Saturday musings: Prospects, injuries, playing overseas, and a bit about the lockout

November 10, 2012, by

It’s been a while since we’ve done a musings around here. Musings are much more fun to write when there’s stuff, you know, to write about. For the past two months, we’ve had precious few bits to write about. But, little bits here and there are popping up, so let’s go for it.

  • We’ve stopped writing about the lockout and the status of the negotiations for the most part. Honestly, there are only so many posts we can write with the same topic. We aren’t going to regurgitate the same thing over and over again. And I get the impression you all don’t want us to write “Update: No further updates” either.
  • Speaking about the lockout (getting it out of the way), it’s mind-boggling how a group of six or seven owners, which is less than one-third of all owners, can hold the league hostage like this. Jeremy Jacobs and his cohorts who are holding this up should be ashamed of themselves. It’s not our fault you guys can’t run a business. Maybe if you didn’t sign off on an ill-advised 35+ contract for Tim Thomas, or a long-term deal for a concussion prone Marc Savard, you’d be making more than $7 million a year off one of the more successful teams.
  • That’s it about the lockout. If you want unbiased analysis, read James Mirtle’s articles. He’s the only one presenting the facts with none of his personal feelings thrown in. Unless some big news breaks, we won’t be writing about it.
  • As for the prospects, we will be restarting the Around the Farm series this weekend, likely Sunday. Sandy got in the way. I have the time now to write it, and will continue it. Europe actually picked a good time to go on a two-week break. But fear not, it will be back. I do not have the ability to watch all the games, but if you are watching any CHL, NCAA, or European hockey, let me know.
  • There’s a lot of blow back on Rick Nash and Carl Hagelin for playing overseas and then getting hurt. As we’ve said here a few times, there’s a certain amount of risk/reward that comes with playing overseas. By electing to do so, they are risking injury, but they are staying in game shape. By not playing overseas, players are ensured of staying healthy, but may not be in game shape. It’s a double-edged sword.
  • If you are really missing hockey, make sure you check out MSG’s schedule for KHL games. It may not be the NHL, but it’s televised hockey.
  • We are also doing Twitter-bags and mailbags, and hope to make them continuous features here. Feel free to drop any of us a line, and we will put them in a post.

Well, that’s it. Hopefully by this time next week, there will be some sort of deal in place, and our posts will be a lot more cheery.

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  1. wwpd says:

    fwiw very impressive you guys are still managing daily, interesting posts. even more so doing it wo focusing just on the stupid lockout