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Goal breakdown: Penguins at Rangers

January 31, 2013, by


The up and down season continues for the Rangers as they dropped another game to the Penguins, 3-0 at the Garden tonight.  This was a frustrating loss, not only because the group’s low scoring ways continued, but because the Rangers did a lot of good things tonight and came up empty handed.  Let’s get to the goals…

Pittsburgh 1, Rangers 0

The Pens struck early in this one, just 1:24 into the opening frame.  The Rangers got caught running around in their own zone due to some quality puck movement from the Pens.  Kris Letang was able to sneak a nice lateral pass down to the back door for Malkin, who ripped a one-timer, short side for the early tally.

Pittsburgh 2, Rangers 0

The Penguins were held in check until the beginning of the third period.  With the Rangers shorthanded to start the frame, the Pittsburgh power play went to work.  Crosby picked up the puck at the point and fired a half pass/half short toward the nearside post and James Neal put a beautiful tip on it, off the crossbar.  Goals of the week stuff.

Pittsburgh 3, Rangers 0

To add insult to injury, this goal happened.  The Rangers were on the power play, and just as it was expiring, they hit the post, for the second time in the period.  The puck is then cleared and Marc Staal ends up in a footrace with Pascal Dupuis.  Staal wins the race but is unable to flip the puck past Dupuis, who intercepts and finds Simon Despres, fresh out the penalty box for a fairly ordinary backhanded breakaway goal.  And that’ll do it.

Random thoughts

The game was fairly even in most statistical categories.  Shots, face-offs, penalty minutes, but the Pens capitalized on their chances.  The Rangers did a lot of good things creating offense, but it seems like they are a step too slow or the puck takes one bounce too many.  The chances aren’t clean, and they aren’t getting the bounces at the moment.  I don’t necessarily have a point to this, but just something I observed.

That makes six games in-a-row that Pittsburgh has taken against the Blueshirts.  It’s weird because I definitely had the feeling the Pens had our number, but I had no idea its been that long since we beat them.

Hank was sensational tonight.  His performance will be overshadowed by Vokoun’s shutout, but he had some showtime stops.  Nothing he could do on any of those goals (well, maybe the third one, but it wasn’t soft by any means).

When will this run of Stanley Cup contenders be over?  That’s six of their first seven games against Boston, Pittsburgh and Philly.  Looney tunes.  Now they get Tampa, who, coincidentally own the league’s second best goal differential.

Hopefully they will be able to find the back of the net in Florida on Saturday.  Face-off in St. Pete is scheduled for 7pm.

Categories : Game Wrap-ups


  1. Seahorse says:

    i dont want to sound panicked but if they can’t find some secondary scoring its gonna be a long, shortened season

  2. rickyrants13 says:

    Scoring??? How abou some goaltending?. We have a so called ALLSTAR in net and they had WHO??? Okay we lose 1 to 0 I say okay.

    But we lost three to nothing. That can not be. When you have an ALLSTAR in net.

    • Spozo says:

      So which of the goals were one he should have stopped? The snapshot from the reigning hart trophy winner in the slot? The deflection roofer while down a man? Or the breakaway? I hate when people say one goalie has to beat another. It’s like saying in baseball that one pitcher has to outduel the other. It’s all a bunch of crap. One goalie has to play well enough that his team can score more goals than he will let in.

      Ps it was a shutout. So even a perfect Hank wouldn’t have won this game.

      • rickyrants13 says:

        Listen Im not putting all the blame on Hank But lets be real here. Everytime this team wins Hank gets all the praise. But never the blame. I see things both ways not one. We played against a NO BODY last night. They played against a SO CALLED ALLSTAR.

        Well he let in three goals. And we have seen many a goalies make those saves that Hank did not. Hell we have even seen Hank make them in the past. When are we gonna stop giving him credit when we win and never give him any of the blame. Goalies lose ya know.

    • rickyrants13 says:

      O and just so the other posters know. All of these THUMBS DOWN ARE BEING DONE by the same people who are not able to look outside the box They think everything is writen in stone. And they are all worshipers of their goalie Rather then seeing him just as another player. People like this are on every forum and every blog.

      I am not cut from a cookie cutter. I think for myself and Im not affraid of what others think. I see things the way they are. Not the way I want them to be.

  3. Mr. Snrub says:

    I’ll take 3-4-0 this month. February promises to be an easier month. Win more games, get Cally healthy, and start sprinting to the Cup “the right way.”

  4. aaabob0 says:

    If the King only let in 1,we still lose.So don’t really understand the blame.Vokoun didn’t face nearly the quality of shots.Rangers problem was offensive effort,there was none.And standing still on the PP again.

  5. Mikeyyy says:

    I wonder if Malik’s gets suspended for the tomahawk chop to Staals head.

    Really? No call?

  6. Walt says:

    I think I hate the Pens more than any other team in the NHL. reason Cindy, and Igor, they suck donkey di*k.

    As for our lack of effert last night, what else is there to say. Last season we got into the Flyers heads, and they believed that they couldn’t beat us. For some strange reason, it appears that the twin twats, and their team have our number!!!

  7. rocketroy says:

    WHEN WILL IT BE TOO LATE….? Apparently most everyone on these blogs have sensed from Gm # 1, that this team is not only short on overall team scoring, but now it appears that our Goalie is not going to be the Vezina Goalie we desperately need him to be….I know our captains injury is only 2 weeks, but we very well may be out of it by then, short of Glen pulling a small miracle out of his GM’s hat…Tough Decision Time For Glen…Do we try something desperate to salvage this year.

    • Pete says:

      7 games buddy, 7. Normally this would be where the preseason ends. This is a playoff team, no doubt. Besides, in the rat race of a season I would gladly take a mid-seeded but healthy team come the post-season.

  8. Pete says:

    It seems like everyone got spoiled a bit by last years run and this years hype. Even last year the team was a few years away and though they added Nash, who truly is a beast in every way, its obvious that a couple of moves still need to be made.

    Having said that, to judge this team through 7 games is absurd. Look at this way, these games were basically the pre-season, lets wait till March to see what they’re all about.

    • Seahorse says:

      i agree the expectations are high but we are lacking the most important thing of a stanley cup winner, depth which we traded to get nash. dont get me wrong id make that trade again 1000x over, we just cant win with 4th liners and 6th defenseman getting 5 min a night an entire season

      • Pete says:

        Nash is a beast and so would I…. the depth is ok, once everyone gets their acts together, and I agree, some moves should/will be made esp if Kreider keeps playing like he has.

  9. rocketroy says:

    SHORT TERM FIX….Most likely, in most games in our Div, we will not out score those teams, but one thing Torts can start changing is all the STUPID peneltys, that seem to happen at the worst times in these early games, and it is not just our 3rd & 4th line guys….Come on Guys, just exercise a little discipline, till we figure out how we get the scoring up to 4 GPG..I know wishfull thinking!!!!

  10. rickyrants13 says:

    The reason we are where we are right now is because the Rangers are still getting out of the cap situation they put them selves in years ago. But that is starting to work itself out now. The other proublem is. This team has had nowhere near the amount of luck drafting forwards and trading for young forwards as they have D men.

    Other then Cally and a little bit from Stepan. We have not had much return from any of our young forwards and that is hurting this team greatly.

    If all went well with the players we drafted. We would be getting scoring from atleast 6 of our drafted players. But where not and Two of them have been traded allready.

    At this point we were suppose to have scoring from. Cally, Dubi, Anisimov, Stepan, Kreider, Hags, and thats not happening. Pluse the fact that Thomas and others that many thought we would be seeing by now arent even doing that great in the AHL. Then add in failures like Evgeny Grachev and others and We find ourselves in a hole that it will take time to fix.

    • Pete says:

      You’re never as good as your best day or as bad as your worst, the team is in the best shape its been for decades and that mostly due to the good drafts.

      Have there been some misses? yeah, like every team but you can hardly place much blame on drafting.

      • rickyrants13 says:

        Tell me O great one what have we gotten from drafting???

        Lundy. Gotten us where? 2nd round. And again Im not placing all of the blame on him.

        Cally. So far so good Captain.

        Stall. Hasnt reached his goal yet.

        Del Z. Not even close to being what people thought he would be.

        Stepan. Way behind where he should be.

        Kreider. Not producing.

        Hags. He has shown more heart and work ethic then any of the new forwards. But not producing at all.

        So out of all this drafting we have NONE OF OUR TOP THREE’

        We have one solid player on our 2nd line.

        And we have two D men.

        And a goalie.

        And not even one solid young player able to even play on our FOURTH line.

        So we have a total of FOUR players Doing anything worth a darn. And two players that might maybe three???

        Thats good drafting??? And ya know what even worse here? Is that only one of the guys in our system and not one of them are D men are being talked about as being anywhere near ready. Thats sad and thats a fact.

        • rickyrants13 says:

          If you put thumbs down to this your sad really sad And just proved that you know nothing about hockey. O and your also acting like a child

        • Spozo says:

          I’m not going to argue this post since we obviously disagree enough. But it should be considered the tragic death of Cherapanov. The year that he passed Jagr had said he would have been playing on the Rangers second line if he was in the NHL. That was a lost 1st round pick and we will never know how that would have turned out

        • Pete says:

          I’m not going to pick your post apart, though it merits it, but you conveniently forgot Dubi and Arti who in case you haven’t heard landed us a pretty good player. Sauer, Girardi, etc, convenient omissions? or…

          And then you rip into a guy like Kreider and say “not producing” while the guy has played 2 games all season. MDZ not even close? to what? it’s his 3rd year coming off a 40 point season and the guy’s 22, are you kidding?

          No D is the system thats close? McIlrath. I can keep going but like i said before, I dont want tear into it any more.

          O wise one out…

          • rickyrants13 says:

            Are you freeking kidding me? Just the fact that you think Girardi was DRAFTED proves to me that you just fetching.

            RE READ THE POST. It says clearly that there are only FOUR DRAFTED PLAYERS playing that are doing anything usefull for this team. What part of that do you not get???

            First off Del Z is not where we need him to be or what we thought he would be AT THIS TIME> FACT. He is not a PP QB is he now?

            It took 3 players as well as well as the player and pick that it took just to land Erixon To get Nash. So just what are they doing now? Dubi was traded because he didnt turn out like we had hoped.

            And no one was left out for any reason other then the fact that they arent playing or contributing ALL FACTS.

            And dont even go there with McIlrath. Even with me still hoping that he turns out to be the player I bragged about when we drafted him. He so far hasnt. And NO he isnt even close as of right now. Hell he isnt even playing all that well in the AHL right now. FACT He has 1 asst in 14 games with a min 1

            I know you people in here like to have a whipping boy. But trust me Im not it. Everything I said in here is true. And is a fact.

            As of right now the Rangers only have FOUR drafted players playing at an NHL level. That you can say are really contributing.