Rangers set to open season in Boston on January 19

January 9, 2013, by

It’s been confirmed for some time that all 30 NHL teams would open the 2013 season on January 19, but it hasn’t been confirmed where the teams will be playing. Some of these matchups have already been leaked, including Montreal/Toronto and Philly/Pittsburgh.

Bob Fedas of Boston.com was the first to break the news that the Rangers will open the season in Boston against the Bruins. This news leaked about an hour ago, and now it has since been confirmed by multiple sources, including John Buccigross. This won’t become official until the PA ratifies the new CBA this weekend, but it looks like the first game is set.

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  1. VinceR says:

    Ugh, I’m dying right now…they have my money already, when do I get to attend the first game!!!!

  2. rocketroy says:

    First Ranger Analysis……..WE need Gabby, Brad & Rick to all get off too a VERY QUIK start scoring goals for us to drink from Lord Stanleys Cup……We still need a TOP NOTCH D’Man to move people out in front and move the puck out…..AND…I think we still need a legitimate 20 Goal man for 3rd Line…..I am sure we will have a pretty good Idea how good this team really is after the 1st 10 games….I’m thinking we should be 7 – 3!!!. RocketRoy – OHIO