Book review: Battle On The Hudson: The Devils, The Rangers, And The NHL’s Greatest Series Ever

February 17, 2013, by
Battle On the Hudson

Battle On the Hudson

Recently I was given the privilege of reviewing the book Battle On The Hudson: The Devils, The Rangers, And The NHL’s Greatest Series Ever. The book –written by Tim Sullivan with a foreword from Stephane Matteau– takes an in-depth dive into the rise of the Devils and the Rangers in the early 90s, and how those two teams wound up meeting in the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals. It also dives into each game, and how momentum was able to change so quickly.

The foreword from Matteau documents his feelings when he was traded to the Rangers, and how that feeling changed right as he arrived. He also goes into the locker room and describes the feelings of the club heading into Game Six.

In addition to breaking down each game in detail, Sullivan explains how the rivalry came to be after the Devils arrived in New Jersey in the early 80s.  He also breaks down how the key components for the series made their ways to their respective clubs.

Following the description of each game, including player and announcer reactions, the book goes into the month after the series –when the Rangers won the Cup– and the following season –when the Devils won the Cup– to show how the two teams paths differed.

This book is definitely a good read if you have the opportunity to pick it up.

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  1. Vince R. says:

    It comes in Kindle format, albeit around $15-16 (down from $24-25), so anyone with an eReader may want to see if it comes in their format. A little steep but the above review along with the Amazon reviews made me curious and I DLed it.

  2. Marc Weissman says:

    I bought it as soon as it came out, and in general, I liked it with it’s new personal insight. I loved how Leetchie said he had no idea Matteau had scored b/c Tikannen was going nuts on the play, but Esa was ALWAYS going nuts. LOL! Very cool stuff.

    What I did not appreciate was the whole premise of taking the mystique out of Mess’s called shot. So what if the whole “We Will Win” was an offhand remark or not. He said it, didn’t he?! No need to be such a sourpuss and downplay it. Let Ranger and sports fans revile in the glory that was The Messiah during those memorable 24 hours before, during and after Game 6. 🙂