The Iron Sheik hates the lockout too; 8-bit NES NHL Lockout game

December 9, 2012, by

It’s always interesting to see which celebrities speak out against the NHL lockout. For those of you who remember old school WWF wrestling, then you know of The Iron Sheik. Apparently the Sheik is a big hockey fan, and he isn’t too pleased with the lockout:

The NHL you are no good piece of ** **** you insult the fans you make me mad. You can go *** yourself worse than the oj Simpson

Obviously he’s just slightly angry with the lockout.

Also, for those of you who want a little 8-bit version of the lockout, here’s a Nintendo version of the NHL lockout (s/t to NY Rangers Blog for this):

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  1. rob sahm says:

    ox baker said he is going to piledrive buttman and fehr if a deal is not done by xmas