Summing up Ranger and prospect injuries

There have been a few injuries among the Rangers and the prospects over the past few weeks, none of which have really been publicized too much. But it’s worth noting the following guys who have been injured (anything that says current means they are currently battling the injury):

It’s worth noting that none of these injuries are serious. Well, not including the concussions, those are tricky. But the others are just just the typical bumps and bruises that come with playing hockey.

9 Responses to “Summing up Ranger and prospect injuries”

  1. Is Nash injury-prone? Would he have gotten these injuries in a regular NHL season? What has been his injure history in the NHL with the Jackets?

  2. Doug, these are just bumps and bruises that occur throughout a season. If this were the NHL, Nash would likely play through them.

  3. Sorry Dave but McIlrath’s knew injury is very serious. A dislocated patella is a tricky injury to recover from. Being out as long as McIlrath has been also retards his development as missing as much time as he has puts him behind the 8 ball.

    • Yea, that I know. McIlrath was added after the post (I initially forgot him), and I didn’t change the wording of the post.

      He’s on the road back though, he’s skating next week.