Report: Ed Snider flips sides, what it means for the lockout

Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News broke the story this morning that Flyers owner Ed Snider may be changing sides on this lockout. Snider, long believed to be one of those in favor of the lockout (although Seravalli notes that Snider may have been one of those “wait and see” parties), is one of the few owners that commissioner Gary Bettman listens to. Rumors of dissension among the owners have been rampant, but this is the first sign of truth to those rumors.

We noted here that Snider, whether he knew it or not, was one of the key players in these negotiations (yes, I’m aware the prediction in that post is wrong). He has Bettman’s ear, is owner of one of the big market franchises, and has a lot more to lose than the small market teams (or the Bruins, who barely make money).

Seravalli also notes that the Flyers, Rangers, and Penguins seem to be forming an alliance to end the lockout. The fact that Snider has switched sides (supposedly) is great news for those who want this lockout to end. So, it’s great news for everyone not named Jeremy Jacobs.

One thought on “Report: Ed Snider flips sides, what it means for the lockout

  • Nov 18, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Snider is a snake, but he is changing sides because he stands to lose more than what is generated by the Flyers.

    Snider is a big stakes owner of NBC Sports, and they hold the contract for the NHL games. Funny how this terd came around, money talks, and BS walks, and this guys loves his money too much to walk away from it!!!!!

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