How to deal with the NHL lockout

October 2, 2012, by

Despite the lockout, we have some good news here at BSB. Good friend Becky (follow her on Twitter here) will actually be on Boomer and Carton tomorrow as a part of the “Do You Know More Sports Than A Hot Chick” segment. Becky has done a few guest spots on the blog here and there, and we reached out to her to write a post about how she will be dealing with the NHL lockout.

Don’t forget to tune in to B&C tomorrow to check out Becky and see if you know more sports than her.

With the NHL cancelling the remainder of the preseason games, and the start date of regular season hockey quickly approaching with no signs of progress, it seems standard that all North American hockey fans are pretty bummed and/or on the ledge. Well, we can still keep our interest in hockey fresh and alive without regular season games. Consider this article your guide to living through yet another lockout.

In no particular order, here are things to do during the impending lockout:

  • Loiter outside hockey bars, MSG, or the 2/3 entrance in Penn in your teams gear crying for hockey. It will definitely garner attention and if nothing else you’ll get a great story. If you find a bar that willingly allows you in, feeds you beers and puts on the an old game, let your fellow fans know. This place could be a safe house during this tumultuous time.
  • Read Artem Anisimov’s tweets (@anisimov42). The kid has range and a very loose grip on the English language. He goes from simple (I’m drinking a very delicious Coffee) to deep (When you’re playing. You think you’re going play forever) to a perfect “That’s what she said” joke (Sausages was amazing.) in a mere few tweets. Bonus points: he is playing for Lokomotiv now and he hasn’t once tweeted #theplayers.
  • Leave Gary Bettman angry voice messages. I think we should all be doing this anyway, if we all turn into those really annoying gnats maybe he’ll be more inclined to do something. Or he’ll just call up his provider and change his number, but either way we can annoy him as much as he is annoying us. That number is 212-789-2000, and may God have mercy on the poor intern fielding these calls.
  • Catch up on old BSB posts, wink wink.
  • Argue with Allan Walsh (@walsha) just for fun.
  • Watch the NBA try to enforce fines for flopping and guess how many times Sidney Crosby would get fined.
  • Use your hard-earned money on your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/dog. No, seriously, there are other things to spend money on besides hockey.
  • Try and guess who The Suit is. Side note: It’s not Glen Sather.
  • And finally, break out the old shooter tutor, print out a picture of Gary Bettman’s face, and staple it to said shooter tutor. Fire away.

Again, don’t forget to check out Becky on B&C tomorrow morning.

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  1. Dave says:

    Isn’t Suit just Gary Bettman in disguise?

    • The Suit says:

      @Dave, I’m what would happen if Neil Caffrey and James Bond combined into man and then learned how to play hockey

  2. cnp says:

    oh Artem