The 48 game schedule breakdown

January 8, 2013, by

As the release of the official schedule for this shortened season grows near, we are almost assured of a 48 game season composed entirely of intra-conference play. The East will play the East, and the West will play the West. Bob McKenzie noted how the schedule will likely break down:

Each team plays: 4 games vs. two Divisional opponents (8); 5 games vs. two divisional opponents (10); 3 games vs 10 Conference rivals (30).

At first glance, almost everyone spots the imbalance right away, especially in the Atlantic Division. There is a bit of luck involved in the schedule, as the teams that get an extra game against the Islanders will likely have a slightly easier schedule than those that don’t have the extra game against them. The Rangers, Flyers, and Penguins are all playoff teams. The Devils, despite losing Zach Parise, are always in the hunt, and are a dangerous team. Two of these teams will get the Islanders twice, two won’t. It’s only one game, but it could mean a four point swing the standings.

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  1. rickyrants13 says:

    Parise will be a much bigger hit then many think. One less goal scorer. Meaning other players get more attention. NOT GOOD for them. Watch some younger players numbers to drop because of it.

  2. howiehockey says:

    Schedule shoud be 2 games each against non-divisional, conference opponents (1 home & 1 away game) for a total of 20 games.
    Seven games against each divisional opponent for total of 28. Each divisional team will play two of the opponebts 4 home & 3 away, the other two opponents will be played 3 home & 4 away. This schedule makes a lot more economic sense and focuses on divisional rivalries.

  3. TxRanger says:

    We’re the Rangers, the Islanders bitter rival, we will obviously get an extra game against them. It is the only logical way. But if we don’t, we’re the Rangers, we can beat anyone, it won’t be that big of a deal.