Callahan out 10-14 days

Per Bob McKenzie, captain Ryan Callahan is out 10-14 days with a shoulder subluxation, which means that Cally’s shoulder popped out of its socket real fast, then settled back in. This could have been a lot worse, but the Rangers will definitely miss Cally while he is out for those two weeks.

While he’s out, expect Carl Hagelin and Taylor Pyatt to get a lot of time with Derek Stepan.

10 Responses to “Callahan out 10-14 days”

  1. My wife, a former ER nurse, and HUGE hockey fan, and believes he’s back in 10 days – “these guys are not baseball players,” she says.

    Are FA signings pending – guys with good knees?

  2. Let’s hope that his is a simple subluxation, and that he doesn’t need surgery at a later date. My oldest son, while in high school, subluxed his shoulder anterior, and inferior, which required surgery. They did what was called a Bristow procedure, and he rehabed for several months.

  3. I’d like to see Matt Gilroy tried up front. He has offensive ability and might be more useful to the Rangers up front than as the eighth defenseman.

  4. I don’t have a problem with the right acquisition. However, the great thing about Gilroy is that all you really give up is Bickel’s two minutes in a game or two and there is a potential high payoff. It’s a good idea even if you re 70% sure it won’t work.