Goal Breakdown: Jets at Rangers

February 26, 2013, by

This was just an all around sloppy game by both sides. The Rangers were unable to capitalize on the league’s worst penalty kill, and just couldn’t solve Ondrej Pavelec in the final minute to tie the game. The goals for this game came in bunches, as both teams were able to at least capitalize on defensive miscues. The Jets just capitalized once more than the Rangers. People will say a 4-3 game was exciting, but this was just sloppy. On to the goals:

Sloppy sloppy sloppy.

Sloppy sloppy sloppy.

Winnipeg 1, Rangers 0

Dustin Byfuglien does what he does best, which is use all 800 pounds of himself to create a chance and drive to the net. The resulting chaos drew all of the Rangers out of position in a mad scramble to get the puck out of the zone. Eventually, Anton Stralman follows Evander Kane behind the net, and no one picks up Olli Jokinen for the easy goal. From the picture above, you can see that Marian Gaborik is just slightly out of position, but it’s unfair to focus it all on him, since the entire team was out of position, including Stralman behind the net.

Uh, stick with Kane? He's kinda good.

Uh, stick with Kane? He’s kinda good.

Winnipeg 2, Rangers 0

Just one minute later, the Rangers, specifically Jeff Halpern, don’t pick up Kane coming off the bench. Stralman is in no mans land, and gives Kane a lot of room to shoot. With his shot, he’s capable of burying that. From the picture above, it makes you wonder why Halpern didn’t stick with Kane, considering he was on him initially. But, he didn’t and the puck wound up in the back of the net.

Bogo just lets Cally by.

Bogo just lets Cally by.

Winnipeg 2, Rangers 1

The Rangers win an offensive zone face off and generate a shot from point. Zach Bogosian, who is supposed to be covering Ryan Callahan, lets Cally go around him. Cally uses this open space to cut back at goal line to the front of the net. The puck from that point shot hits him, and it takes a fortuitous bounce off the post and trickles thru crease. Since Bogosian lets Cally go initially –and Mark Stuart is already busy with his man– he is left wide open to tuck home the puck into the empty net.

Matchup fail. Fourth line and bottom pairing?

Matchup fail. Fourth line and bottom pairing?

Winnipeg 3, Rangers 1

This one is all about the really, really bad matchup. The Rangers had their fourth line out there with their stellar bottom pairing of Stu Bickel and Matt Gilroy. Following a turnover by Chris Kreider, Bickel was caught out of position, Brandon Mashinter didn’t pick up Jokinen on the weak side, and Gilroy laid down on D in the goal crease on a shot attempt from the bottom of the circle (for some unknown reason), and all Jokinen had to do was hit the open net on the rebound.

Pyatt fights for the open space while Stepan screens Pavelec.

Pyatt fights for the open space while Stepan screens Pavelec.

Winnipeg 3, Rangers 2

Sometimes, hockey happens. Mark Stuart was on Taylor Pyatt the whole time, but Pyatt out muscles him and gets his stick on the Stralman shot for the deflection goal. That’s hockey.

Defense is back, but Hank can't handle the shot.

Defense is back, but Hank can’t handle the shot.

Winnipeg 4, Rangers 2

Hank wants this one back. Rangers go a good job backchecking, Kane just throws the puck at the net, using the defenseman as a partial screen. It just squeaks by Hank. Weak goal at a bad time.

Cycles create chances when you get to open ice.

Cycles create chances when you get to open ice.

Winnipeg 4, Rangers 3

The Rangers top line of Carl Hagelin-Brad Richards-Marian Gaborik had a great shift. They maintained the zone, generated offensive changes, and cycled the puck well. After a long shift, Richards winds up with the puck at the point, and Stralman cycles down to the weak side circle, then across the middle, where Anthony Peluso is supposed to stick him. He doesn’t, and Stralman breaks free for the long rebound to the high slot for the goal.

That’s it. The Rangers drop to .500, and 11th place in the East. They are only one point out with a few games in hand though. This inconsistency needs to end soon.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    Inconsistency…perhaps..or maybe they just aren’t that good anymore. They traded away the guys would gave a crap. The thrill is gone.

  2. Matt Josephs says:

    Mashinter was absolutely atrocious tonight. I hate to attack one player in particular (especially a 4th liner) but Mashinter only played 3:30 and was on the ice for two goals against.

    This team really needs it’s players back. Four losses in a row without Rick Nash now. No the losses aren’t all a direct correlation to his absence, but the team should be good enough to step up and scrap at least a couple wins without him.

    • The Suit says:

      Agreed. Mash, Kreider, and Bickel were dreadful. Over committing on the puck, bad positioning, etc. They need the real deals back in the lineup.

    • Dave says:

      He was awful. And that bottom pairing of Gilroy/Bickel can’t play defense.

      • Chris.C says:

        Correct on Bickel being horrible and shouldnt be at this level. I for one was yelling at the TV when he went for the stick check of the puck which in turn cause a goal. Gilroy played good. His passing and postional play was there, he needs to move bodies more.
        And to say Gilroy dropping to the ice to stop the pass is ridiculous. Cause if it was Girardi or McD did the same and blocked the Pass he did a great saving move.
        Lets also take into effect that the top 4 played like crap (All season so far) and Hank isnt Hank this year. To many soft goals.

        • Dave says:

          If anyone on defense drops to the ice IN THE GOAL CREASE, they should be benched.

          • Chris.C says:

            Sorry, but McD and Stall have done the same several time this year. Bench them?

            • Dave says:

              Find me one example where they laid down on D in blue paint.

              • Chris.C says:

                I do have every game recorded, will I go through every game to find them doing that I highly doubt it. But I will say it was a dumb play.

  3. Mikeyyy says:

    Tick tock tick tock. The clock is running out.

  4. Joe says:

    Another O-for on the power play not one shot on the first one. 7 for 61 for the year (11.5%), good for 29th in the league. Callahan has three of those goals no one else has more than one. They can play five forwards on the PP, but if the philosophy is defense first, you don’t score much! The stats tell the story.

    • Dave says:

      Dude, their philosophy on the PP is not defense first. Where are you pulling this from?

      • Joe says:

        Dave, really? Have you ever heard Torts speak? Granted he doesn’t give you much, but he constantly preaches defense first at all times! He even said it in last nights post game. I don’t really know what you are watching or listening to. My guess is you are still in love with Torts, and I get that. Let’s agree to disagree. On. Another note, , speaking of defense, spent the day in Paris touring the area of La Defense’ really cool area, highly recommend it if you come hear.

        • Joe says:

          “Come here”…sorry bad typing skills and my iPad tends to want to spell its own words…lol

        • Dave says:

          I know we aren’t going to see eye to eye on this, but to say that the Rangers are defense first on the powerplay just isn’t accurate.

  5. SalMerc says:

    It is getting late early this year. To think I wanted the lock-out to end. For what? A mediocre team, with a hideous power-play that decides to play with passion for about 20 minutes a game. Traded away (or let leave) players with heart. Now have robots who skate up and down for 45 seconds and seem satisfied. It may be Torts, it may be Slats, but either way, they are not enjoyable to watch anymore.

  6. Walt says:

    Olli gets traded from us, and he comes back with 2 against us, what gives? This is the history of this organization, we get guys that won’t play here, but return to kill us!

    Callie played his tail off last night, but that was about it. The d was non existant, and goal tending was not up to speed. I hate to say this because I have great respect for Hank, but since he got married, and had his baby, the man has lost his focus. The last goal was a killer, Hank was just napping. Kane has a nice shot, but both of his goals were stoppable.

    I want to be possitive, and lets see what happends when Nash, MDZ, and McD get back. Say what you want, I believe that McD is by far our best d-man, and his absense last night showed how valuable a player he is to us. Ryan, get well quick, we can’t take too many more games like this.

    The only good thing about last night was how our captain played with his heart on his shoulder, why can’t that rub off on the rest?

    • Sally says:

      After last night’s performance I don’t know what else Callahan can do to motivate this team. Also I agree Lundquist has been average at best.

  7. Walt says:

    I just read that Slats has made mention of possibly bringing both Jesper Fasth, and Oscar Lindberg to the states after the end of the SEL season. Both are under contract with us, and Glen likes what he sees in both players.

    Also, he mentioned that he would like to bring back Zuccarello, who is playing in the KHL, but has an out clause. Interesting stuff, how true, who knows?

    • Sally says:

      I feel this is just a bunch of nothing to fill up blog space, but if it is true, we are in deep trouble.

      • Walt says:


        You could be right, but go to the SNY Rangers blog.com, and read it yourself. You may be right, I’m just trying to inform. Have a great day.

  8. rocketroy says:

    AT SOME POINT THE FINGER NEEDS TO GO TO GLEN…!!!WE have all talked for 3 weeks about the changes that need to be made, to get this under acheiving team to some kind of consistancy, such as Torts & Sully need to go, and maybe they should, but lets take a closer look at Glens overall performance since 2004..? When it comes to the GM, i grade them for 3 areas, DRAFT, TRADES & FREE AGENCY…Well boys & girls, each one of you can give him your grade, but personnally I would give GLEN a big…”F” for failing…!!!!!

  9. SalMerc says:

    As mentioned elsewhere. You can’t trade the team so it may be the coach. Torts lasted for 1/2001 thru 6/2008 with TB. A very good run, but he wore out his welcome and singled out some players publicly near the end. He has been here since 2/2009. Team may not be responding as well as they did in the past. If Torts publicly blasts some folks (Henrik or Richards) or goes ballistic on a reporter (been there, done that), it may be his time.

    • Joe says:

      Here, here SalMerc!

    • Dave says:

      Everyone thought that Joel Quenneville lost the Blackhawks last year. Now they are undefeated. Takes more than 17 games.

      • Cole says:

        The sad thing about this is yes the teams struggling, and yes there’s room for improvement, but I have never seen a fan base completely give up hope for a team still geling it’s best Dman out arguably their best forward out, goalie getting his bearings, and ONLY 1 POINT OUT OF 8th PLACE!!!! If this is the fans feel at the rough points don’t bother coming back when the team is doing well

        • VinceR says:

          Sometimes the rats leave the ship early, before it’s actually sinking…but of course they come crawling back.