you guys always misuse the word utilize. Utilize means to make use of something for a purpose that it was not originally meant for, like picking locks with a stick or something. So saying the Rangers utilize a formation for defense is incorrect and it really damages the credibility of your writing.

    • Justin says:

      Your’e actually incorrect TxRanger. Utilize simply means to use. From Mirriam-Webster:

      Utilize: to make use of : turn to practical use or account

      • TxRanger says:

        Everyone knows the Oxford definition is the actual definition, not colloquial. In it it reads: to make practical or effective use of. This definition, of course, implies object being utilized is not intended for that purpose.

        • Chris F says:

          Tx, everyone knows to use the Oxford definition? Nah…

          However, as a matter of style, for most usages, it is best to go with ‘use’ rather than ‘utilize.’ With that said, why are you nitpicking about the credibility of writing style on a hockey blog?

          • TxRanger says:

            Is it not a journalistic medium?

            This blog produces several articles a week, some good, some mediocre, but all riddled with errors. You think utilize is the only error in this article? It’s not.

            Journalism’s credibility is rooted in it’s command of proper language. If the writer doesn’t know about correct grammar, one can only infer that the writer may not know what he/she is even writing about.

            • VinceR says:

              All of these guys have other jobs and they do this as a hobby. I think only Kevin has a more journalistic background (I may be wrong here, just basing it on his work with Blueshirt Bulletin) and he’s pretty solid.

              It’s an amateur blog in the most literal sense…they aren’t paid. From what they tell us, they are mostly concentrating on their day jobs. I think you are being a little bit nit picky here.

              I mean it’s fine of you to point it out; giving a tip is great. But if someone is going to expect NYT quality of writing on an amateur sports blogs run by folks with mostly non writing backgrounds (I think), he/she may as well write critiques on Twilight fan fiction.

              • rickyrants13 says:

                Who cares if they make misstakes. This site not being perfect is what makes it so great. They would kick my azz out of here if they cared about all of that stuff. Take it easy on them will ya.

                They are fans not paid writers. Hell I can find errors in the NY Post for crist sake.

              • VinceR says:

                Hey Ricky, we agree on something! Who knew? 🙂

              • TxRanger says:

                idk, i’m an english major. i’m sensitive to stuff like that.

  4. Tim B says:

    Boyle the 4th/3rd line center on the 2nd line. This is gonna be good

  5. rickyrants13 says:

    Take a look at these lines. They are Sad trully sad and just another reason why so many of us want to see Torts gone.

    The lines should go like this. And they need to stop changing every line when they need to fix one.

    Carl Hagelin-Derek Stepan-Rick Nash
    Taylor Pyatt-J.T. Miller -Marian Gaborik
    Jeff Halpern-Brian Boyle- Ryan Callahan

    • Spozo says:

      Prepare to eat crow

      • rickyrants13 says:

        Eat crow??? well lets be thankfull that the guy who makes the lines on here is worse then the one that does it for the Rangers. Cause thats what I was baseing my post on.

        Torts afterall had his lines closer to what I posted then what he did. And Torts is still playing wiith fire having Bickel out there.

        That extra wear and tear will take its Toll on this team. And no one can argue that…

    • Spozo says:

      And I think you should take a long hard look at Bens post under the topic about Tortarellas new breakout design.

    • TxRanger says:

      Torts is the most reliable person regarding designating the lines. He sees who has the most chemistry and knows how to match-up against opponents. The dude won the cup, c’mon.

  6. rickyrants13 says:

    Great play by Cally so far. Stepan is really starting to look like the player we drafted. And so far Gaborik is as useless as Drury was. The way he is playing He should be making no more then $800,000

    • VinceR says:

      Yeah, those shots on goal really sucked and the same with the assist.

      • rickyrants13 says:

        You have got to be kidding me?? We are not paying him to get 5 shots on goal. We are paying him to score. He is making 7 mill not 2 mill.

        And that asst was a give me asst. That was all Stepan.

        You people need to stop kissing his azz And start seeing him for what he really is. He is killing our cap space. And for what? Even the great Torts demoted him to the third line.

        • VinceR says:

          And he is tied for the lead on the team in goals with Nash, Cally, and Hagelin. I know you think he should be scoring more than two of them, but $$$ doesn’t equal goals and you need to live in reality. Coming off a 40 goal season and tied for the lead in goals this season.

          Not saying he isn’t struggling, but crap dude, it happens. He is on pace for 16 goals…you don’t think he can increase that? That would be 33 goals in a regular season. I know we want more but following a 41 goal season and coming back from shoulder surgery and on pace for 33…don’t you think you are being a little bit over dramatic?

          Also with the season Richie is having, the struggle gets magnified. If he is back and starts turning it around, I’m pretty sure we’ll see Gabby’s numbers start to bounce up.

          I’m not saying we should keep him forever, but let’s not over exaggerate or throw tantrums.

          • rickyrants13 says:

            No one here is throwing a tantrum. I just want Ranger players to finally start giving us what we are paying them. Why is that a player like Drury or Gomez got hammered when they didnt live up to their contracts But Richards and Gabs should get a free pass???

            Hell with that thinking Gomez should have been a Ranger for life.

            • VinceR says:

              You are really comparing the production from those two to a projected full season 33 goals from Gaborik? They scored a total of 38 in 2008-9 on the team together for a price of 15m. Gomez scored a total of 16 goals, the same Gabby is projected (and can improve on) in a shortened season. Neither had scored 40 the season before.

              And even so, if the money is the issue, then yell at Sather.

  7. TxRanger says:

    Good win, back on track for now. If we do make any significant moves by the deadline, bet your sweet bippy Gabby is involved.