Avery talks about pushing buttons

February 9, 2013, by

Sean Avery did an interview with TSN’s Off The Record where he addressed his NHL career, specifically his on-ice role as an agitator. Avery also addressed the general hatred for him in his own locker room, and he had some colorful remarks for that:

“what I do is try to push people s buttons constantly. If I ignored you then I probably had no interest in you whatsoever.


there were many times where I had distasteful things to say to teammates, friends, families over my 12 year career. I said some of the worst things that you could possibly imagine being said and every time I did it was because I thought it would give me, or my time an advantage on a daily basis. I was extremely good at it, successful at it.”

It’s interested to see Avery addressed it so openly, but then again brutal honesty was always a part of Avery’s persona. Ranger fans loved Avery for his on-ice antics, but as his effectiveness wore off, so did his usefulness. There’s a reason he’s retired now.

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  1. Marc Weissman says:

    Never cared for him. Still don’t. Embarrassment to himself, a traditionally classy organization, and the league. Just go away. Far, far away….

  2. The Suit says:

    I fail to see how saying distasteful things to teammates gives anyone an advantage, but I guess that’s why no one showed any interest in him. It’s too bad. He could have been a good player if he had learned when to “turn it off.”

    I also like his quote where he says he never listened to his coaches…haha nice

  3. AD says:

    to say Ranger fans loved his on-ice antics is a stretch, at the very least. He was an embarrassment, overall. for every game his “antics” were effective, there were 5-10 games it was detrimental. the fans who bought a ticket deserved entertainment and, most often during Avery’s time with the Rangers, his antics were better than the on-ice product. Once the club became competitive, his days were numbered. Clearly, he needs counseling.

  4. Walt says:

    Once a clown, always a clown. What else can one say?????

  5. VinceR says:

    Curious, is someone giving thumbs down because they think that screwing with your own teammates for your own personal advantage is somehow defendable?

  6. rickyrants13 says:

    Wow how fast the crowd goes from AVERY AVERY AVERY to get lost. The Garden loved this guy Untill Torelrella showed that he did NOT know how to use him.

    Players that are loved get thrown under the buss way to easy in NY.

    Hollweg, Betts, Avery and many many more.

    • VinceR says:

      I agreed I liked some of the antics for better or worse, but after reading ***in his own words*** he messed with his own teammates, well to hell with him. You can’t have him in the locker room, it’s not about how you use him.

    • The Suit says:

      Haha Rickey, how do coaches use a guy that admittedly doesn’t listen to them? He even refused to take Yzerman’s advice!

  7. rickyrants13 says:

    Come on Suit. Some things are said just to be said. Avery wasnt as bad as he makes himself out to be. He was used quite well when he first came here.

    And you use a player like that by putting him on the ice at the right times. Thats how

    Do you really think the Rangers coaches were that dumb? Putting him on the Ice after he just got done mouthing off to other players during warm ups on the first shift. THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING and they wanted it.

  8. Spozo says:

    I never really had a problem with how Avery played. The problem was that he was a third line player yet garnered superstar attention. He was a good skater and had a decent wrist shot. He was an effective penalty killer and his work ethic could never be brought in to question.

    The fact of the matter is that his one ice contributions were in now way equal to the attention he got for it. After every game he played in the reporters would talk to three players and he would be one of them and usually the other players would be asked about Avery. Does Lundqvist get asked about Jeff Halpern after every game right now? Throw in that half the locker room did not like the guy and this was just a bad situation.

    He was a decent player but his play on the ice was simply not worth the circus that he brought with him.

    There is a reason the he was waived for fined by every team that he played for in his career and no longer plays the game.

    This might sound very hypocritical but a third line player just shouldn’t be getting this kind of attention and that is the root of all the Sean Avery issues.

    • The Suit says:

      I dunno Rickey. Avery pretty much validated every bad thing that has been whispered about him. Avery had his moments sure, but I’m glad the circus left town.

      • rickyrants13 says:

        Say what you want Suit. But let me ask you something Have you ever hung out with a team mate or an Ex team mate. On New years or during the summer on vacation. That you didnt like???

        I sure as hell never did. And there are plenty of stories and picture of Ranger players And some B. Richards before he was a Ranger hanging out with Avery.

        I like to believe that the man talks the talk And his interview proves that part of him still hasnt left.

        Everyone keeps saying that he didnt recieve any offers. I have a feeling that if his on ice performance was as good as it was when he was effective. Teams would be all over him. But it wasnt torwards the end.