Practice Notes: Boyle back in the lineup, Kreider appears to be scratched

February 14, 2013, by

Per Jim Cerny, Torts did some re-shuffling of his lines at practice. The biggest move appears to be inserting Brian Boyle back into the lineup, and scratching Chris Kreider. Boyle was centering a line with Taylor Pyatt and JT Miller. This move is likely about two things: Getting Boyle back in the lineup, and giving Miller his fifth and final game as a way to rebound from his poor outing against Boston. Kreider is just the odd man out for now. The rest of the lines:

Marian Gaborik-Brad Richards-Ryan Callahan
Carl Hagelin-Derek Stepan-Rick Nash
JT Miller-Brian Boyle-Taylor Pyatt
Arron Asham-Jeff Halpern-Darroll Powe

The defensive pairings remained the same.


  1. nyr1579 says:

    i understand wanting to get boyle back in…but at the expense of kreider, who seemed to be improving? i have complete confidence in torts but if it aint broke…

    • Dave says:

      There are 2 things here: 1) Boyle needed to get back on the ice, 2) Miller needed to prove that he can rebound from Tuesday.

      You can’t really take any of the other guys out because they are either performing, or are 4th liners (where Kreider shouldn’t be playing).

    • Leatherneckinlv says:

      I would have took out Halpren

      • Dave says:

        Eh, while Halpern’s struggled, he’s been getting much better as the rust wears off (and as he gets adjusted to the new systems). He brings a lot more to the lineup than people are giving him credit for.

  2. Joe says:

    I dont get why Boyle needs to get back in the line up. I mean I think they lose far too much speed and scoring touch when they replace Kreider with Boyle. Am I missing something?

    • Dave says:

      Personally, I wouldn’t have messed with the lineup either. Sure, they hiccupped a bit in Boston, but they weren’t a disaster.

      I think it’s about getting Boyle back in the lineup, and unfortunately it’s at Kreider’s expense.

      • nyr1579 says:

        If they are going to keep Miller up with the big club, then who sits on a regular basis? I realize an injury would clean that up, but wouldnt Boyle be better suited to sit? Kreider has to play, and i think he has to play here, not in Hartford. Halpern has raised his level of late, and the fourth line is doing well, but wouldnt Boyle and Halpern alternating make more sense? Is my belief in Kreider scewing my objectivity?

        • Dave says:

          I’d assume that if Miller plays well enough to stay (and Kreider does too), then it would be Boyle sitting. Maybe a Halpern/Boyle rotation.

      • Gary says:

        Pretty sure if Boyle was in the line up on Tuesday that third period meltdown still happens!

    • VinceR says:

      I think it’s because Boyle needs a chance to answer and see what he can show. Kreider has been improving, but both Boyle needs a chance to respond to the benching and Miller needs a shot to look at the 5th and final game before being sent down or having a year of burned off the contract.

      I don’t mind the experiment vs. the Islanders. I think you have to re-evaluate your options constantly…someone always has to lose out, but you want to know for sure who the best option is.

      • Dave says:

        Yea, I’m fine with it because of these circumstances. I wouldn’t have done it, but I’m not confused by it either.

  3. Josh says:

    Third line was

    Not a scoring line anymore

    • Dave says:

      That’s a big concern I have at the moment. Boyle is capable of scoring 10-12, but the dynamic of the line changes.

      Kreider-Miller-Pyatt is a scoring line. But they aren’t defensively responsible.

      Miller-Boyle-Pyatt won’t score, but is defensively sound.

      Where’s the middle ground?