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Goal breakdown: Lightning at Rangers

February 28, 2013, by

The Rangers sure did come to play in this one. They did pretty much everything right in the game. They forechecked, they worked, they cycled, they shot, they passed, they played defense, they scored on the powerplay. They did everything. This was the most complete game we have seen the Rangers play all season, and it led to the season series sweep of the Lightning. On to the goals:

Oops, I fell over.

Oops, I fell over.

Rangers 1, Lightning 0

This is just a whole lot of mistakes coming together. The Lightning made a bad pass out of the zone that Ryan McDonagh intercepted at the Rangers blue line. Then Tampa Bay proceeded with a bad change. McDonagh hits Carl Hagelin with the pass, and then Keith Aulie blows a tire, creating a mini 2-on-1 for Hagelin and J.T. Miller. Hagelin stickhandles around him, and rips a shot that goes thru Mathieu Garon. I think that’s a shot Garon wants back. It can be said that Alex Killorn could have been in better position for the goal, but it was a make-shift 2-on-1 and Hagelin didn’t give Killorn much time to recover after Aulie fell.

Swivel head folks. Swivel head.

Swivel head folks. Swivel head.

Rangers 2, Lightning 0

The Rangers had another great shift on this goal, constantly cycling and getting great scoring chances. The puck eventually works back down to Ryan Callahan behind the net after a great pinch by Dan Girardi. Derek Stepan, who had been around the front of the net the whole time, and sneaks in the back door for the one-timer. Eric Brewer didn’t keep his head on a swivel, and thus didn’t see Stepan sneak in, Garon had no shot.

Tough defensive play to catch St. Louis.

Tough defensive play to catch St. Louis.

Lightning 1, Rangers 2

This is what the Lightning are capable of. An honest rush to gain the zone and the puck winds up on Eric Brewer’s stick. Marty St. Louis cuts to the middle, where Rick Nash can’t quite catch him. St. Louis gets his stick on Brewer’s shot and it deflects past Henrik Lundqvist. You could argue that Nash could’ve tied up St. Louis a bit more, but that ‘s a tough defensive play for even the best defensemen.

Loose puck, Aulie on the ice.

Loose puck, Aulie on the ice.

Rangers 3, Lightning 1

Yes folks, that was a powerplay goal. This is something I’ve tweeted about before, but it looks like the Rangers have altered their powerplay a bit. When the puck is up high, they run an umbrella, but once it hits the top of the circles, they switch to a 1-3-1, it helped generate chances.

On the goal, the Lightning got unlucky when their clearing attempt hit the linesman and they couldn’t change. Brad Richards gained the zone and the Rangers eventually get the puck to the net, where a mad scramble ensues. Miller, Cally, and Marc Staal were all around the net looking for the puck, and Aulie –who had a rough game– was down on the ice when the puck wound up behind him. Staal, with that long reach, tapped the puck in. There wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with what Tampa bay did, it was just unlucky that the clear didn’t go all the way down the ice.

Bergeron just got beat.

Bergeron just got beat.

Rangers 4, Lightning 1

After Hagelin gets the puck to Ryan McDonagh in the Rangers zone, McDonagh takes his time to get the puck up the ice. He finishes his part of the rush with a nice little chip pass to Richards, who broke in down the far boards. Nash, capping off his stellar game, just beat Marc-Andre Bergeron down the slot, and Richards hit him with a perfect pass. Once Nash gets the puck, he does what he does best, which is fake the Garon out of his jock and bury the goal.

This was the most complete game the Rangers have played all season. They  were a bit too defensive in the third, but overall it was a great game. This is a game they can build on.

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  1. Spozo says:

    Holy crap I’m shocked! Who would have thought that the answer to a four game losing streak was to get healthy, not fire Tortorella.

    • Vince R. says:

      But he sent down Kreider, which was a terrible move, except when he was keeping him up, which was a terrible move. He plays favorites, but is also too rough on everyone. He needs to not rule with that iron fist, but I hate that he won’t break Boyle ‘s legs or send him to the AHL permanently. He puts too much pressure on the kids, but I have no idea why Kreider, Miller, and aren’t on the top line.

      Man, Spozo, why can’t you see this?

      • Chris F says:

        Kreider needs development, he came into this season way too confident, riding his success from last year’s playoff run.

        The kid’s got skill, but not nearly enough effort. He doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the first line until he learns how to play a complete game. Let the kid get away from the pressure and just develop out of the spotlight.

        • Vince R. says:

          Agree 100% Chris, last post was sarcasm…Most of the criticism directed at Torts I find to be contradictory.

          • Chris F says:

            Woops, re-reading that I am slightly ticked off at myself for not picking up in the sarcasm.

            My apologies.

        • Blueshirt In Paris says:

          I would argue he has no confidence at all. The puck never stays on his stick for more the 5 sec…always looking to get rid of it. His line shift are very short, almost like he just wants to get off the ice.

          He looks and was playing lost. And I think he is in the NHL game at this moment.

          Everyone from Slats, Mess, Gordie, Gordon, Torts thought he was ready to learn the NHL game. He already had the skills.

          Ck really proved all of them wrong. At some point you have to stop blaming the teacher and look at the student. They are trying to teach him, his is not learning fast enough.

          I think the Org needs to just accept the fact that he probably wont be ready next year either and look to pick up a top 6 LW at his point. Depth would look like

          Haggs – BR – Nash
          ????? – Step – Cally
          Pyatt – Miller – Gabby
          Powe – Halpren/Boyle – Asham

          Like tonight these lines will just come in waves and would be a matching nightmare for the opposing coach.

          • Dave says:

            He just needs time, that’s all.

          • rickyrants13 says:

            Kreider is way to young too judge at this point he doesnt need coaching he needs time. This is a kid that rolled over everyone in his past. He was bigger and faster then everyone he played against. Most teams he played against were like playing against midgits to him.

            It will take time for him to really learn how to play this game at a new level. But he still has the size and speed that is worth taking a chance on.

            ONE DAY he will be what we wanted.

  2. Mr. Snrub says:

    Now that we’re healthy again, this next stretch leading up to the March 16 game at Pittsburgh is mighty appetizing:

    Buffalo (twice)

    This team should honestly be looking to get 12 of 14 points out of that schedule, and take some momentum with them to Pittsburgh.

    • Dave says:

      The Flyers and Ottawa are still good teams, so those will be tough.

      • Mr. Snrub says:

        Right. One or both of those is where NYR is likely to drop points. Still think these next two weeks are where the ascent up the standings begins.

  3. The Suit says:

    Where’s all the fire Torts trolls? Quiet tonight.

    • SalMerc says:

      One game against an inferior opponent does not a season make. We had to wait 10 games to see who we were? Lets see what we are after the next 10. The optimists think one game is a turning point. I say, lets see.

      • Dave says:

        They played decently against Winnipeg too, but the sloppiness of having 7 subs in the game caught up with them.

        • The Suit says:

          Gotcha. So its ok to want to burn the house down after a season opening loss, but its crazy to be optimistic after a win.

          • Dave says:

            Pessimism sells more page views than optimism. You know this. That’s why we are always doom-and-gloom around here.

          • SalMerc says:

            Optimism if good, but it may not be reality, as that takes more than 1 game. As we sit in 8th or 9th place, you can be as optimistic as you like, but reality is that we are on the cusp of NOT making the playoffs.

  4. rickyrants13 says:

    Wow this team plays one good game in two weeks and everything is all of the sudden fine. Maybe you should all wait to jump on board the train. Like you do when things look bad.

    This was one good team who we just happen to have the number of. Now we have four games coming up against teams we should beat. But I also said that a week ago And it took us a week to win. So lets see.

    • Dave says:

      Not sure if you realized this, but the Rangers were slightly handicapped those games. No Nash, McDonagh, Del Zotto.

      • Walt says:

        No excuse. Every team has had the same problem this year, look at the Sens, Flyers lose Hartnell, Pens with Igor going down, and they keep winning.

        Sorry my friend, with all the guys coming back, and after all the losses, we had to win, and we did. I’m one who has been on Torts’ case, he really doesn’t handle the kids as well as everyone claims. Kreider maybe wasn’t ready, but the bottom line, I believe he has broken the kid!!

        • SalMerc says:

          Slats had to know he was throwing Kreider in the lion’s den with Torts. He had to see if the playoffs were a fluke. I was not a fan of him making the club out of training camp just because of the playoffs. Maybe he will be ready for this years playoffs.

          • Walt says:

            Agree, but why did it take this long to make this move. They should have done it sooner so the kid could learn. Watching him play, he was terrified to make mistakes, in fear of riding the pine. Torts is a good coach, I give you that, but he can ride people hard, and the kids skin might have been a little thin for Torts’ way of TEACHING!

        • VinceR says:

          Walt, remember Kreider was not doing well in the AHL during the lockout. He only made the team due to lack of depth on the bottom 6th. He was due to be sent down, once we had some replacements,until the injury bug hit and they had to keep him up.

          If he is broken, it isn’t due to torts. And 19 year old JT Miller is slowly improving.

          • Dave says:

            A lot of people forget that Kreider was struggling in the AHL before this season.

          • Walt says:

            I never said he should have been playing in the NHL to begin with. My bone of contention is that they knew he wasn’t ready, why keep him here. Maybe the roster in Hartford isn’t deep, but they could have brought another player up, without exposing this kid to the teaching technique of Torts! It’s all academic, he is where he belongs for now.

      • rickyrants13 says:

        O I know full well who we were without And I agree with Walt. Even with thise players out we still should have won two of those games with an ALLSTAR GOALIE. The reason we didnt win was more because of the way the players who were healthy played more then the ones who didnt play.

  5. Joe says:

    I still think the Rangers will go farther without Torts, but I’m not about to post a fire him monologue after such a good game. In fact being a Ranger fan, I love when they play well!

    • VinceR says:

      I just don’t get how people think the group last year gets anywhere near as far without Torts or the style of hockey they played.

      • rickyrants13 says:

        How can you not??? How many teams out there that have atleast three STUD D men And an ALLSTAR GOALIE? This team could have gone further without Torts. Its a proven fact that we lost way too many man hours due to players BLOCKING shots. Maybe if they attacked the puck instead of just standing in front of it THAT DOESNT HAPPEN….

        • VinceR says:

          You keep using the phrase “proven fact”. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  6. Steffen says:

    Not too bad this game, but the third wasn’t that good. Not sure if they took their foot of the gas, but they seemed to play more dump and chase than earlier in the game. Which led them to, indeed, chase the puck…
    In the first two periods they were really good and also effective with carrying the punch through the middle and created control from there.

  7. Mikeyyy says:

    He gets a reprieve for one night.

    Hank played lights out….

    With the lightning s pp woes….we should have won this one.

    Nash with 11 shots unreal

  8. SalMerc says:

    Hank 2013 looked like Hank 2012. Nash has rediculously good hands. Let’s hope this is a start