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Goal Breakdown: Sabres vs. Rangers

March 3, 2013, by

This one feels good. What started out to be a pretty slow game through the first two periods ended with a wild sprint to the finish, where the Rangers would defeat the Buffalo Sabres 3-2 in OT.

Let’s be clear. The Rangers had to win this game. Not just because they needed the two points, but because they had to defy the refs, who were atrocious tonight, and they had to make the Sabres pay for their cheap, dirty hits. They accomplished this and all should be happy.

On to the goals…

Sabres 1 Rangers 0 (Drew Stafford at 8:04 in the 2nd)


This was an easy one to breakdown. I got it after one glance. I think Joe finally broke it down a period later. Par for the course. Just kidding Joe, we love you.

Richie won the face-off, but failed to tie-up Grigorenko off the draw. Grigs got around Richie to the loose puck and back-passed to Drew Stafford. Stafford was uncovered in the high slot, thanks to Hecht’s trip on Hagelin off the draw, as seen above. Stafford just ripped one passed Lundqvist. Missed call on the refs part.

Richards Gets Cross-Checked By Patrick Kaleta


Other than that one goal, the game was pretty even up until a suspendable hit was thrown by Patrick Kaleta on Brad Richards early in the third. For those of you who missed it, Kaleta crossed-check Richie several feet from the boards, which caused him to violently crash head first into the boards.

Kaleta was appropriately given a misconduct. Part of the new rules around boarding is that the NHL can now suspend you for those types of plays. With that said, the league has been very erratic on this. Also, Richie’s brains didn’t empty out onto the ice, so my guess is Kaleta escapes a suspension. However, he absolutely should be.

Sabres 1 Rangers 1 (Derek Stepan at 3:35 in the 3rd)

With Richards off to the locker room with Ramer, the Rangers finally ignited their power play. The first one came from some terrific puck movement around their umbrella setup. MDZ fed Gabby, who fed Nash, who found Stepan wide open on the far-side post for the put home. This was just a crucial goal to score after that nasty hit. Kudos to the boys for getting the job done.

Side note- Sorry, no photo for this one. Came out too blurry.

Sabres 1 Rangers 2 (Rick Nash at 4:18 in the 3rd)


On the same power play, the Sabres collapsed around the slot leaving our pointmen free to move the puck around – big mistake on Buffalo’s part. MDZ was allotted time and space on the point. He fed Gabby, who fed Nash cross-ice, who just shredded one past Miller from the circle. Me thinks I like Gabby on the left side.

Sabres 2 Rangers 2 (Nathan Gerbe at 8:19 in the 3rd)


Stepan missed a hard around in the offensive zone on the power play. McDonagh pinched to keep it in, but Gerbe poked checked him and then tapped the puck past MDZ, who came in for support…and off Buffalo went.

Nash was back to defend a 2-on-1 and slid down to defend it, taking himself out of the play. McD was able to backcheck and went to defend Ott, who wisely crossed to Gerbe for the put home. I’m sure a lot of tweeners would like to throw a “TV brick” at almost everyone on the ice for this goal. It’s a power play and the boys were playing aggressive, perhaps too aggressive. But hey, they had an opportunity to open the game up and they just missed…three times.


Nash scored on a gorgeous backhander. Pominville was stopped by The King. Ryan Callahan scored on a wonderful fake with a forehand finish. Hank stopped Ennis for the win. Big win tonight and some big saves by Lundqvist. He’s back.

Any takers on how many games Kaleta gets?

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  1. Mr. Snrub says:

    So what you’re saying is that in order for Kaleta to get suspended, this needed to happen:

  2. Bob says:

    Suit, you think Girardi’s boarding penalty gets him a slap on the wrist from the league?

    • The Suit says:

      In my opinion, Girardi’s hit wasn’t even worth breaking down. So that means Shanny will probably give him 10 games. Kaleta will get zero. Wheel of justice.

  3. Pete says:

    Kaleta probably gets nothing. Just the NHL being the NHL…

  4. Kris says:

    Stepan’s goal is what I complain about on almost every power play. Stepan is a right handed shot playing the left side, a lefty doesn’t finish that pass. The time it takes for the puck to cross the body, catch and release the puck, instead of a one timer that goes into the back of the net. Having a righty on the left side also makes for crisper/more accurate passes with no passes going across body.

  5. HARLEMBLUES says:

    Second goal is what I’ve been calling for on the pp 1 3 1 set up quick passing and player movement.Always in attack mode.Good spacing move the D with quick passes wings side up and down for one timers or strong side to weak side passes quick decisions be ready to shoot or pass no standing around. Stepan or Richards in the high slot @ Kris i agreed lefty on right side and righty on left side attack the middle with cross ice passes or to the high slot.

    • Kris says:

      Harlemblues, my biggest complaint isnt the different attack styles, its been who is in which spot. They have out Stepan in the high slot with the 1-3-1 before, but then they put a left handed shooter on the left side. It almost takes Stepan out of the play. If hes in the high slot, then work the puck from the other side, otherwise put him on the right side and a lefty in the high slot. If Gaborik and Nash are in that if gives Stepan 2 looks on one timers. Its like the slide play they run where Richards/MDZ slide down the the left side, get a righty to slide there or slide it down the other side.