Goal Breakdown: Islanders at Rangers

February 7, 2013, by

This was a complete game for the Rangers. Their forwards played well, their defense played well, their goaltending was great, and it was a full 60 minute effort. They weren’t perfect, but their mistakes did not cost them goals. They capitalized on the chances the Islanders gave them, and created their own chances by attacking the open ice. The best part about a clean game is that the goals are easy to break down. On to those goals:

Look at all that space. How about that kid?

Look at all that space. How about that kid?

Rangers 1, Islanders 0

How about this one? J.T. Miller’s first NHL goal comes off a turnover from Mark Streit. The turnover was forced by Chris Kreider, another first round pick of the Rangers. Miller simply picks up the puck and takes it down the seam. A little miscarry with the puck doesn’t stop Miller, but it draws Evgeni Nabokov out of position just enough. Miller with a perfect shot over Nabokov’s shoulder, and he’s the happiest underage kid in the world.

Wide open Gaby.

Wide open Gabby.

Rangers 2, Islanders 0

This was all about the sustained attack. The Rangers worked along the boards (Taylor Pyatt), had great puck movement, had great screens (Pyatt), and had some good shots on net. In the end, both Mark Streit and Brian Strait forgot to locate Marian Gaborik and focused on Pyatt instead. Gaborik buried the rebound as Pyatt distracted Streit, Strait, and Nabokov. Brilliant shift.

Tired Rangers = odd man rush

Tired Rangers = odd man rush

Rangers 2, Islanders 1

Sometimes hockey just happens. The Rangers had a very long shift, and their three forwards (Pyatt, Richards, Gaborik) got caught deep, leading to a 3-on-2 rush for the Isles. John Tavares is pretty good at hockey, and he used Anton Stralman as a screen and rips one past Lundqvist. There is no real fault here, hockey happens sometimes.

See open ice. Hit open ice.

See open ice. Hit open ice.

Rangers 3, Islanders 1

After Miller almost gifts the Islanders a tie game, he redeems himself with a breakaway goal. There’s not much to breakdown here, Miller cycled with Ryan McDonagh behind the net holding the puck. Miller used his speed and vision to find the open seam and get behind the Islanders 1-2-2 forecheck. Once McDonagh hit him with the perfect pass, it was just a matter of Miller putting it through Nabokov.

Rangers 4, Islanders 1

Islanders turnover, empty net goal for McDonagh. No real breakdown here.

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  1. VinceR says:

    Just got back from the game and I’m very happy. Also, let’s give it up for John Giannone hanging tough. No matter what you think of the analysis, you have to love a dude doing a live broadcast with blood streaming down his face, and into his mouth.

    • Dave says:

      It was funny seeing him on TV after. Blood was dripping down his face and it looked like he was swallowing it on TV.

  2. Mr. Snrub says:

    Caught the third period and the goals from the first and second, I’ll have to watch the full game later, but: PK was a lot better. The PK looked like a 1-1-2 or a diamond maybe? The tactic seemed a little different to me, did anyone pick up on that?

  3. Mikeyyy says:

    The kids. The kids.

    Hockey is a young mans game.

  4. Chris says:

    Delighted with Miller. Kreider is getting better now too; maybe his poor form to start the yr was simply health related? if kreider & miller can develop and cally stays healthy we go from worrying about depth to having quite a bit. c’est la vie…

  5. Walt says:

    First very good move was breaking up the first line.

    Second very good move was putting the kids together, with Callie, they jelled beautifully!

    Third very good move was sitting Boyle, let him think about how he is playing, or not playing!

    Hank was up to his standards this game, maybe he is coming out of his funk.

    Say what you want, but watching the Miller kid, both in the AHL, when the Whale played here in Hershey, and at the U-20 worlds juniors, I believe he is going to be a gem for us. He oooozzzes with confidence, almost cocky, but I love it. Having him on the line with Kreider, and Callie, should keep them both on the straight, and narrow, with guidence from Callie, wonderful.

    The only thing lacking is my boy Giradi, get well quick Danny, we need you back ther on D.

  6. Jeff P says:

    I think the winning move was scratching Bickel.

  7. Bobby G says:

    So now what do you think they do with Boyle? With such a great outcome, you have to assume they sit him again, no? Or at best toss him on the fourth line, but I don’t know who I would take out for that.

  8. rocketroy says:

    Rangers Youth Potential Unlimited…..Not going to get overly excited just yet…Lets play this way for (4) wins in a row….PK was a lot better…PP for me OK…Hank was much better…Our Future..JT & Chris looked terrific…Hags & Steph need to get better…Gabby & Nash..better…Richards still struggling…BUT…WIN is a WIN!!!!!!

  9. rickyrants13 says:

    JT could very well be our Captain one day. How great is it that he is playing with the current one.

    Boyle should be on the 4th line. Ive said that all along. If the Rangers were where they need to be. They need 4 lines. Most teams couldnt play against us witha 4th line with Boyle on it.

    Asham-Boyle-Powe with Halpern in reserve This would be your checking line. As well as one of our PK lines.

    • Walt says:

      I agree, this would be a terrific 4th line, and it also could chip in with an occasional goal, or two.

      Lets see what, and how Boyle responds to his benching!!!!!!!!