No update on Nash injury; No one sent to AHL

February 20, 2013, by

Update 1:30pm: Per Andrew Gross, Nash will not travel with the team to Ottawa, which means both Kreider and Mashinter will play tomorrow. Gross adds that Nash may travel with the team to Montreal this weekend.

Original Post: There was a lot of panic in Rangerland yesterday when Rick Nash was a last-minute scratch due to an undisclosed injury. This is the same injury that caused him to miss the Season Subscriber Forum last week, but didn’t prevent him from playing 20 minutes in the 2-1 victory over Washington. The Rangers haven’t released any details on the injury.

Reading between the lines of the Rangers (lack of) roster moves: Nash is still questionable for tomorrow’s game against Ottawa, as the Rangers have not sent Chris Kreider nor Brandon Mashinter back to the Connecticut Whale of the AHL for their game tonight.

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  1. Matt H. says:

    I know you threw some cold water on a possible Nash concussion last night on twitter, but do you think it could be a concussion.

    Wasn’t Crosby concussion timeline similar? He had a hit which seemed bad, but continued to play that game, but didn’t develop concussion symptoms until later?

    I’m not saying it is or isn’t, but the more he’s out makes me think that it’s a possibility.

  2. Matt H. says:

    Now it’s being reported that he won’t travel with the team to Ottawa…I’m starting to lean towards something more than just a minor/nagging thing.

    FWIW, he’s not being ruled out for the game in Montreal on Sat night.

    • Dave says:

      Thanks for the heads up.

    • VinceR says:

      I’ve seen articles, with nothing substantiated of course, it could be a nagging injury related to either the shoulder or groin injuries he suffered while playing overseas during the lockout. Of course in the end, no one can confirm anything.

      Sounds like it’s a game to game thing, given he is not ruled out for Montreal.

      • Dave says:

        Or it could be the flu and they are keeping him away from the club to prevent a breakout.

        • VinceR says:

          That would make sense too, given he played Sunday and most players looked like they had the flu during the game last night 😉

  3. Walt says:

    If Nash is out for any period of time, and the lack of production from both Gabby, and Richards, we will be in deep tapioca. The play-off may be out of reach if there is an extended period where Nash doesn’t play.

    • Dave says:

      This team did just fine without him last year.

    • VinceR says:

      I’d rather it be during the current stretch of games…speculating and don’t really think he’ll be out for too long, but I’d rather it be during the current stretch with teams we could actually grind it out against.

      Of course not having Powe for these grinder games also hurts, and I don’t expect him back very soon.

  4. Matt H. says:

    my thing if he’s sick, why not say it?

    this whole ‘undisclosed injury’ thing just leads to speculation…

  5. Mikeyyy says:

    It has to be the groin. He injured it twice in Switzerland. Jagr and gabby played for years with groin issues (no pun intended)