NHL to cancel games through 12/30

December 10, 2012, by

In what is now unexpected news, Darren Dreger is reporting that the NHL will cancel regular season games through 12/30. This comes as no surprise considering the events of last week.

So, what happens first: 1) The NHL season begins, 2) The fiscal cliff issue is resolved, or 3) The Islanders move to Brooklyn.

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  1. VinceR says:

    Dave, I see you tweet a lot about season subscribers not canceling subscriptions during the lockout.

    I am not sure if you understand how it works. I am a Rangers season subscriber. I agreed to purchase this season back in early July. If I didn’t, I would lose my seats and be on at least a 2 or 3 season waiting list to purchase whatever seats were left when it was my shot on the list. I waited three years to get on the list in the first place (signed up in 2008, was able to get some half seasons for a few years, this would have been my first full season).

    Given in July no one really though we’d be this deep into the lockout, I purchased tickets and agreed, in a signed contract, to make monthly payments for six months (through December). The first payment was in July, then I made August and September payments (contractually obligated or lose my initial payment). MSG stop collecting at that point to wait and see what happened with the lockout (although technically they were not obligated to until enough home games were cancelled to not have a full season supply) .

    Now it’s true, I could go ahead and cancel at this point, but I’d also be throwing away a substantial amount of non-refundable money (and owe some to a friend who was purchasing a third of the package from me). Or I could wait and see if

    1) There is a season, I pay perhaps one more payment which is substantially less than what was already invested. I either get something out of this and watch the games or try to sell what I can of my tickets.

    2) They cancel the season and I get a full refund. After which I would plan to say “go to hell” next season when my MSG rep calls me.

    Season subscribers are asked about renewals waaaaay before the season starts and if I asked you the first week of July, “Should I give up my season tickets as the Rangers are becoming legit cup contenders or do you think there will be a lockout stretching to 2013?”, I don’t think you would have said “Oh yeah, there is definitely going to be a lockout”. It’s one thing to not spend money on the NHL when you are pissed off. It’s another to see the future or throw away an already paid for investment as a gesture that you hope will accomplish something.

    • VinceR says:

      I shouldn’t say you tweet “a lot” but you’ve made comments multiple times and just retweeted a statistic about Flyers subscribers (although they can go screw themselves)”.

    • Dave says:

      I am aware how it works. I cancelled mine because when I pay for a product, I expect the product to be there. It’s just my opinion.

      As for the Flyer RTs, it’s proof that fans will be back. All this talk of “boycott” and “not spending money” is a load of bull because no one is cancelling subscriptions.

      Again, just my opinion.

      • Vince Rosalia says:

        Well I mean, like I said, it doesn’t mean I’ll be back next season…if the season goes fantastic and they stop this soon maybe.

        But why would I cancel my subscription now and lose $4500 worth of investment (or anyone)? That doesn’t mean if the season starts I won’t pay a few hundred more on what’s owed, sell off what I can to make as much back, and then not re up next year.

        All alternatively just get all my money back when it’s cancelled.

        When you cancelled yours, did you lose a significant amount of money? I just can’t afford to throw away $4500 to punish the league. And like I said, in July when I had to make the choice, I really didn’t think there would be a lockout.

        If you did throw away your initial payments on a full reel or half-season real, I gotta say, good on you man.

  2. Vince Rosalia says:

    Also, holy mistypes. No reason for two “means” in the first sentence.

    *Or alternatively, and *reel not real on that last one. Among others…been working way too much for December.