Musings; Rangers attack the Island edition

February 14, 2013, by


It’s Musings day. I’m in Germany as you read this  on a game day, so enjoy. Unfortunately the Islanders game is the first game I’ll not have caught live this year to any extent but I’m sure you’ll all cope without me.

The Rangers win in Boston; if that finishes 3-0 then half of Ranger nation will be booking time off to attend the Cup parade. It didn’t, and it was almost a shambolic collapse, but lets stay away from the ledge. For most part the Rangers played a great game and at times controlled the Bruins in their own barn. That’s tough to do.

There are goal scorers and then there are truly elite offensive, superstars. Marian Gaborik is a great goal scorer for the most part. Rick Nash is a superstar. He can dangle and create offense out of nothing that maybe 5% of the league (if that) can do. Going on a small sample size, Nash is going to be in New York for a long time and successfully too.

Marc Staal (for the most part) is truly back. Carrying the puck, playing physically, decision making, offense, sound positioning… he’s doing everything he needs to do at an All Star level again.

Brad Richards needs to be more dominant, more often. He can’t flip in and out of games as much as he’s done in recent games. When he’s on he’s brilliant, when he’s not he’s invisible. Too much inconsistency.

Has the Rangers first 3 game win streak coincided with the improved performance from the roster depth? Of course it has. But from that depth, not enough credit has been aimed at Arron Asham and Jeff Halpern who each have gotten much better recently.

Benn Ferriero, it was nice knowing you. Can’t imagine we’ll see you any time soon.

Why did people chuckle at Wade Redden getting his butt handed to him in a fight? A) He signed a contract we all would have done, B) He was very influential in this organisation even if it wasn’t in the desired way (great with the kids in the AHL), and C) He was sticking up for a teammate which we would have commended any Ranger for, and knock current Rangers for not doing enough of. Some fans know nothing.

When the Rangers top three defensemen are all in form – Staal, McDonagh and Girardi – doesn’t this team look much more composed, potentially dominant? If they can all simultaneously maintain their form over the year this team has a huge chance to do something special.

Despite three goals against the B’s; The King is back.

If Carl Hagelin keeps this form up he’s going to get a nice pay cheque soon.

Question Time:

  • Brian Boyle: Keep him or trade him?
  • Brandon Prust or Darrell Powe? (salaries considered)
  • If you could only keep one on the roster for now: Miller or Kreider
  • Kreider or Miller II: Which scores more this year?
  • Brad Richards; over/under 40 points?

It’s a game day folks. I’ll be trying to keep an eye on the Islanders game. I’m lucky I’m only ‘missing’ one game. Enjoy peeps and later skaters. 


  1. TxRanger says:

    Trade him for a Dman
    Powe, its the same thing

  2. Matt Josephs says:

    Chris your slacking in the photo department again. Why would you use a photoshopped picture of Nash in a Rangers jersey? lol.

    I’ll answer your questions though.

    – Only if in some kind of package. Trading only Boyle won’t get anything worthwhile.

    – Powe. Not even a question. Younger and much cheaper.

    – Kreider. He’s a winger and we have plenty of centers. He has an eye for goal and we can use that. I still like Miller’s game, but Kreider also has playoff experience and is older.

    – Kreider.

    – Under. By a couple points.

  3. nyr1579 says:

    Keep him. Alternate him and Halpern/Powe
    Prust (will never forget “its only pain”)but Powe is growing on me
    Refuse to answer, want both in NY
    Kreider – better scoring touch
    Under but not by much

  4. Kitter says:

    – Trade Boyle for anything, what’s the highest pick they could get for him? Defense would also be nice, maybe make a package for Ryan Whitney?

    – It’s got to be Prust, but Powe is someone I really like. Loved the trade and think his pk skills and skating ability are great.

    – Tough “would you rather” situation, however I will go with Miller because I think he has more of the grit that is so integral to our team’s identity.

    – Kreider, because I’m still not sure what is going to happen with Miller, we’ll get a better idea tomorrow obviously.

    – 9 in 12 games puts him on pace for 36. I think he has been underperforming and needs to move his feet more. I’m hoping he and Gabby hit some hot streaks.

    • Dave says:

      I don’t get the obsession with Ryan Whitney. Guy is a healthy scratch in Edmonton in favor of COREY FREAKING POTTER.

      • Kitter says:

        I think he can offer something good to the team. I get the feeling he doesn’t like Edmonton and would be worth taking a gamble on for a change of scenery.

  5. Walt says:

    Keep Boyle-he proved his worth in the play-offs last year. He might go shopping for a larger pair of gonads though. A man that size should throw his weight around a little more.

    Powe, better player, younger, but Prust’s heart, I love that guy!

    Both, they can develope together, and play as linemates for years to come.

    Kreider, showed he has the soft hands, but Miller is going to be a force. Remember, Miller is only 19, and still learning.

    Sorry, but it will be under! Brad has to wake up, he really hasn’t done much this season so far.

  6. John says:

    Boyle: Keep; offensive depth will always be important. Plus we’ll need him (get there in a moment.)

    Prust/Powe: Powe has done a good job thus far, but what made Prust so important were the things we didn’t see: personality, camaraderie–the intangibles. How can we know if Powe has them, especially with such a small sample size.

    Kreider/Miller: Kreider. Miller needs more seasoning time, not necessarily from a skill perspective but from a maturity perspective. Kreider is extraordinarily mature for his age, and acts it on and off the ice. Miller has growing up to do, and I think keeping him past his 5 games will bloat his head in the wrong way.

    K/M Points: Kreider, as I think Miller needs to go back to the Whale.

    Richards: Over. I think that Gaborik is going to score like crazy as this team gets better and he continues to get more space on the ice, and with Richie feeding him the puck I think both their totals skyrocket. Plus, with (in my mind) Miller AHL bound, Callahan will likely switch with Pyatt, meaning more possibility for points.

  7. Dave says:

    Keep Boyle, need depth.
    Powe, easily
    Kreider, burning that ELC year is a factor.
    Kreider, he will get more games

  8. Ray says:

    Keep Boyle

    I think you are being optimistic regarding Ferreiro. It only takes two injuries to make a 14th forward into a 12th forward. He does look like a much better 14th forward than I expected to see at this point.

    • Dave says:

      This is a good point. In a perfect world, Ferriero is with the Whale. But a few injuries and he’s back with the club.

  9. Jeff P says:

    1. Keep Boyle (would not get enough of a return anyway)
    2. Prust
    3. Miller (more defensively aware)
    4. Kreider (I think they send Miller down)
    5. Under

  10. Tim B says:

    -Trade him for Rissmiller and a 7th round d pick.
    -both on 4th line. Asham bye bye. Only if Pruster were cheap
    -i aiming for 35 points. So under but not by much

    • Dave says:

      Rissmiller? Seriously? You want to go down that road again?

      • Tim B says:

        U dont have to play him. E can stay on the roster to be 13 forward or play him in hartfort where he will likely have another 25 goal season and help scorig down there.

  11. george says:

    1. Keep Boyle until this summer. Miller will be 3rd line center next season.

    2. Powe. Still miss Prust though.

    3. Both.

    4. Kreider

    5. Richards will get 40 points