Rangers continue to do the right thing

November 13, 2012, by

Will the Rangers be celebrating this summer?

Recently, Ryan Lambert suggested that the Edmonton Oilers would be looking to shake things up in the near future and suggested the Rangers as a trading partner. This prompted Dave to look at some possibilities between the two clubs and correctly noted there would need to be a lot of work done to get a deal done. Basically a deal between the two clubs remains a very long shot.

What all this theorising and suggesting does do however is emphasise one thing: The Rangers should stay the path and stay true to their own internal development. Why do the Edmonton Oilers have glaring needs that they need to address? In part because of a failure to develop their own draft picks. Goalies such as Devan Dubnyk have failed to live up to their draft status, defenseman such as Alex Plante have not emerged at all and highly touted forwards such as Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson have adapted slower than expected thus far.

The opposite can be said of the Rangers. The Rangers team is stacked with draft success stories such as Lundqvist, Callahan, Hagelin and almost the entire defense. Naturally the Oilers would enviously look to the Rangers and their ability to churn out prospects in recent years and of course, would gaze eagerly over the Rangers prospects outside of the NHL right now. But seller beware… The Rangers don’t need to make a move right now but instead should continue to build the franchise from the bottom up and make sure the pipeline to the NHL remains flowing.

The Oilers want defense but the Rangers don’t really have much to give. The Rangers certainly don’t have a spare NHL goalie to move. The Oilers have plenty of offense but really, unless they want to give away Taylor Hall, there is no need for the Rangers to upset their apple cart. The vast majority of the league would give away their mothers to have the Rangers projected top six.

The Blueshirts top six is young, yet with experience, blessed with size and skill and has elite, proven game changers. In addition, with Nash they already made their big move. The Rangers have an array of young talents currently developing around the hockey globe including Christian Thomas (who is trying to get back on track and doing quite well in the process), JT Miller, Oscar Lindberg and Jesper Fasth. Basically, the Rangers don’t need to go outside of the organisation should they require new recruits. There is absolutely no need.

Sometimes the media don’t have much to write about. They naturally assume a trade between two clubs no matter how tenuous makes for good reading and to an extent it’s true. In times of a lockout there isn’t much to write about. The Rangers don’t need to grab the headlines with a big sexy move. The sexier move is the one that picks up the Stanley Cup in June.

The Rangers and Glen Sather have done well, continue to have a bright future and just need to stay the course. Lambert’s article is thought provoking but all it serves up (in my humble opinion) is yet more proof that the Rangers are moving in the right direction and shows just how much talent the club really does possess. Good times ahead.


  1. The Suit says:

    Great post

  2. SalMerc says:

    Trade from strength towards your weakness. Not that we are going to have hockey this year anyway.

  3. Walt says:

    Stay pat with the collection of players we have, and then see if there really are weak areas to improve upon!

    Should the season start, let these guys play as a team for a while, and then should a move be needed, we move, if not, so be it!! Interesting read just the same.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks guys. No need in making moves for the sake of it. We have great depth and potential. Of a move is needed at any potential deadline to tool up we know we can, but no need to make any unnecessary moves.

  5. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Yes…well said, we are teaching and developing our prospects. That is a beautiful thing…We have signed a couple of interesting undrafted prospects. But what I enjoy seeing is a draft pick in Klassen is still in the pipe line and maturing, Noreau will likely blossom under Bueke…and be that diamond in the rough…then we have drafted Skeij…what will he become?…fun to watch this organization….it has been a long wait to see us as is. Forwards like St Croix and Lindberg are awaiting in the future and yet the near future has Thomas and McIlrath. Then we have Hrivik, Jean, Klassen and Noreau as diamond in the roughs…and Kreider was not mentioned since it is a forgone conclusion he is now a member of the Rangers…We need no more trades…we have exactly what we need…we even have replacements for Rupp…in Jason Wilson

  6. Doug Peters says:

    Glen, please stay the course that you have developed & nurtured!!!

  7. Jess says:


    Not to disrespect what you said as there is a lot of truth to it but the biggest problem with the Rangers and their prospects are the fans themselves.

    If a prospect hasn’t scored 50 goals in his 1st 3 games then he is seen as a bust and on the way out the door.

    Christian Thomas is a great example as he got off to a slow start in the AHL and all of a sudden people are writing about how Thomas no longer fits in the NYR plans.

    If people really want to talk about something then it should be if you want to “stay the course” then people need to practice patience and allow these kids time to grow.

  8. Dave says:

    Jess, the concern with Thomas was that he had a relatively weak (by his standards) final year in the OHL. He went from 99 points to 67 points in a league that the older players generally dominate because of the maturity factor.

    Add in his slow AHL start, and people begin to worry, myself included.