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Blueshirts begin to file out

September 19, 2012, by

The lockout is now real and some New York Rangers have begun to make commitments to other teams for the 2012 season.

Already Rick Nash has inked a deal with HC Davos to reunite with Ranger hater Joe Thornton, where they both played in the last lockout.

The Fourth Period also reports that Carl Hagelin is in talks with Sodertalje SK of the Swedish Div II League.

Though early reports of the squad’s unity and intention to grow together in the New York area delighted Rangers fans, the players can hardly be blamed for making other plans.

The reality is that some could really use the money, others simply relish the competition and still others believe it is a better means for improving their game.

It doesn’t really matter what the individual’s reasoning is, for as long as there is no CBA, there really is new “New York Rangers,” at least in the way we imagine the team, with its current roster.

Hagelin and Nash are the first to make headlines about going overseas, but there are likely several other Blueshirts weighing the possibility as well.

As romantic as the idea of 25 teammates skating and practicing joyfully together is, that’s not the way things can be in a CBA-less world.


  1. JimBob says:

    The reality is that some really need the money ???? Give me the name of just one, just one current NYR that needs the money. When you do, I will provide you the names of 100 Americans with no job that could, in reality, use the money. The fact is that NO one – player or owner- needs the money.

    • Justin says:

      I could see players like Hagelin, Stralman and Bickel needing the money. Just because they make more than the average person doesn’t mean they don’t have expenses that are aligned with their NHL salaries. I’m sure the leases they signed in Manhattan and the car payments based on over half a million dollars a year don’t get locked out.

      This seems to be a constant theme amongst fans that I’m not crazy about. Just because we (likely) won’t ever see even the rookie league minimum, doesn’t mean these players haven’t planned lifestyle expenses and obligations around their salaries. Don’t automatically assume they can just never work again and be fine. Relatively, its no different than if you got laid off and still have to pay your mortgage. Just because its more money doesn’t make the situation different.

      • Jess says:

        Bravo Justin well said. People see salaries and think wow that is a lot of money but it is what people don’t see which is why they need the money.

        Players are double taxed depending on their nationality at the highest tax rate. They in addition to living expenses also has to pay off agents, accountants, lawyers etc.

        Players also don’t have a long earning period so what they make today has to try to last a lifetime but it doesn’t.

    • Pas44 says:

      JimBob, of course they need the money, you along with every player lives in the lifestyle your work has allowed to to live… they need the money… anyone of us would do what they are doing, it’s best for them and there game.

      come on… you sound a little upset.

      • Kevin says:

        Couldn’t have said it better than Justin. And don’t forget, there’s a sad long history of athletes blowing through huge fortunes far greater than anyone on the Rangers has. No evidence that any of the Blueshirts have those issues, but the point is that they’re not all sitting on towering piles of money and laughing at us.

      • jb says:

        All true, but even more important is the length of the period they actually make that money. That said, I think the players, who choose to play abroad, do it to stay in game shape and they do what they feel is best for their hockey

    • Walt says:

      This sounds like class envy!!

  2. Dave says:

    Just a note about the Swedish leagues: Any players headed there won’t be playing in the SEL. SEL is requiring a year long commitment. Hagelin would be playing in the SEL minors, which has no such requirement.

  3. upstate tom says:

    who’s to blame??? let’s look at this from a different angle. sure we know that the “league” is composed of a bunch of stupid, greedy bastards and that they’re causing or have caused most of this problem and we know that the players have become a bunch of spoiled f**king brats, because who wouldn’t want to be making their kind of money. they’re still not happy. that being said it’s basically the owners fault because they’re the the blooming idiots that pay them their outrageous salaries. ala suter, parise !!!! now to get where i was going, the fact is that we as fans, KEEP putting up with their bulls**t. we continue to pay outlandish season ticket prices, beer and food prices, we continue to support no matter what and as soon as they start playing again we’re right in our seats watching these greedy son’s of a bithes start to screw us ALL OVER AGAIN. they do this by the way of again raising their prices to make up what they’ve lost to this point. so if you look at it this way maybe we’re the blithering idiots by continuing to keep coming back to them. maybe we need to get our heads out of our asses and see the light of day, how about supporting minor, college and anything but nhl hockey and give them a bit of a payback. stop being stupid fans, don’t give in. by the way why hasn’t someone thought about some barnstorming league, sort of like the globetrotters, playing themselves, college allstar teams, ahl teams or even some european teams and put the money in a kitty for all of the players.

  4. JoeP199 says:

    Who cares? Both sides have blown it, as far as I’m concerned. Let them all go play in the KHL for the rest of their careers.

  5. Greg says:

    Something else that is pretty interesting is that since Gaborik and Sauer are injured, they are allowed full access to the Rangers facilities to work out and rehab. I really hope Sauer is able to come back at some point maybe this year or even next. The late start (hopefully) will be beneficial to Gaborik b/c he’s rehabbing.

    I really don’t mind the players going overseas. Nash played in Davos the last time, and he ended up scoring 54 pts in 54 games when the NHL started. No two years are the same, but I would hope for a similar high point total from Nash when we return.

    Also random lockout thought- It really is crazy how many people are affected by a lockout. From the arena workers, NHL employees getting a pay cut, the older players thinking about retirement (Selanne, Brodeur), the younger players going to the AHL and the players having to decide whether to go overseas.

    Also I’m excited to see how the young players do for the Whale. The competition level should be (pretty) high and I hope to hear good things from Kreider, Miller, et al.

  6. Diane says:

    If Taylor Pyatt needs a place to stay during the lockout he could come back to AZ and stay aat my place!! I won’t even charge him rent!! 🙂

  7. ranger17 says:

    I thought the Rangers assigned Hags to Hartford allready